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Drive Sales, Subscriptions, Installs, Leads and Awareness at scale, today

Paid social ads with influencer content drive more results. Fact. 

Our Paid Social & influencer marketing agency provides ambitious brands with the fast-track route to being dominant on social. With strategic influencer content, we help the best brands overcome the crowded minefield that exists. Undoubtedly, organic influencer and branded content can generate incredible results, when done well. But when this content is amplified effectively to the precise target audience at the right time, you can really scale things to the next level.

Since 2023, it’s even more difficult than ever to gain organic reach on social media. Algorithms continually change and limit the reach of your followers. And this is where our PPC paid social media services come in, at House of Marketers.

Inigo Rivero
Our Managing Director
(Former TikTok Strategy & Partnership team employee)

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Inigo Rivero - House of Marketers - paid social services

Our PPC Paid Social Agency's Unique
6 Step Approach


Our Paid Social PPC Campaign Process

Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning

We help you to diagnose your brand objectives, your audiences desires and assess relevant data to plan your paid social campaign.

Paid Social Campaign Launch

Paid Social Campaign Launch

Our influencer team creates engaging influencer content assets and our paid experts use them to deliver results.

Access Results, and Optimise

Access Results, and Optimise

We measure your campaign’s progress and optimise to generate more conversions or engagements, everyday.

Adaptable, Personalised Campaigns

We have an experienced team, equipped to deliver results whatever your brand’s mission or challenges may be. We build profitable, algorithmic campaigns from the ground up and reinvigorate existing ads that are underperforming.

Proven frameworks for Paid Social

The global teams within our Paid Social Agency proactively target your most engaged audiences through key stages of our proven conversion funnels. Our special formula matches audience personas with adaptive, relevant messaging and creative ads from social media influencers to drive performance.

We can extensively expand your reach with paid social ads, whilst targeting new and cold audiences, as well as implementing dynamic remarketing to send customers into the sales cycle.

Incredible Insights

Working with us gains you access to a standalone paid social team that spends all day every day on the TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram ads platforms. We’re a team that clearly understands the fine nuances and keeps 100% up-to-date with industry trends.

Empowering teams
with our Experienced Paid Social Experts

Our deeply experienced PPC (pay per click), paid social marketing experts have a significant advantage with years of proven experience in the field. 


Leading Brands

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TikTok Paid Ads Management Services

Grow your audience by capturing them on the fastest-growing social networks with our data-driven, social-first creative TikTok Paid Ads management solution.

Assign our team to your next campaign and experience the most creative, authentic, engaging, and fun video content. Attract more people into your customer funnel via TikTok. Our team will be responsible for managing the process of ad creation, optimisation, and delivery.

Our strategy involves ensuring that the maximum number of relevant TikTok users watch your videos before translating the most engaged of them users into customers, allowing maximum returns on investment (ROI). We work with TikTok Influencers to create powerful content that conveys your message.

Facebook Ads Management Services

Our team of experienced Facebook ads management experts will work across key Facebook platforms, including the Facebook newsfeed and Facebook stories, to find, engage and convert your most valuable audiences using our unique, proven customer funnels.

We specialize in defining, tweaking, and managing parameters for each of your Facebook marketing campaigns. Our creative team works with the most powerful influencers to develop perfected ads with eye-catching content to attract your ideal customers.

The critical element here is to ensure that your ads reach the right audience at the right time. For this, our Facebook marketing specialists will monitor the real-time performance of each campaign and tweak your campaign for maximum ROI. The best part is that we can offer on-point paid social services that can be adapted to your brand, industry, and budget.

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Instagram Ads Management Paid Social Services

House of Marketer’s paid social services for Instagram are beyond powerful. Our spearhead marketing delivery team will create an Instagram ad campaign that addresses the pain points of your potential audience. We use Instagram influencers to create high-converting content endorsing your brand. This image and video content is utilised in Instagram Ads, and can be scaled to your audience across Instagram’s platform ecosystem; Instagram Posts, IGTV, and Instagram Stories.

The incredible emergence of Instagram influencers has generated massive opportunities for brands looking to work with authentic marketing ambassadors to promote their products. Influencer marketing allows you to reach a target audience that is far more personal and genuine than conventional advertising. So, instead of a sales pitch to your consumers, the influencers help you build relationships with them.

Benefits of Paid Social

Because of the nature of paid social intelligence software, including Facebook Ads and TikTok ads, they allow us to identify new pockets of future customers.

Our proven framework can be applied to almost any industry, audience or brand. Through recognition, consideration and conversion, we develop powerful customer funnels tailored to bring you results.

As our paid media service helps you reach a broader range of target audiences, you get the chance to understand the needs and desires of your customers. The more you know them, the better you will get at creating ads that really entice them into buying from you. Allow us to expand your brands’ outreach and audience insights effortlessly.

By utilising the most high converting and undervalued platforms, such as TikTok Ads, we can bring a whole new set of eyes to your brand. We bridge the gap, facilitating better market visibility.

It’s simple, the more people know about you, the higher chances of them visiting your website. We pay special attention to maintaining content’s consistency in style and messaging across all of your platformsm including your website, blogs, and social media ads. Our paid social services offer you all of these benefits under one umbrella.

Scaling ads on social networks is an on-going process. We use unique techniques and apply them to proven paid social strategies to scale your campaigns and ad revenue, effectively. This including features such as Facebook lookalike audiences which are used to re-target people who have already visited your website, or engaged with your brand in some way. These allow us to identify customers who have similar interests and buying habits to your existing customers.

We increase your budget based after initial testing to scale the ads and audience interests that work cohesively to deliver results. Our real-time data access will help us to tactfully analyse and optimise your campaign everyday to drive more conversions, and get closer and closer to your most engaged audiences. And with the power of Paid Social budgets, we can speed this process up.

Our paid social services will not only help you attract more new customers. We will help you to retain them, by offering them a customised experience. Pamper your customers, and they will definitely come back with more business.

Retargeting (otherwise known as remarketing) is one of the most efficient ways to keep your existing customers coming back to buy more. It involves the process of creating custom audiences made up of people that have visited your website or engaged with your content. Enquire about our paid social services, today.

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TikTok Marketing Agency Co-Founder, Inigo Rivero
TikTok Ads Content - Influencer services
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Why Choose our Paid Social Agency Services

We are a leading TikTok influencer marketing agency that wins the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z on daily basis. Our managing director, Inigo Rivero was one of TikTok’s first employees and has valuable insights into how the platform works.

Our senior experts have more than 20 years of influencer marketing experience. Not only that, our team has worked with more than 100 top global brands.

Whether you are a domestic brand or a company with international operations, we at House of Marketers can help.

Our team has global outreach with managers across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and UAE. Additionally, we have multi-lingual in-house speakers, spanning across English, German, Spanish and French.

Our experienced team knows how to deliver results. Whether you’re looking to reach and engage new audiences or lower your cost per acquisition, we have the in-house team to do so. Work with us so we can leave your competitors in the dust.

Our market-leading team is social-first, data-driven, creative and reliable. Let us help create a TikTok influencer marketing campaigns that make the world listen.

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