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47 Important TikTok User Stats and TikTok Statistics for 2022 & 2023

Incredible TikTok User Stats and General Platform Statistics for 2022 & 2023

TikTok User Stats 2022

TikTok has now confirmed its place as a powerhouse in the marketing world, and for good reason. Using this list of TikTok user stats, TikTok revenue statistics and other stats, we wish to provide you with a better understanding of how TikTok is helping brands to convert Generation Z and Millennial audiences in 2023. If you’re looking to build stronger brand connections and scale your customer base, then you should firstly consider these TikTok user stats. We also discuss how our agency (House of Marketers) approaches TikTok advertising, when bearing in mind these statistics.

2022/2023 User Stats to Read Before Launching TikTok Campaigns

We’ve organised the stats into several categories, including popularity, age, gender, engagement, revenue stats and more.

TikTok Global Popularity Stats

1. Over 1 Billion Active Users every month

According to a press release from TikTok in 2021, the app saw 1 billion active users every month. Of course, TikTok statistics like these show no signs of slowing down as new people continue to come to the site. The House of Marketers team expect that the monthly users for the app will grow a huge 50% to 1.5 billion by 2022.

2. The Most Downloaded App in 2021 According to Various TikTok Statistics

In the second quarter of 2021, according to a Forbes report, TikTok had more downloads than any other app in the world. Also, according to Statista, the users downloaded the app almost 205 million times. Of course, the app show no decline in popularity moving into 2023, which means that the downloads are more than likely to increase.

3. Musical.ly had a little over 100 million active users every month during its final days

Muscial.ly reached its peak in 2018 before ByteDance purchased it and rebranded it as TikTok. Musical.ly saw 100 million concurrent users in its final days, according to the Verge. Since rebranding, the site has grown considerably, being able to even surpass a billion active monthly users.

TikTok popularity stats

TikTok Popularity Stats 2022/2023 – Free to share, and use without modification

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4. Total Downloads For TikTok Exceed 2.5 Billion

TikTok has grown significantly over the years and House of Marketers expect it to continue to scale worldwide. According to a report by the Business of Apps, 2.6 billion people will download the app by 2020. In 2018 alone, more than 750 million people downloaded the app. And as 2019 came to an end, they reached 1.5 billion, almost doubling the number of downloads in a single year.

5. TikTok Was One of the Top Three Growing Brands

2020 was easily one of the best years for the platform, with the website being able to reach total downloads of 2.6 billion. It ranked third on Morning Consult’s report for fastest-growing brands of the year, only falling behind peacock in second and zoom in first.

6. December 2019 Saw 74.5% of Users Active on the app

While people download multiple apps but rarely use them, that is not the case with TikTok. Once a user downloads the app, they continue to use it. An App Ape report suggests that 23% of people used the app for 2/3 of the month of December, and only 26% did not use it at all.

7. TikTok is Available in Over 150 Countries

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the entire world, with it being available in over 150 countries and in 75 different languages.

8. ‘TikTok’ is the Third Most Searched Term on YouTube

When searching on YouTube, TikTok is ranked third in terms of the most searched term. YouTube usually has compilations of various TikTok trends, which is unique to the oldest video-sharing platform on the internet.

TikTok Age Demographic Stats

TikTok demographics popularity stats

TikTok Demographic Popularity Stats 2022 – Free to share, and use without modification

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9. TikTok User Stats Suggest UK Prime Demographic is 18-24

TikTok has a massive presence around the globe, even in the UK. According to TikTok statistics from Statista, 18-24 year old is the prime age group for the video-sharing app, making up 26% of its traffic. On the other hand, the 25-34 year old demographic made up only 9% of traffic. Despite this, the House of Marketers TikTok experts conduct brand advertising campaigns which target both Generation Z and millennials on TikTok.

10. More adults are using TikTok

Statista’s TikTok statistics suggest that 32.5% of users in the US fall between the ages of 10 and 19. On the other hand, Pew research data suggests that 48% of individuals between 18 and 29, and 22% of people aged 30-49, have used TikTok.

