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TikTok Business Profile Content Creation Services


TikTok Business Profile Content Creation

From the TikTok marketing agency, built by early TikTok employees and TikTok partners

TikTok business profile content creation

We produce captivating TikTok content for the TikTok brand profiles of businesses.

We offer personalised TikTok brand asset creation services that propel brands towards their corporate objectives. By producing powerful original influencer content, or even by remixing the previously-made content of our clients, we help them to grow the presence of their brands, their followings and engagement on TikTok.

2 Asset Creation Services for your TikTok Business Profile

Our experts stay up to date with the latest TikTok trends and sounds, which puts us in a strong position to effectively deliver content that resonates with your specific market. As mentioned, we provide two distinct services for your TikTok business profile – original influencer content creation and the remixing of brand content.

Original Influencer Content Creation

Get our influencer management and creative teams to produce branded TikTok influencer content that is unique and customised for your TikTok business profile.

The Remixing of your Branded Content

Recycle your company’s old and recent content, as our content creators remix it, to make it TikTok-ready for Generation Z and Millennial audiences.

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At our TikTok Marketing Agency, we plan and deliver TikTok ads campaigns that your customers will actually enjoy. Our success story comes from a deep understanding of Millennial and Generation Z culture.

5* Client feedback from market-leading brands

We are a leading TikTok marketing agency, with global reach

Strong expertise and incredible creator network

A strong, seasoned in-house team and a large pool of 50,000 creators

Insider knowledge of TikTok and its algorithms

Our team members were early TikTok employees and partners

Original Influencer Content Creation

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Remixing of Old Brand Content

Remixing content for TikTok profiles (Influencer Strategy)
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TikTok business profile

Why TikTok Matters... A lot!

Does your brand’s target audience consist of Generation Z or Millennials? If so, you need to be on TikTok! As one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world, TikTok provides an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility, strengthen customer loyalty, and drive sales growth. But TikTok is also very different from other social channels. To make a real impact, you need engaging content that’s unique to the platform. That’s where House Of Marketers adds measurable value.

  • TikTok was the most installed app globally in 2020
  • Also, TikTok has the highest social media engagement rates per post
  • TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users
  • Additionally, TikTok users spend over 850 minutes per month on the app
  • Having an engaged TikTok business profile is so important

Branded Content that builds communities and creates customers

Influencer Content That Builds Engaged Communities

We leverage charismatic influencers to build engaged communities on TikTok. We partner you with influencers who understand your vision, share your values, and have built a strong following through high-quality content.

Since influencer fanbases are already engrossed in their material, any affiliation with your brand is viewed as a positive association, giving you access to a highly receptive audience. Our community-driven influencer agency campaigns are an excellent way to build engaged communities.

TikTok Brand Channel Assets - Influencer services
Holding branded trainers - TikTok business profile content

Influencer Content That Helps Convert Followers Into Customers

The ultimate goal for any marketing team is to positively impact sales. While likes, shares, and comments are fantastic, they’re only the first steps towards generating revenue.

We take care of all the groundwork that goes into understanding your buyer personas so that we can produce relevant, engaging content that converts more of your followers into paying customers and brand advocates. Later in the sales funnel, we produce more direct content that converts.

More about the Creative Campaign Strategies we deploy

Editing On-Stock Content

Got content that you want to reuse on TikTok? We explore your on-stock content and produce inspiring TikTok videos. We’ll adapt your content to the platform using in-app features, trending sounds, and concepts that we know will make the biggest impact.

Are you a financial services company that’s looking to tap into the TikTok market? We can humanise your brand by turning your internal culture content into fun engaging videos showcasing your team’s individuality. Running a travel app? Our creatives will ensure you remain relatable by integrating current world headlines through exceptional content, illustrating your services, such as a simple booking process.

Original Content Production

Want our team to create original content for your TikTok brand profile page? Our creative team generates clusters of ideas to drive engagement for your TikTok channel. We explore your brand’s DNA and use it to develop on-trend TikTok videos that increase the reach and engagement of your content.

Looking to increase app installs for your gaming app? Enjoy surges of app installs as we feature relevant influencers and their friends competing on your app, in authentic ways that generate huge buzzes! Aiming to market a dating app? Watch as we create captivating influencer content that references interesting scenarios which people face on dating apps like Badoo.

