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TikTok Ad Content Creation Services For Brands

TikTok Ad Content Creation | Brand Creative Assets

The Ultimate TikTok Ad Content Creation Services

The TikTok marketing and advertising agency, built by past TikTok employees and TikTok partners

TikTok Marketing Success (TikTok Ad Content Creation)

What this service involves...

Our agency creates powerful original content, specifically for TikTok Ads, using industry-leading influencers to help brands effectively scale their TikTok Ads, and supercharge their ROI.

TikTok ad content creation is very different from all the other popular social platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. That’s why we receive constant requests from brands.

Content Produced Perfectly for TikTok Ads

Problems brands face. And our solution.

Many have tried running their own TikTok ads with very little success, and have attempted to adapt existing strategies to TikTok using native assets without seeing results. Some don’t know where to even begin with TikTok ads, and others just want to improve their current in-house performance.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. House of Marketers is a leading TikTok ads agency that specialises in TikTok creative assets that drive audience engagement, and ultimately app installs or sales revenue for big brands in a wide range of industries.

TikTok creators dancing - Influencer strategy
TikTok business profile content creation

Brands See Explosive Growth with TikTok Ads

There’s a reason why many world-leading brands are investing heavily in TikTok ads. Firstly advertisers value the hyper-engaged nature of TikTok users. The platform has the second-highest average usage per day of all social networks, which helps to amplify visibility. In addition to this, TikTok has one of the best customer acquisition costs (CAC) out there, which does wonders for the bottom line.

Some Benefits of Working with House Of Marketers

1. Authentic TikTok Ads that Connect

Rest assured, every piece of content crafted by our influencer marketing delivery team will be authentic to the TikTok platform, whilst either subtly or directly endorsing your brand, depending on the campaign objective.  Our team will develop and execute clever concepts that resonate with audiences, whilst incorporating the brand with the most effective CTA’s.

2. Proven Framework and Experience for TikTok Success

We’ve developed a strategic roadmap that helps our clients seamlessly navigate the treacherous landscape that TikTok advertising can be. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge and extensive experience from managing hundreds of paid and organic influencer and paid social campaigns, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands to achieve your goals.

3. Full TikTok Ad Content Creation Service

As the one-stop shop for all your TikTok ad content creation needs, our experts work collaboratively with you on everything from the ad funnel, influencer management, creatives, and content all the way through to brand positioning and targeting. All of our efforts are geared towards establishing strong connections with your audience, which puts your brand in the best position to boost conversions.

Our Process - For Our TikTok Ad Content Services

Having been involved in TikTok since its launch, we know the ins and outs of TikTok ad content creation. Our founding team are actually early UK TikTok employees and partners. Our tried-and tested-processes have guided over 100 top brands towards success with influencer marketing and paid media. We first take your individual circumstances into account before determining the most suitable ad content creation process for your brand. Our two general approaches involve the following steps:

Our Ad Content Production Process Steps

Here’s a breakdown of what we do for each step, regardless of the order in which we deliver the respective sub-services.

Brand Brief and Campaign Proposal

We work with you to decipher your campaign brief. By assessing key information including your objectives, guidelines and deliverables, we put together a comprehensive proposal that fully addresses all your needs. When doing so we ensure that our team, your company and the influencers are all aligned in working relationship expectations and campaign goals. Establishing these parameters from the onset is an excellent foundation for developing a long-term influencer ad content creation strategy that drives results on TikTok.

Creative Concept Creation

We have a dedicated team of creative masterminds who utilise proven brainstorming techniques to conjure up exceptional ad content concepts that generate a big buzz around your brand on TikTok. When our well-recruited creative experts and incredible TikTok knowledge are added to the mix, it’s easy to see how House of Marketers continuously deliver quality ad concepts that resonate with targeted audiences. No matter what your industry is, our inventive, talented team will produce concepts that resonate and engage your audience.

Influencer Selection and Outreach

We have a proven track record of matching brands with the best influencers for most markets, campaigns, and objectives. To drive results, we pay close attention to the authenticity and credibility of influencers. That means, we factor in your brand’s mission, vision, identity, and tone — and weigh it up against influencer values, personalities, and standing within your target market. From there, we turn to our extensive influencer database and industry connections to first shortlist and then contact the influencers that best align with your brand and campaign objectives.

Ad Content Delivery

Finally, the next thing for us to do is to produce unforgettable content that connects. Our in-house team works closely with the influencers we select, to bring the confirmed creative concepts to life. All will be done, without requiring any involvement from your company. We live and breathe TikTok every day, and understand what works. After all content is produced, you then have the choice whether to run the TikTok ads yourself, or to have our specialists take care of them for you. Learn more about our TikTok Ads Management services, here.

TikTok Ad Content Creation Industry Examples

As experts in TikTok creative assets, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands to not only reach their audience but penetrate new audiences in new markets through the TikTok platform. Our services cater to a wide range of industry sectors including the ones highlighted below.

Fashion TikTok Ad Content

Shopping makes the world go round. This is further amplified by the convenience of online shopping and the excellent features that a platform like TikTok gives advertisers to present their products in the most captivating ways. 

