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Freetrade TikTok Influencer Case Study


The Freetrade Signups TikTok Campaign

The Freetrade

We partnered with UK Stock Trading Company, Freetrade and drove thousands of young people to sign up to their website and app.

We drove thousands of signups with an incredibly high 6.71% conversion rate!

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About Freetrade

Freetrade is an award-winning investing app with over 1 million users.‍
Freetrade’s mission is to get everyone investing by making it simpler and more affordable.

Freetrade's Objectives

  • Develop creative assets to boost sign ups among the TikTok community 
  • Drive signups via In-Feed TikTok Ads

Target Demographic

  • UK
  • 18 – 35

Our TikTok Solution for Freetrade

Most people think that everything on TikTok needs to be fun or humorous content. However, educational content is also a very effective way to drive engagement and conversions –  we used a combination of humurous and more “serious” educational content for Freetrade.

We partnered with influencers in different niches to create content – some involved the influencers conversing with themselves, in order to help educate TikTok users on how to use Freetrade.

This mix of fun and more “serious” content brought the needed on-brand credibility to a product like Freetrade, and led to a tremendously high conversion rate of 6.7%.

Incredible Results

Our powerful strategy and execution helped Freetrade to majorly improve their conversion rate and drive signups.

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