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Top 13 Finance and Fintech Marketing Agencies in Europe/USA

Top Finance and Fintech Agencies

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. But while there might be a lot of finance and fintech companies out there, only some of them have what it takes to establish long-term sustainable success. Some fintech entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs make the mistake of thinking all they need to do is create an excellent product or service and sales will naturally follow. But with so much competition in the fintech industry and adoption hesitancy from certain demographics, you must up your digital marketing game to survive — and fintech marketing agencies are a good place to start.

It goes without saying that hiring specialists in your industry is an effective way to drive results. Fintech agencies have the necessary skills and knowledge, gathered from hundreds of previous campaigns, to help you craft a digital marketing strategy that will attract potential customers. And by outsourcing your marketing tasks, it becomes easier to scale your business, save valuable resources, and free up time to focus on other aspects of running your company.

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To help you achieve these benefits, we’ve put together a list of the top 13 fintech marketing agencies across Europe and the US.

The Best Finance & Fintech Marketing Agencies

No. 1) House of Marketers

Of course, we had to have House Of Marketers to kick things off! We’ve had the opportunity to work with some big names in the fintech and finance industry. The long list of clients from our leadership team includes Western Union, Barclays, and Etoro. This experience has allowed us to develop a strong understanding of the ins and outs of digital marketing for the financial and fintech sector. Two people from our leadership team actually ran one of Barclay’s first influencer marketing campaigns in 2018, which was all about getting the younger generation to view Barclays as a fintech company – not just a bank. Our strong background in the industry is what enables us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

“And if you’re a fintech entrepreneur, TikTok is where you want to be. The platform’s exceptionally younger tech-savvy user base is heavily interested in all things finance-related from crypto to stocks, budgeting techniques, payment apps, and more.”
Inigo Rivero, House of Marketers Managing Director


We Run Financial Campaigns Globally

We have global TikTok campaign managers across Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and UAE. Our in-house multi-language speakers allow us to convert audiences from all areas of the globe (including English, Spanish, German, French, and Itallian).


Don’t regret leaving out TikTok in 2022 and 2023!

The fact that we specialise in TikTok marketing sets us apart from other finance marketing agencies. And if you’re a fintech entrepreneur, TikTok is where you want to be. The platform’s exceptionally younger tech-savvy user base is heavily interested in all things finance-related — from crypto to stocks, budgeting techniques, payment apps, and more.

If you want to convert the young generation for decades to come, start now with your TikTok campaign!

We also understand that every fintech or finance company is different. That’s why we craft unique marketing strategies for every one of our valued fintech clients. It’s the best way to acquire more customers and maximise your revenue.

As part of our finance and fintech services, we can:

  • Drive much lower CPA’s, CPI’s and more on the most engaging platform for financial companies, TikTok
  • Connect you with the right TikTok influencers to reach your target audience
  • Manage your entire TikTok marketing strategy from start to finish
  • Take control of your paid media strategy to optimise your budget spends
  • Script, film, and produce exceptional video content for your brand

House Of Marketers - TikTok Ads Agencies

Drive Much Lower App Install CPA Costs with House of Marketers

Want to drive much more installs and convert a whole new generation of people? Well, we have experts in app install campaigns, app engagement campaigns, and the financial industry. You can learn more about how our TikTok Finance Agency helps build brand communities on TikTok here.

Or you can enquire about a free customised campaign proposal here.


No. 2) Ninja Promo

Ninja Promo is a digital marketing agency that can help fintech brands. The agency can help fintech companies engage with their customers via social media and digital marketing. Alongside video editing and social media management, they also handle influencer marketing and design ad campaigns for companies in the fintech niche.

Ninja Promo - Fintech Marketing Agencies


No. 3) Big Rock

Big Rock is a UK-based finance marketing agency that uses a range of digital marketing strategies to help fintech companies build relationships with their target audience. Big Rock utilises social media influencers, email drip campaigns, and paid advertising to help businesses generate more leads and drive growth.

Big Rock

No. 4) InBound Fintech

InBound Fintech is a British fintech marketing agency that utilises a mix of influencer and content marketing to help fintech businesses nurture and expand their audiences. The agency will work with you to create a digital marketing plan that aligns with your budget and goals.

InBound Fintech 

No. 5) Cognito

Cognito is a global fintech and financial services marketing agency with offices in the US, UK, and Asia. They create a bridge between consumer finance brands and their target audience using digital marketing strategies. Their services include influencer marketing, paid media advertisements, and email marketing.

Cognito - Fintech Marketing Agencies

No. 6) The Realization Group

The Realization Group is a London-based fintech marketing agency that works with businesses to create a digital marketing strategy suited to your niche. They have worked with names like TreoTrade, Kas Bank, and Big XYT. Their services include full campaign management and bespoke content for your fintech or finance business.

The Realization Group

No. 7) Sapience Communications

Sapience Communications works across different sectors, but they have a dedicated team for fintech and finance companies. The agency can handle your entire marketing operation, from strategy and planning to paid media and inbound marketing.

Sapience Communications

No. 8) ARPR

ARPR is an Atlanta-based fintech marketing agency that assists clients with branding, social media campaigns, and integrated digital marketing strategies. They have worked on campaigns with companies such as Paysend and Instant.


No. 9) Jukebox Marketing

Jukebox Marketing is a UK fintech agency that uses influencer marketing and content creation to help fintech businesses generate more revenue. Jukebox Marketing can also help with inbound marketing and PR, along with various forms of paid media.

Jukebox Marketing - Fintech Marketing Agencies

No. 10) SalePilot

SalePilot is an American fintech marketing agency that specialises in social media, influencer marketing, and online reputation repair for fintech and finance companies. The agency helps companies achieve their marketing goals, which affords them more time to focus on other important business operations.


No. 11) Blue Train Marketing

Blue Train Marketing is a fintech specialist marketing agency based in London. They use a variety of marketing tactics including social media, video content creation, and influencer marketing to help businesses reach their target audience.

Blue Train Marketing

No. 12) True

True works with fintech and financial services companies to help them acquire new customers and drive revenue. For the past 16 years, True has been building customised digital strategies, with a focus on social media and content marketing for clients in the financial services industry.


No. 13) UpGrow

UpGrow is a financial services digital marketing agency with an office in the heart of the tech corridor — San Francisco. They specialise in full-service SEO and lead generation, alongside social media marketing, for financial and fintech companies.

UpGrow - Fintech Marketing Agencies

Why Hire One Of The Best Finance or Fintech Marketing Agencies?

There are many reasons for hiring one of the best finance or fintech marketing agencies out there, but it ultimately comes down to one word — expertise. When you hire one of these specialist agencies you’re hiring expert marketers with years of experience in your industry.

By taking care of your marketing needs, they free up valuable time for you to run other critical daily business operations. With access to their network of professionals including social media managers, carefully vetted influencers, paid media managers, video content producers, and more you’ll be well on your way to driving sustained growth for your finance or fintech company.

Get in touch with our fintech marketing specialists to learn more.


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