For example, one popular TikTok fashion marketing trend involves using fun editing techniques to showcase products in creator fashion hauls. These involve creators magically and instantly transitioning into different outfits whilst standing in a static position.

Trend research - Influencer Strategy

Beauty TikTok Ad Content

The beauty market is booming on TikTok, with #beauty being hashtagged over 66billion times. It’s filled with a whole host of incredible influencers, including huge mega celebrities and smaller micro-influencers who’ve built highly engaged communities. Influencer collaborations creatively demonstrating product effectiveness on a range of elements like wrinkles, uneven skin tone, or pores are all great ways of promoting your beauty brand on TikTok.

Financial and Payment TikTok Ad Content

Brands operating in the financial services industry see a lot of success with simple videos showing their product or service in action; educating your audience on how it works. 

For example, if your service is dedicated towards saving money, short tutorial ad content demonstrating how quick and easy it is to save on your app, is something that will quickly resonate with the masses and generate more interest in your offering. 

But, it needs to be done in a fun, engaging way!

Financial and Payment TikTok ad content creation services
Audience research - TikTok Influencer Strategy

TikTok Ad Content for Social Community Apps and Sites

Giving your target audience a feel for the type of people who are already using your community-focused app is a great way to generate some buzz.

Nothing brings people together like common interests and like-mindedness. Getting community influencers who have built a strong following based on authentic connections to share entertaining, relatable stories of their experiences on your app is a surefire way to increase app installs, dramatically.

Gaming App TikTok Ad Content

There is a sizable, fast-growing gaming niche on TikTok with many popular hashtags facilitating visibility and appropriately segmenting the market. 

We can help you take advantage of the ever-growing gaming culture on the platform by getting high-profile influencers on your side to promote new games in authentic and effective ways. 

To further drive engagement and reach, one good tactic is to present your game on a device, before physically bringing it to life with real-life influencer mockups.

Gaming TikTok ad content creation services
Food art - TikTok ad content creation services

Food and Drink TikTok content ads

The visual nature of food and drink content has a way of stopping people dead in their tracks, when browsing the TikTok app. We can work with influencers to incorporate vibrant backgrounds, on-trend music, and high-definition visuals that make your appetising treats literally run off the screen into the house of our influencers. By enticing your audience with lists of regular eating habits or familiar food-inspired emotions, we can put the cherry on top of your next TikTok ads campaign.

Double The Impact

In addition to running your content assets directly from our Agency TikTok Ads Manager account, we also get selected influencers to post the content on their channel for double the impact. What’s more, influencers can provide a special code that can be inserted into your brand’s Ads Manager account, enabling you to run ads directly from the account or our Influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do TikTok ads convert?

Yes, TikTok ads are known to facilitate conversions a lot cheaper than most platforms, which is why many of the world’s biggest brands have flocked to the platform to drive better results. That being said, there are various elements you’ll need to address to ensure that your brand is producing highly effective TikTok ads. This includes your overall strategy, the influencers you’re working with, the quality of content creation, and effective use of CTAs (calls-to-action) among a range of other factors.

As a specialist TikTok ads agency, House Of Marketers is well-versed in every aspect of TikTok ads, and organic influencer content. We’ve worked on hundreds of successful campaigns between our team, which makes us perfectly placed to guide you through creating TikTok ads that propel you towards your conversion goals.

Can I use Instagram content in my TikTok ads?

It’s not always advisable to use your Instagram content for TikTok ads. Content that might generate lots of interest on Instagram may not be nearly as successful on TikTok due to the many differences between the two platforms and the expectations of their respective audiences. What you see on TikTok, may not naturally fit Instagram. The very best TikTok content from brands has much more of an organic feel to it. This means the focus is on driving engagement with audiences through a range of online activities. 


Can I use Instagram Reels content in my TikTok Ads?

However, if your content is fit for Instagram Reels, and gets a lot of engagement on that section of Instagram, it may be suitable for TikTok. Nonetheless your Instagram Reels content would still need to be edited for TikTok ads – the content needs to be the right length, the CTA needs to be included correctly and more.


Focus on user experiences and emotions

The emphasis for TikTok ads should be on selling an experience or emotion. Not just the product or service. Getting follower and fan participation is key to successful campaigns. Treating your account like more of an advertising channel in a similar capacity to what tends to happen on the Instagram platform, is one of the surest ways to lose user interest on TikTok. All content on TikTok needs to be a lot more fun and playful, as well as in the form of videos.

In addition, the formats on Instagram and TikTok are vastly different. Everything from the bio location to the positioning of engagement buttons on-screen is distinct on the two platforms. TikTok is also far more text heavy, which requires some savvy to ensure it doesn’t block out important app features that are essential to maximising engagement.

Nonetheless, sometimes we work with our clients to adapt their in-house video content so it suits the TikTok platform.

How much do TikTok ads cost?

There’s no one-price-fits-all approach to budgeting for TikTok ads. The cost of TikTok ads will depend on your specific goals, industry, and the level of influencers you’d like to work with, among other factors. 


In terms of our agency’s (House of Marketers) clients, we work with businesses that spend as low as $500 per day on TikTok ads, all the way up to tens of thousands per day on their paid media ads.


We cater everything to your budget, objectives and industry.

Ready to upgrade your TikTok Ads Content?