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Drive App Installs with High Purchase Intent - House of Marketers Agency

Our experienced agency divisons utilise organic creator videos and paid social / PPC campaigns to scale app downloads, enhance user interactivity and drive in-app revenue, everyday!

User-Generated Content Marketing

Leading Mobile Gaming App Marketing Agency

House of Marketers agency helps companies unlock their competitive advantage with virally-engineered creativity and precision targeting. As a leading social media marketing agency, we excel in identifying and targeting users that perfectly match your game's ideal player profile.

We help you amplify your game’s reach and engagement across platforms filled with your ideal users, including TikTok, where 90% of users are active daily. We specialise in user acquisition that aligns perfectly with your game’s player profile, enabling you to convert not only TikTok’s avid users but also audiences across Google, Meta and Apple into devoted players of your gaming app.

Let’s transform casual scrollers into your dedicated player base and tap into the goldmine of gamers together.

Lower your CPI (cost per install)

Drive a higher ROAS (return on ad spend)

Scale your app install user base

Elevate in-app engagement

3 App Clients We Helped Scale...

Strategic User Acquisition with House of Marketers

House of Marketers is more than just an influencer marketing agency—we’re your strategic partner for user acquisition in the vibrant, ever-changing arena of mobile gaming. Specialising in TikTok marketing, paid and organic social media campaigns, we bring a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and insight to amplify your game’s visibility among your target audience.

Stress-free Success with Expert Partners

Outsourcing your user acquisition to experienced external partners like House of Marketers not only alleviates the stress from your internal teams but also assures you’re in the hands of experts who live and breathe app marketing for countless industries including gaming. As mobile game marketing agency our proven expertise helps avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities for maximum results.

You Focus on Development. We Handle User Acquisition

As we take charge of your game’s user acquisition, your teams can dedicate their time and effort towards what they do best – developing an engaging gaming experience. By taking care of growing your player base, we provide you with the freedom to focus on game enhancements, user experience, and the broader vision of your business.

User Acquisition for Sustained Growth

Our data-driven approach to user acquisition, coupled with our innovative creative strategy, ensures a robust and highly effective process. Our strategies are designed for sustainability – we don’t just aim for short-term boosts but focus on attracting high-quality users who will remain engaged over the long term.

Tailored Strategies for Your Game

Every game is unique, and so should its user acquisition strategy. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but create customized strategies that align with your game, audience, and business goals. This tailored approach ensures that we reach the right users at the right time, boosting not just downloads, but engagement and in-app purchases as well.

Ready to Generate More Valuable Installs?

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Power Up Your Mobile Gaming App with House of Marketers

At House of Marketers, we’re your co-player in your gaming app’s venture through the dynamic world of digital marketing. We understand the gaming world’s nuances and the distinct challenges of gaining visibility among hundreds of competing gaming apps.

Our expertise lies in making your game stand out, compelling users to stop scrolling, engage, and download.

Here's how we level up your game:

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Here's how we level up your game:

Ready to be the next digital sensation?

Why TikTok for your Game Marketing Strategy?

We specialise in TikTok and help you leverage TikTok’s unique features, like viral challenges and creator partnerships, to elevate your game to new heights. On TikTok, creative content rules—your game can benefit from this immersive, authentic, and user-driven content style, which is known to drive high user engagement and downloads.

With mobile games accounting for nearly 50% of the global gaming market and generating over $90 billion in revenue in 2023, the potential for growth on TikTok is undeniable.

Why should these staggering numbers matter to you? Here’s why:

Unparalleled Reach

Mobile games transcend geographical and demographic barriers, reaching diverse audiences globally. Be it the United States or United Kingdom, with a well-crafted marketing strategy, your game can reach the right users at the right time, across the globe.

Increased Engagement

On average, users spend more than 4 hours a day on their mobile devices, opening up colossal opportunities for player engagement. By capturing your audience’s attention on platforms like TikTok, you can significantly boost interaction and user retention.

Monetization Opportunities

The world of mobile gaming provides various revenue avenues, including the popular freemium model, in-app purchases, and in-game advertising. Strategic user acquisition and retention can maximise these opportunities, driving profitability.

Tailored Advertising Options

TikTok offers a range of versatile advertising formats, from in-feed videos to branded hashtag challenges. You can choose the format that best showcases your game and resonates with your target audience.

