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We strategically grow the world's most loved brands through the world's most undervalued platform, TikTok.

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TikTok Influencer Campaigns

We deliver the most viral, captivating & ROI-focused TikTok marketing campaigns globally.

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TikTok Busieness Profile Content

Our team works to produce blockbuster creator content for your TikTok business profile.

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TikTok Paid Ads Management

Our TikTok Ads experts are early adopters that help brands exceed their KPIs consistently.

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Influencer Strategy Development

We strategically develop creative influencer strategies that drive results from day one.

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TikTok Marketing Agency Co-Founder, Inigo Rivero

TikTok is still so undervalued! As one of the first TikTok employees, I truly discovered how much more powerful TikTok influencers and TikTok ads can be in achieving growth metrics for brands.

Inigo Rivero


(Ex TikTok Strategy & Partnerships Manager)​

TikTok Marketing Ads Agency Management

We Run Organic and Paid TikTok Campaigns For Leading Brands

Connect with Millennials and Generation Z, more effectively

The most forward-thinking brands are utilising TikTok to hit their KPIs

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Michael W. Kirwan
Michael W. Kirwan

CEO & founder

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Eugene S. Smith
Eugene S. Smith

Senior Manager

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Ronald A. Kawakami
Ronald A. Kawakami

Web Developer

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Thomas S. Farrell
Thomas S. Farrell

Web Developer

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John E. Bozeman
John E. Bozeman

App Designer

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Daniel M. Moreno
Daniel M. Moreno

CEO & founder

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