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Top 21 App Marketing Agencies for Growing App Installs in 2022

How do you market an app? Are you thinking of hiring an app marketing agency? You have come to the right place. Here we shed some light on the world’s best App Marketing Agencies and why you need one of them to jumpstart or scale the growth of your app install userbase.

Top App Marketing Agencies for Growing App Installs

Does my business need an App Marketing Agency?

In the heart of this significant shift to digital lies the mobile app. It is, therefore, essential for your company to identify the best channels to market your app at the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CPA). Some companies try to keep their app marketing strategies in-house, however, most large businesses seek out agencies that specialise in app marketing, as it’s still a very cost-effective and time-efficient way to meet company goals.

We’ve drafted a list of 21 of the best app marketing agencies, not only in the UK, Europe or USA, but we believe they are among the best in the world.

Benefits of Hiring a Top App Marketing Agency

  • Dedicated team – When you hire an app marketing agency, you hire multiple people with varied experience in app marketing. All that expertise helps you to drive optimal results.
  • Specialised services – App marketing agencies are experts in their field. They work on many app marketing campaigns everyday, and know the ins and outs of the platforms they work on.
  • Value for your money – They get the most out of your budget every day because they know which paid social strategies will drive the best results for any given KPI.
  • Years of experience – Top app marketing agencies have paid strategists with years of experience to count on. As a result, they will undoubtedly use a working framework that assures you succeed in your campaigns.

Businesses of all types are moving online, and brand dedicated mobile applications offer companies an effective and convenient means of interacting and communicating with customers. However, there’s no point having an incredible app with nobody on it. Check out this list of top app marketing agencies, ready to elevate your app to the next level.

The Best App Marketing Agencies

House of Marketers app marketing agency

The No. 1) House of Marketers, Leading Mobile App Marketing Agency

At House of Marketers, we are here to help you realise your business install goals at much a much lower cost per acquisition. House of Marketers is a top app marketing agency that specialises in helping brands win the hearts of generation Z and millennials through the most untapped app marketing platform, TikTok. TikTok is where the younger generation spend most of their time, and it’s the most engaged app amongst all the social media giants. There’s no better place to spend your media budgets than TikTok right now. Here’s 47 statistical reasons you should start investing in TikTok to scale your app’s userbase.

Our roots started at TikTok

In fact, we have insider knowledge of TikTok and how to drive installs at a lower cost, because one of our founders, Inigo Rivero, actually worked for TikTok managing their Strategy and Partnerships in the UK. As a result, we deeply understand the real power of TikTok marketing. Our team has helped the world’s leading apps increase their digital footprint and scale their app install userbase. Such clients include Apple, Airola, Jodel, Etoro, Badoo, Freetrade, PlaySimple, and Groupon, to name a few.

Leveraging the most powerful app installs platform for iOS and Android installs

We leverage TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok, to place you at a vantage position over the competition. Our marketing procedures are simple, but they guarantee results.

By combining our creative minds, proven TikTok influencers and our paid strategists, we are able to drive app installs on iOS and Android for the worlds biggest brands and most promising startups.

What makes House of Marketers a Top App Marketing Agency

We are a TikTok-focused agency with extensive experience in marketing apps and smashing the goals of our clients. Additionally, we understand and utilise the powers of influence better than any other app marketing company, in our opinion. Get in touch and we will build you a powerful user acquisition, activation, and retention strategy, as soon as you’re ready.

Get in touch with House of Marketers

Visit the House of Marketers homepage, here.

Get your free campaign proposal

No. 2) Replug App Marketing Agency

Replug grows app install and revenue

Replug is a New York City-based agency. Over its short existence, Replug has helped multiple clients, especially not-for-profit organisations. Because of its dedication to exemplary services, the agency has grown rapidly. The agency specialises in app store optimization as well as creating and managing marketing campaigns on Facebook, managing Google Ads.

No. 3) Atomic App Marketing Agency

Atomic app marketing agency

The Atomic  app marketing agency provides creative app marketing solutions tailored to mobile formats. The agency’s approach to business is based on partnerships and for this reason, they have partnered with Yonder – a business consulting firm, as well as many other brands to automate their marketing machines.

No. 4) BlueOrange Mobile App Marketing Agency

BlueOrange Mobile app marketing agency

Blueorange has its head office is in London, United Kingdom. They have notably worked with broadcast media companies like Broadcast Media Company, Bauer Media, and The Economist. In particular, BlueOrange Mobile specialises in in-app store and mobile and optimization and paid search and optimization.

No. 5) Nara Media Mobile Marketing Agency

 Nara Media mobile marketing agency

Nara media provides app marketing alongside PPC, digital strategy, and social media marketing for their clients. The agency generally serves apps, mobile games, and iGaming businesses. Among their top clients includes Uber, Deliveroo, and Wolt.

No. 6) The ASO.CO App Marketing Agency

The ASO.CO app marketing agency

The ASO.CO is an app marketing agencies that state that they use proprietary tools to optimise app store listing and generate high performance and scalable client traffic.

No. 7) IndieSpring App Marketing Business

 IndieSpring transforms brand with mobile first services

Indiespring is one of Britain’s app marketing agencies, and is a destination for brands looking for solid traction and growth in their app installs userbase. The agency specialises in app development and marketing, and they have worked with MOVE, British Heart Foundation, among other leading brands and companies.

