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IGG Lords Mobile App Install Case Study


The IGG App Installs Case Study

The IGG App Installs Case Study

Our TikTok Marketing Agency teamed up with the leaders in RPG and strategy games to help boost their app downloads globally

We Drove 82,000 people to Install IGG's App

IGG App Case Study
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About The Lords Mobile App (by IGG)

Lord Mobile is an award-winning online multiplayer strategy game that was developed and published by IGG in 2016. On its release, Lords Mobile won the Google Play Awards for ‘Best Competitive Game’ and in 2017 it was nominated for ‘Best Multiplayer Game’.

Lords mobile influencer case study

Their objective

They wanted to boost app downloads of the popular mobile app, Lords Mobile on both iOS and Android among UK-based 18-35 year old males.

Our Influencer Marketing Solution

Our team worked with carefully selected influencers to produce a collection engaging Instagram stories, TikTok content and powerful YouTube videos to encourage audiences to install the Lords Mobile app. 

We then boosted the reach of the content with Facebook ads.

Our team members worked with the influencers every step of the way, showing the entire user journey and highlighting the incredible in-app gameplay.

Amazing Results

We drove thousands of people to download Lords Mobile app through our influencers.

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