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Top 14 TikTok Influencer Agencies for 2022 [Market-leading on TikTok]

Top TikTok Influencer Agencies

Some brands go for the DIY option in influencer selection. Yet, some find the entire process of discovering and managing effective influencers tedious and time-consuming. Some find the process of boosting influencer assets via paid social ineffective for them also (even though it’s incredibly effective with TikTok ads!). Instead, they choose to work with a TikTok influencer agency that offers the convenience of expertise, quality work, continued metrics measurement, tracking, and ongoing campaign support.

Influencer agencies put the power of influence right back into your hands. Undoubtedly, the teams have the resource and experience to supercharge and accelerate the viral velocity of brand products or services.

What to look for in a top TikTok Influencer Agency

    • Long-standing experience in creating effective influencer marketing campaigns.
    • A company that focuses on TikTok as its core service, and knows TikTok inside out.
    • A close working relationship with top TikTok influencers.
    • Their ability to help brands scale their influencer strategy and TikTok ads quickly.
    • An agency with a data and evidence-based approach to influencer marketing.

Are you seeking brand authenticity? An influencer agency is what you exactly need. Here are the top 14 UK TikTok influencer agencies to choose from.

No.1 – House of Marketers, Europe’s and USA’s Leading TikTok Influencer Agency

House of Marketers -UK’s leading TikTok influencer agency

There’s no better place to start than our very own, House of Marketers (HoM). HoM is one of the top TikTok influencer marketing agencies across Europe and the USA. HoM works on the philosophy of growing the world’s most loved brands through the world’s most undervalued platform, TikTok.

House of Markers was Founded by a Former TikTok Employee

Inigo Rivero, former TikTok employee founded House of Marketers in 2020, and since then, the agency has taken countless brands to new heights with TikTok advertising.

Drive results with the Industry-leading TikTok influencer agency

Yes, House of Marketers is an end-to-end strategic partner for brands seeking to delight audiences, inspire actions and drive results.
In fact, as an industry leader, we have helped top brands across the world find the best creators, execute TikTok marketing campaigns seamlessly, and helped the brands analyse campaign performance with our robust reporting.

Why choose House of marketers for your TikTok influencer marketing campaigns

  1. TikTok Focus – We understand that to become the best at what we do, we need to focus on it 100% of the time. That’s how we’ve grown our reputation as one of the best TikTok influencer agencies around the globe.
  2. Team of experts – We know the ins and outs of TikTok. So, whether you want a small or large-scale TikTok campaign, our team will help you to scale your app, website, or brands with our TikTok expertise.
  3. Wide-ranging influencer network – we have built a relationship of trust and mutual benefits with thousands of TikTok influencers. Our diverse influencer networks allows us to identify influencers that would actually use your product or service, allowing authentic endorsements.
  4. Wide-ranging experience – we have dozens of clients cutting across all sorts of industries/ niches. Therefore, our experience has sharpened our ability to deliver top-notch results. We can proudly say we are one of the best TikTok influencer agencies.
  5. Global reach – To drive continuous innovation and excellence across multiple industries and markets, House of Marketers has campaign managers spread out across North America, South America, Europe, UAE, and South Asia. Our multi-talented in-house team is a source for powerful ideas that bring out the best in TikTok marketing.

Get in touch with House of Marketers

Visit the House of Marketers homepage, here.

No.2 – Influo, Influencer Marketing Company

Influo doubles influencer marketing with influencer management

Influo agency is a brand and influencer management based in London. They offer social media marketing, paid media marketing influencer management.

No.3 – Ceek, a revolutionary approach to influencer marketing

Ceek – a revolutionary approach to influencer marketing

Ceek  is a UK- based company that class themselves as a ‘Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultancy’ but they also offer influencer marketing services, paid media, social commerce, and social media marketing services. The agency has worked with micro and macro influencers to launch influencer campaigns for brands that include Small beer, the Savoy, and Oatopia, a snacks brand.

No.4 – Mirage Media,  Digital marketing agency that works with Influencers

PMYB - a leading influencer marketing and digital marketing agency

Mirage agency specialises in both influencer and digital marketing as a whole. Their services range from SEO services, influencer marketing, online PR to content marketing services.