No. 8) Mndwrk App Marketing and Development Agency

Mndwrk app marketing and development agency

Mndwrk is a startup app marketing agency focusing on app marketing and branding. Besides app marketing and branding, they also offer app development services like app modernization and digital automation. With this agency, you can get everything right from app development, launch, and marketing.

No. 9) RichClicks – The Future of Programmatic Marketing

RichClicks the future of programmatic marketing

RichClickst is a top app marketing agency focusing on offering their customers programmatic advertising. With years of experience and marketing programs, RichClicks provides customers with  consistent traffic.

No. 10) Edge 360 App Marketing Agency

Edge 360 app marketing agency

Edge 360 is a global leading app marketing agency with an office in London, United Kingdom. The app company offers a full range of app marketing services. Do you need a complete package app marketing consultancy? Edge 360 offers it all. Their services include consultancy-related services to managing app launches and subsequent advertising and marketing works.

No. 11) Sozo App Marketing Agency

Sozo app marketing agency

Sozo launched its operations in 2019. From a humble, the agency has expanded its operations and services coverage, and today it is a global app marketing powerhouse. The agency mainly focuses on conversion optimization, social media marketing, and mobile app marketing. With Sozo app marketing agency, you have an option to speak to an expert who will outline the services they have and how you can use the services to increase your app visibility and installs.

No. 12) Adsbalance Agency

 Adsbalance agency - the roadmap to premium users

Adsbalance, an app marketing agencies, based in Scotland, United Kingdom. The app agency has extensive experience creating multiple marketing campaigns that guarantee results. Notably, they have worked with Lazada, Myntra, and Lamoda.

No. 13) Phiture App Marketing Agency

Phiture app marketing agency

Phiture is also an app marketing business. The agency mainly deals with app optimization and marketing and further – it also specialises in influencer marketing via social media to get your app to the right audience.

No. 14) Favoured App Marketing Agency

 Favoured app marketing agency

Although relatively new, Favoured has established itself as an app marketing agency. The agency specialises in just a few app marketing areas: ASO, app development, and app marketing. Alike House of Marketers, they mainly rely on influencer marketing as well as micro influencer marketing.

No. 15) ConsultMyApp (CMA) App Marketing Agency

 ConsultMyApp (CMA) app marketing agency

ConsultMyApp has worked with many brands. Their strategy involves complete kit marketing services like retargeting ads, native ads together with A/B testing. The agency has worked with startups as well as with well-established brands. Notably, they have worked with Lottoland, Deliveroo and lastly they have worked with Tide among many other brands.

No. 16) AdQuantum App Marketing Agency

AdQuantum app marketing agency

AdQuantum’s is a firm with a wide range of expertise in in-App marketing. The agency helps brands build their app marketing campaigns through social media virality campaigns.

No. 17) Pixated App Marketing Agency

Pixated app marketing agency

In their years of existence, Pixated has helped design, develop and market brand dedicated apps. In particular, the agency provides business access to the entire mobile marketing ecosystem. So, through their marketing systems, brands have access to all sorts of marketing like influencer marketing, ads, and including marketing campaign management and tracking.

No. 18) Envision Digital App Marketing Agency

Envision Digital app marketing agency

Envision digital is an app marketing company in the United Kingdom. The agency heavily relies on growth marketing to help their customers with brand design and conversion rate optimization. In summary, they have worked with appysalons, Freeze Debt and SportsBroker.

No. 19) Door 105 App Marketing Agency

Door 105 app marketing agency

Door 105 deems themselves as one of the fastest-growing app marketing agencies in London, United Kingdom. The agency strives to be a leading destination for app store optimization and ranking for customer acquisition strategy and consumer relations.

No. 20) Redbox App Marketing Optimization Agency

Redbox Apple store optimization agency

Redbox Mobile is an innovative app marketing agency that has app store optimization experts. They optimise apps through success-driven growth techniques. Further, the agency provides full-package app marketing services ranging from customer acquisition to virality.

No. 21) Appagent App Marketing Agency

 Appagent grows your mobile app user base

Appagent offers everything startups and established businesses need to kick off their app marketing campaigns. Generally, the agency specialises in developing and launching app marketing campaigns. As a result, the agency has worked with high as well as low profile clients, including Babbel, Glu Mobile, and Kiwi.com.

Top Marketing Agencies Summary

The best app marketing agencies will help push you way higher up the app store download charts. And we hope we help hundreds of brands find their ideal agency partner through this article. We think we’ve gathered a list of app ad agencies for every type of brand.

Now, if you’re looking to convert generation Z and millennials, we highly suggest advertising your mobile app on TikTok.As you can see in this Bumble case study, TikTok is a powerful tool to boost your app user acquisition rates and improve your retention rates. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok values user-generated content above everything else. The consumer-focused content allows for maximum creativity and free expression. Such organic content acts as the powerhouse behind the successes of TikTok, and now brands can leverage this platform to convert young people.

Of course, when you get the services of a experienced, dedicated team, you can streamline most of the processes involved. If you’re interested in learning more about using TikTok to drive your app install campaigns, get in touch with our friendly team at House of Marketers, here.

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