11. Users from Asian Countries Make up the Most Visitors

A Business of Apps about TikTok suggests that over 198 million individuals will use TikTok in South Asian countries in 2020. For comparison, there were about 105 million users in North America and 98 million in Europe during the same time.

12. Still the most popular in China according to TikTok Statistics

Seeing how TikTok originated in China, it only makes sense that it would also be the most popular there. In the same internet report, there were over 600 million Douyin users in China.

tiktok statistics show phone with tiktok logo

13. Children between 4 and 15 years old spend 75 minutes every day on TikTok

A Qustodio report discovered that children between 4 and 15 years old were using the TikTok app for nearly 75 minutes every day. These types of TikTok user stats can show how effective the app is at getting and keeping an individual’s attention.

14. As many as 69% of the United States’ Teenagers Use TikTok

Teenagers make up a large majority of the app’s demographic. Furthermore, according to TikTok statistics, they have to show any signs of wanting to leave the app.

TikTok Gender Demographic Stats

15. In 2021, 53.79% of TikTok users were female, globally

According to Statista.com, 53.79% of users were female globally, meaning there were 46.21% males using the app globally (2021).

16. More Female TikTok Users in the US, according to TikTok Statistics

61% of users in the US were female in 2021, according to TikTok User stats by Statista. However, markets like India are predominantly male.

TikTok Revenue and Spending Statistics

17. TikTok 2021 Revenue Grows 60%, to $63 billion

The HouseofMarketers.com team predicted a 50 per cent YOY revenue jump for TikTok. A new 2021 report suggests TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance is set to post an incredible 60 per cent revenue growth in 2021. 400 billion yuan (US$63 billion).

18. In-app Spending Increased to 500% in a single year

Between April of 2019 and May of 2018, in-app purchases for the app managed to increase by 500%, which contributed to total revenue of $7.4 billion. In-app purchases for TikTok almost jumped an additional 380%, according to a report by Comprar Acciones, between January of 2020 and 2021.

19. In 2020, Bytedance was valued at $180 billion according to TikTok Statistics

In late 2020, Bytedance was valued at a total value of $180 billion. Just two years prior, the firm was worth $78 billion in 2018.

TikTok User Income Stats

20. 20% of households with a total income of over $75,000 use TikTok

The Pew research center conducted a survey for the apps that most households use. According to the survey, households that generate above $75,000 every month are 20% more likely to use TikTok. Therefore, audiences on TikTok tend to actually be more affluent than those not on app. TikTok remains a great place for brands to target users with high budget global campaigns.

21. How much TikTok Creators Make. TikTok User Earnings

TikTok stars can earn anything from £20,000 to £30,000 per sponsored post. However, smaller TikTok creators generally tend to charge anything between £100 and £3,000 per TikTok sponsored post. This however differs for every situation. Some factors include the level of brand involved, how much effort the influencer has to put in, the reach of the influencer, and how in-demand the creators are. The best creators often will charge more because of their ability to drive conversions. It’s not all about their social media following.

TikTok User Behavioural Habits Statistics

22. Customers Get Hooked in the First Three Seconds of the Video

63% of all successful ads on the app have their message in the first three seconds of their video. These ads have the best response rate, according to strategies by TikTok.

23. 41% of users have uploaded a video reacting to another video

Another popular trend among TikTok users is to make reaction videos to other videos that they have already seen. From the server that the Global Web Index conducted, over 40% of individuals made a reaction video.

TikTok user time spent on platform stats

TikTok Behavioural Stats 2022/2023 – Free to share, and use without modification

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24. 63% of Users Followed At Least One New User per Month

According to the global web index, 63% of the participants in their survey followed at least one account per month. This goes to show that engagement is high even among more sporadic users, which continues in 2023.

25. Most TikTok Users Want Funny and Engaging Content on TikTok

Participants in the global web index survey said that they usually look for entertaining or funny content on the app. Entertaining its visitors is a higher priority for TikTok than anything else. Posting and sharing entertaining content remains the most common way that people interact with the app.