Unleash the Power of TikTok for Your Game

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House of Marketer’s Approach to Marketing Your Mobile Game App

At House of Marketers, we bring a blend of creativity with data-driven decision-making to design effective marketing strategies.

Our goal is to maximise your game’s reach, engagement, and ultimately, success. Our holistic approach spans engaging social media campaigns, strategic influencer partnerships, exciting in-game events and promotions, and real-time performance marketing.

Here's a detailed insight into our customized TikTok-centric mobile game marketing strategies:

We go beyond the surface to dig deep into the data. Our user acquisition campaigns don’t just focus on getting installs—they’re meticulously designed to draw in your ideal players across multiple channels, ensuring high-quality downloads and creating a loyal player base.

Building an organic community of passionate players is essential for long-term success. We help you foster and grow your community through targeted strategies, engaging content, and community management techniques, creating a loyal player base that advocates for your game.

We utilise the massive reach and engagement potential of social media platforms to amplify your game’s presence. Our creative team designs exciting campaigns that create buzz, drive engagement, and build a community around your game.

In the world of gaming, influencers hold significant sway. We tap into this power, by partnering with gaming influencers who align with your game’s genre and audience. This strategy not only expands your game’s reach but also lends it credibility and authenticity.

Player retention is as critical as acquisition. Our team designs engaging in-game events and promotions that keep players hooked, foster a sense of community, and provide monetization opportunities.

Every penny you invest in marketing should drive results. We employ performance marketing techniques to monitor and optimise your campaigns in real-time, ensuring a robust return on ad spend.

Are you ready to nerf your competition with a powerful, tailored marketing strategy? Let House of Marketers level up your game’s success story.

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Boost Your Game's Success with Our Proven Approach

Why Choose House of Marketers?

Join forces with House of Marketers to turn your mobile game into the next internet sensation. When you partner with us, you’re not only choosing a marketing agency but also embracing a holistic, impactful approach that drives tangible results. Our unique value proposition is characterized by:

Choose Excellence, Choose Results, Choose House of Marketers

Here's a peek into how we level up your game's success:

Discovery & Research

We kick off by understanding your game, its unique features, and your target players. We analyse your competitors and the latest trends on TikTok to formulate a bespoke marketing strategy.

Strategy Development

Next, we design a comprehensive TikTok marketing strategy, outlining the campaigns, creatives, target audience, and KPIs.

Creative Production

Our creative team gets to work crafting engaging TikTok content, including promotional videos, challenge ideas, and influencer partnerships.

Campaign Launch & Management

We launch your campaigns, monitor their performance in real time, and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal results.

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Post-campaign, we provide a detailed performance report, analyse the results, and glean insights for future strategies.

Powering Up Your Game's Success: Our Process

At House of Marketers, we believe in a systematic, transparent approach to marketing your mobile game on TikTok, Meta and Google ads.

Our process is designed to deliver results, provide insights, and continuously improve your game’s presence on TikTok.

We follow a systematic, transparent approach to marketing your mobile game on TikTok. From the discovery phase to performance analysis, we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Ready to launch a game-changing marketing campaign with House of Marketers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TikTok important for mobile game marketing?

We specialise in TikTok marketing and use it in conjunction with other platforms to help you target your ideal customer base. TikTok has emerged as a dominant platform for mobile game marketing due to its vast, highly-engaged user base. With its authentic, creative content and viral potential, TikTok provides a unique avenue to reach and engage potential players.

What kind of mobile games can benefit from TikTok and other digital marketing platforms?

All genres of mobile games can benefit from TikTok, but also Meta and Google Ads. Whether your game is a casual time-killer, an intense battle royale, or a mind-bending puzzle, there’s potential for it to be successful on the likes of TikTok, with a powerfully-built strategy and unique approach.

How does House of Marketers measure the success of a digital marketing campaign?

We measure the success of your mobile game marketing campaign using a variety of metrics; however, predominantly we are a performance agency and our clients seek to increase their app installs or in-app sales in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

What does the process of working with House of Marketers look like?

We kick off with a discovery and research phase, followed by strategy development, creative production and paid media management. When the campaign is launched, we monitor and optimise it in real time, whilst providing detailed performance analysis and weekly reporting. We’re also a nice bunch 🙂