Creative Brainstorming

House of Marketers is home to a specialist team of creative masterminds. They leverage proven brainstorming techniques to deliver exciting ideas that are unique to your brand and help separate you from the competition. By coupling this creativity with expert knowledge and digital tools that keep track of current and emerging trends on TikTok, we can serve up captivating content, which continuously reels in your target audience.

Niche-Focused Content

Our position as a leader in TikTok strategies, gives us a huge advantage when supporting brands that are operating in different industries. We have built a large team of TikTok experts, all specialising in different fields. Through deep industry knowledge and a natural passion for relevant market segments, our TikTok maestros can keep the highest quality niche-focused content coming for your channel, no matter what your field of focus may be.

Content & Brand Alignment

We take extra care in the process of delivering content to maintain consistency with the rest of your messaging. As part of our approach, we account for the style and tone, ensuring they’re in line with your brand guidelines for local, national and global marketing communications. In addition to this, we naturally incorporate your other brand assets like colour schemes, fonts, and logos into the content to establish a more recognisable brand image.

TikTok business profile content

Leap past your competition with our specialised brand content creation services

Clear CTAs within your content that convert

Our incredible team of TikTok marketing experts know how to capture the attention of your audience through riveting visual content. We develop creative concepts that show your brand’s products or services in use and support these with clear CTAs (call-to-actions) to drive your end-result.

Ad placement

Every CTA is naturally incorporated towards the end of the content for an uninterrupted experience. Whether you want viewers to install your app, pick their favourite colour, or explore your website, we ensure that all CTAs are relevant and subtle enough to make the process feel as voluntary, as possible.

The Largest High-Quality Audio Stock Library For Commercial Use

We have a long-standing track record on the TikTok platform. As a result, we have extensive insight into the inner workings of music usage rules for businesses. Our specialist team leverages this experience to ensure your business remains compliant with complex music licensing requirements and also fully embraces the authenticity and creativity of TikTok.

To streamline content creation featuring catchy sounds, your brand will have access to TikTok’s Commercial Music Library for high-quality, royalty-free music. This enhances your organic content and paid social ads on the platform, while saving you time and additional investment simultaneously.

Need a unique melody to promote your influencer content? Rest assured that you’re in highly capable hands with House Of Marketers.

TikTok audio stock library - Influencer Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TikTok brand assets?

TikTok brand assets are the visual and written media that help you engage with your audience; prospects and customers. The sheer size of the platform today in terms of user numbers has led to a consumer dependence scenario whereby the typical buying journey is increasingly starting on TikTok.


As such, TikTok’s importance as a major marketing tool moving forward is no longer deniable. People no longer use TikTok solely for entertainment, connections, and interactions. It’s also become a place for recommendations as well as shopping, which is where creative TikTok brand assets can really make a big impact! And that’s why every brand needs high quality brand asset content, in order to stay relevant among Generation Z and Millennials.

Can I use my Instagram content on TikTok?

It’s not always a good idea to use your Instagram content on TikTok. Content that might get lots of traction on Instagram, may not be nearly as successful on TikTok due to the major differences between the platforms, and what audiences expect to see. The very best TikTok content from brands is much more organic. This means brands are often integrated into content a lot more subtly, putting the focus on the emotional response from the audience.


The emphasis should also be on achieving an experience or emotion. This helps you to improve your follower engagement rate tremendously. TikTok is also far more text heavy than Instagram, and this text needs to be creatively integrated by professional copywriters.

Which brands do you work with on TikTok?

As a dynamic influencer marketing agency consisting of diverse personnel with expertise in many different industries, we can cater to most brand’s TikTok needs. We’ve developed a tried-and-tested approach that seamlessly transitions across verticals. And while House of Marketers has run campaigns in a wide range of industries for companies across the world, we mostly specialise in entertainment, gaming, beauty, apps, retail/ ecommerce, social networks, and food & drink.


Some of the global brands our team has worked with on influencer marketing campaigns include Apple Music, KFC, Hilton, Red Bull, PSG, Groupon, Badoo, and Skin Proud. Work with our brand profile content creators so we can help you to produce quality content that extends your brand’s reach, captivates your target audience and facilitates your company’s growth.

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