No.5 – TikTalk marketing agency provokes action through talent-led marketing

ikTalk marketing agency provokes action through talent-led marketing

TikTalk Marketing agency is an influencer discovery network that provides brands with valuable influencer management, content production, and creative strategies. The agency specialises in talent sourcing and support for brands across all social media platforms. TikTalk mentions that they are the “only agency devoted to TikTok” on their homepage, however, House of Marketers is also devoted entirely to TikTok marketing.

No.6 – Sociably – A influencer agency that focuses on Luxury brands

Gleam Solutions provokes action through talent-led marketing.

Sociably is a UK-based influencer agency. The agency identifies as a luxury influencer marketing agency. Therefore, the agency identifies influencers, manages campaigns, and implements strategies for premium luxury brands. The agency offers campaign management and tracking.

No.7 – Milk and Honey, an influencer agency passionate about storytelling

Milk and Honey influencer agency – passionate about storytelling

Milk and Honey is a creative influencer agency based in Sydney and London. They aspire to become a leading agency for influencer management and a center for passionate storytelling. For instance, their main focus is to nurture brands and increase brand visibility across all social media networks. They offer various services, including lead generation, web design and SEO, copywriting and content production, corporate reputation, and brand management.

No.8 – Circles creates ROI-focused social media campaigns

Circles creates ROI-focused social media campaigns

Circles is an influencer marketing agency with quality influencer networks across the UK. The agency in 2014 to help brands get more value through influencer marketing. Until now, the agency has always aimed to create connections campaigns. Consequently, today, the agency is one of the renowned marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. They offer influencer marketing, online brand amplification, campaign tracking and measurement, performance marketing, and creative content creation services.

No.9 – If Concept Social influencer agency

If Concept Social influencer agency

If Concept Social agency offer influencer marketing services for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They simultaneously support all sorts of clients, offering creative and innovative talent. Most notably, for instance, they have partnered with leading brands like Oppo, Eventbrite, and The Alley.

No.10 – Coolr influencer agency using social to try transform brands

Coolr influencer agency using social to transform brands

In short, Coolr offers influencer management, paid media, and community management services. Their approach to influencer marketing is simple. They combine the discipline of a big agency with the thinking, speed, and agility of a social publisher.

No.11 – Nuuk Digital agency, offer TikTok advertising

Nuuk Digital agency-  creators of influencer marketing dreams

Nuuk Digital agency is a Facebook marketing partner that offers influencer marketing services. Namely, they have adopted a social-first approach towards influencer marketing. With a social-first approach to social marketing, the agency offers clients a bespoke and objective-oriented influencer marketing solution.

No.12 – Upbeat TikTok agency

Upbeat TikTok agency

The Upbeat agency classify themselves as an ‘e-commerce growth agency’. Upbeat agency is a Gen- Z and Millennial base agency that offers influencer marketing. Therefore, the agency supports brands in creating marketing activities that generate brand awareness, leads, and increased conversions within this target audience.

No.13 – The Influencer Agency (tia)

The influencer agency

‘The Influencer agency’ aims to connect brands with talent and the audience they want to reach. The agency will help you find talent in the following areas, male grooming + styling, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, technology, food, travel, sports, and other related areas.

No.14 – FYI manages and amplifies TikTok campaigns

FYI manages and amplifies TikTok campaigns

Like House of Marketers, the Find Your Agency (FYI) is a TikTok-focused influencer agency. Being an all-service influencer agency, they have worked with all types of clients ranging from TV producers to home improvement brands. What makes this agency special? They do extensive footwork research to determine the right clients for their clients.

Why Hire One of The Best TikTok Influencer Agencies?

Creators are getting business off the ground, and taking others to unimaginable scalability in short periods. TikTok’s virality can’t be ignored. “Brands have to be open to trying new things, listening to their customers, and being willing to test different technology,” says Cathy Hackl, the Chief Officer at .

If you’d like to learn more about how the House of Marketers team is driving sales and app installs for the biggest brands in the world, get in touch here. Work with us as we strategise and connect you to the best TikTok influencers. Ultimately, we take the burden of searching and vetting the influencer off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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