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Influencer Strategy Services

Influencer Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy Services

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We build influencer marketing campaign strategies from the ground-up, always catering to your brand, audience and objectives. Our influencer strategy service forms the foundation of our client influencer campaigns.

As the marketing industry has majorly undergone rapid change, influencer marketing continues to maintain its prominent position as the most effective way of building long-lasting relationships with millennials and Gen Z. At House Of Marketers, we’ve established a successful track record of helping global brands develop an impactful influencer marketing strategy that drives engagement and revenue. If you’re looking to take your influencer campaign performance to new heights, our dynamic team of experts is just a call away from helping you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Fully Managed Influencer Campaigns

Laying The Foundations For Your Influencer Strategy

We kick-start every strategy creation project from a clean slate. Whether you’re a new or established brand, our tailored approach to developing your end-to-end strategy remains customised. The first step always involves taking your brand’s personality, values and objectives, as well as recent trends among your target demographic into account, before establishing the most effective strategy for your unique requirements.

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Our 3-Step Process for Influencer Strategy Development

Through extensive industry experience, we’ve established a tried-and-tested 3-step process for our influencer strategy development service. This process entails planning, research, brainstorming creatives and influencer selection.

1. Planning Campaigns

The planning stage revolves around setting a clear schedule on a range of influencer marketing activities, including the defining and projection of realistic goals that can be tracked and executed effectively.

2. Research and Insights

We conduct comprehensive research on your brand, audience, influencers, niche and competition for the establishment of clear benchmarks that we must surpass to ensure influencer campaign success.

3. Creatives and Influencer Selection

Our specialist teams get to work, brainstorming and developing creative ideas that will resonate with your defined audience, before matching you with carefully selected influencers for maximum impact.

TikTok Influencer Strategy

Laser-Focused Objectives

Our influencer marketing strategy service is centered around your objectives. Your goals impact everything from the influencers we match you with, timelines for different campaign stages, the type of content we publish, and the CTAs (calls-to-action) we use to boost conversions. In addition to this, we’ll take extra time to identify the best audiences to target for each specific campaign’s goals.

Our Strategic Timeline

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Budget Allocation & Optimisation

As a leading influencer marketing agency that’s worked with some of the biggest global brands, we are well-versed on managing budgets, effectively allocating resources, utilizing the right strategies to propel you towards your goals. Based on your objectives, we’ll either use organic media services, paid media services or a combination of the two to drive results.

Organic Campaign Services

Our organic campaign services consist of producing the content that is posted to your brand channels or our influencer’s channels organically. This content will mostly be seen by your followers or your audience's followers, as well as the people using the same hashtags.

Paid Media Services

Our paid media buying services involve promoting your brand, your content, and products or services to new targeted audiences. The paid targeting of well-defined audiences helps us to further scale your reach, and customer conversions.

Hybrid Organic & Paid Media Services

To get the most out of your influencer marketing activity, a hybrid approach that combines both organic and paid media services is often the best way to go. Our experts know how to find the right balance to optimise engagement and boost revenue.

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Audience Research

One of the reasons that House Of Marketing is able to consistently deliver impressive results is because of the time we dedicate to researching your audience. We take a deep dive into everything from demographics to interests and dislikes to help you develop content that resonates with your audience and ultimately leads to more conversions.

Trend Research

At House Of Marketers, we live and breathe influencer marketing! As such, we continuously stay up to date on all the latest news, as well as current and emerging trends. Through cutting-edge technology and expert insights from our specialists, we can provide guidance on a range of market dynamics and help you run exceptional influencer campaigns that are optimised for success.

Trend research - Influencer Strategy

Most Industries can see success on TikTok!

Are you a food brand that’s looking to leverage the power of influencer marketing to drive awareness? We know what it takes to create engaging content that’ll keep your brand front of mind. Are you a hospitality chain that’s looking to drive interest in travel and tourism again in a post-COVID-19 world? Our experts are at your disposal to develop creative campaigns based on real data that get your target audience excited and confident to rekindle exploration.

Understanding Millennials & Generation Z

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Audience interests, pain points and desires

Comprehensive insights into millennials and Gen Z, including their interests, pain points and desires are essential for succeeding in influencer marketing. The old impersonal scattergun approach is the fastest route to failure.

Our extensive industry experience means we understand the key drivers that increase engagement among these groups. This includes authenticity, social proof, and connecting with your audience through their channels of choice.

Building meaningful KPI-driven connections

There is a lot of noise online and it is critical to avoid falling into the trap; screaming at millennials and Gen Z for their attention. Extra emphasis must be placed on developing creative strategies that build meaningful connections without being overly brand-focused or promotional.

Our deep knowledge in these areas places our experts in a unique position to help you maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns in a way that is direct and KPI-driven, without being pushy.

Our TikTok Agency's Creative Strategy

Our Brainstorming Process

We’ve built an in-house brainstorming model that enables our team of creatives to come up with captivating ideas that enhance influencer marketing performance. We make use of several techniques, including individual brainstorming prior to team sessions, carefully selecting teams that suit the campaign, solving answers to carefully-designed questions, and converging all the ideas gathered into actionable information.

Brand & Influencer Match-Making

Upon the completion of brainstorming for your creative assets, our expert team goes about the business of pairing your brand with the best influencers for your market, campaign, and goals. Part of this process revolves around evaluating your brand’s values and tone against influencer personalities and their level of credibility. Thereafter, we can confidently provide guidance on content production that drives results.

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TikTok Marketing Agency Co-Founder, Inigo Rivero

The Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

There’s a reason why influencer marketing continues to grow from strength to strength. While there was some room for debate on its effectiveness very early on, the benefits of influencer marketing are now indisputable. The right influencer strategy helps your business:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Extend brand reach
  • Increase trust & credibility
  • Build hyper-targeted communities
  • Generate sales
  • Improve marketing ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to launch your first campaign with the House of Marketers Agency?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing revolves around using influencers (individuals with the power to impact purchasing decisions) to extend the reach of your brand and boost sales for your products or services.

Influencers have an established audience that’s already engaged. As such, influencer marketing puts your business in a much better position to tap into these targeted audiences through your affiliation with opinion leaders they know and trust.

What are the benefits of hiring an influencer marketing agency?

There are many benefits to hiring the best influencer marketing agencies. We’ve highlighted some of the key advantages below:


  • Access to the right influencers – influencer marketing agencies can connect you with the best influencers for your brand, campaign, niche, and objectives.
  • As we’re not a talent agency, we have no bias towards using any particular influencer, and therefore can identify the best influencers for each campaign.
  • Influencer management – not only do the best influencer marketing agencies match you with the right influencers, they also manage the relationship (including contracts) and provide the creative briefs that influencers will use to naturally integrate your product, service, or message into content.
  • Proven experience – top influencer marketing agencies have worked on hundreds of projects. They have insights into the best strategies for each industry
  • Professional expertise – influencer agencies have experts specialising in different critical areas of influencer marketing, which puts your brand in the best position to reach its campaign goals.
Why is influencer marketing important?

Influencer marketing delivers one of the best return on investments across the full spectrum of marketing. Here are a few other reasons why influencers can help you grow your business.

  • There’s been a big transition from celebrities to authentic opinion leaders and entertaining influencers
  • Consumers naturally develop trust or affection for influencers, therefore associating your brand with them brings results
  • A growing trend of consumers blocking advertisements
  • The continued rise in social media usage and reliance
  • Influencers and influencer marketing agencies have unique insights into their community’s wants, needs, and pain points