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Jodel App TikTok Influencer Case Study


The Jodel App Installs

TikTok Ads Case Study

The Jodel
App Install
TikTok Ads
Case Study

Our Paid Media Ad Experts generated 85,644 installs for Jodel, social media community app

We delivered a €2.29 CPI and
85,644 installs for Jodel.


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About Jodel

Jodel promptly links you with your nearby community. It presents a dynamic social media stream, brimming with updates, inquiries, gatherings, personal revelations, and humor. Jodel brings together the neighborhood surrounding you and equips you with the means to engage in all the experiences your city presents.

Jodel Alicia France case study

Jodel's Objectives

  • To achieve a CPI of between €1.79 – €2.24 for all markets (For the initial €8.3K budget, which we scaled to a €196K+ spend over 3-4 months)

  • To help scale Jodel’s presence across Germany, France and Sweden with TikTok advertising

  • To improve app user retention rates

Our TikTok Ads Solution

While fully managing the influencer marketing and performance marketing ads of Jodel, we identified over 60 perfectly-matched TikTok influencers in several key markets, and utilised spark ads to exceed the expectations of the Jodel team.

We achieved an incredible CPI, bearing in mind the scale of the campaign (with €2.29 CPI across the whole 3 – 4 month period and €196,521.46 spent). The original target was €1.79 – €2.24 for a €8.3K budget at the start.

"Excellent Results"

Our influencer and paid media team delivered an incredibly low CPI for Jodel!

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