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Why choose our TikTok Agency


We are House of Marketers

We are House of Marketers

The TikTok Marketing Agency built by early TikTok Employees & TikTok Partners

We're Leading the future of Gen Z and Millennial Marketing

We’re a team of experienced TikTok Influencer Marketing experts that have insider knowledge of how TikTok works. We help ambitious brands engage Gen Z and Millennials using proven 2024 strategies.

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Meet Inigo Rivero

Managing Director at House of Marketers

Inigo Rivero joined TikTok as one of their first EMEA employees, developing an ecosystem of TikTok partners. In doing so, Inigo helped over 300 brands thrive on the platform. During his time there, he led TikTok’s growth in key markets like the UK, France, and Germany, becoming a go-to leader in the field. 

His passion? Simply helping people succeed on TikTok, whether they’re large businesses, SMEs or startups. In 2020, he co-founded House of Marketers TikTok Marketing Agency, to help brands become the next powerhouses on social media!

Inigo Rivero, Managing Director at House of Marketers

Our Story

Inigo Joined TikTok

Inigo Joined TikTok

In 2016, Inigo joined TiKTok as one of their first employees, managing their Strategy and Partnerships.

The Power Discovery

The Power Discovery

Inigo quickly discovered exactly how much more powerful TikTok was in engaging and converting audiences than other platforms.

House of Marketers was born

House of Marketers was born

In 2020, Inigo co-founded House of Marketers, to lead ambitious global brands on their pathway through the power of TikTok.

TikTok Agency Brand Clients - House of Marketers

Our team have worked with 100+ top global brands

20+ years of influencer marketing experience from our senior team at our TikTok agency.


Our Global Reach and Team

Global TikTok campaign managers across Europe, North America, South America, Southest Asia, and UAE.

Multi-language speakers in-house (including English, Spanish, German and French).

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Why brands partner our TikTok Agency

High Quality Influencer Selection

“Accurate selections and brand-fit TikTok influencers”

Reliable Campaign Execution

“A reliable, punctual, and high-quality partner that never disappoints”

Data-Driven + Creative Approach

“Amazing trending campaigns that exceed KPIs” (engagements, views & conversions)

Brands that trust our TikTok Marketing Agency

We strategically grow the world's most loved brands through the world's most undervalued platform, TikTok.

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