26. Users spend more time on TikTok than YouTube

According to AppAnnie, users are spending much more time watching TikTok than they are on YouTube. People can watch new content in a very short span of time given the style of content that TikTok offers, especially when compared to YouTube. This helps explain why your marketing budget may be better used off YouTube, and on TikTok.

27. 43% of Total TikTok Users Have Uploaded a Duet

Duets are very popular among TikTok users, as it allows people to react or add to an original video. It was so popular that over 40% of users upload a duet at least once per month.

28. 54% of Users Commented on a Video

Comments are the most common ways that people interact with videos on the platform. According to a survey conducted by the Global Web Index, 54% of users left a comment on a TikTok video, with that number likely to increase in the future.

TikTok Engagement Statistics

29. TikTok Engagement Rate is 18%

According to Statista, the average TikTok post has an 18% engagement rate. This is the engagement that influencers in the US experience the most, which makes it a more favorable site for brand deals. You can learn more about engagement comparisons with Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts here.

TikTok engagement rates stats

TikTok Engagement Rate Stats 2022/2023 – Free to share, and use without modification

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30. The Engagement Rate for Smaller Creators on TikTok is Much Higher

Compared to Instagram and Twitter, TikTok creators with over 100,000 followers can have an engagement rate as high as 5%. On the other hand, Twitter rests at 0.3%, and Instagram has an average engagement rate of 1.10%.

31. TikToks Filmed in a Vertical Format are More Engaging

A company guide states that videos shot in a vertical format can get 25% more views on 6-second clips compared to horizontal ones. Seeing how the app focuses on this vertical orientation, it makes sense for horizontal videos to have a lower response rate.

32. Users Spend 89 Minutes per day on the TikTok app

Having completed a research study, the House of Marketers team found that users spend 89 minutes per day on the TikTok app.

TikTok user time spent on platform stats

TikTok Engagement Stats 2022/2023 – Free to share, and use without modification

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TikTok Hashtag Trend Statistics

33. Chipotle has Accumulated 1.3 million Followers on TikTok

Chipotle is easily one of the biggest companies on the platform right now, as they have managed to accumulate billions of views on their TikTok campaigns. #chipotlelidflip, #guacdancem, and #Boorito all have over 5 billion views collectively.

34. #thinblueline is one of the Most Viewed Trends on TikTok

TikTok is also becoming a massive platform for charity, support, and awareness. Over 2.3 billion views exist throughout the #ThinBlueline trend over its lifetime, according to its TikTok page.

35. #BlackLivesMatter Has Over 29 Billion Views

TikTok is also a platform where people show their support for various social causes, which includes #Blacklivesmatter. In fact, the Black Lives Matter movement has reached over 29 billion views.

man holding sign about tiktok statistics

36. Dance is one of The Most Popular Hashtags on the App

The #dance category on the site has over 340 billion views in total. This includes various challenges and plenty of unique dances. Companies like Chipotle and Red Bull have even used this in their respective #guacdance and #danceyourstyle challenges, to their advantage. And we expect these types of challenges to continue to rise in popularity.

37. Smaller Brands Can Go Viral on TikTok, With Little Effort

Some smaller brands can sometimes become household names and older brands can become relevant again through TikTok. In the case of Ocean Spray, a 90-year-old beverage company became relevant again. TikTok creator Nathan Apodaca showed himself drinking the beverage on his way to work. Ocean Spray also saw a bump in their sales following the height of the trend. They capitalized on it by referencing the trend on TikTok and participating in a challenge inspired by Nathan’s initial video.

TikTok Device Usage Statistics

38. Over 90% of Devices Using TikTok Globally are Android, according to TikTok Statistics

Despite many people preferring to use iOS instead of Android in the US, a large population of global TikTok users exclusively use Android. More specifically, 90% of TikTok downloads worldwide occur on Android instead of iOS. The biggest exception to this dominance is the USA, where there are more iOS users.

39. TikTok is the 74th Most Searched Site on the internet according to Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is also a very important piece of technology, and it has ranked the app as the 74th most searched website. These TikTok User stats came about in early July of 2021, which had a ranking of 102 in March of the same year.

40. Other Companies Are Making TikTok-like Apps and Features

TikTok is the biggest competitor to websites like Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, these companies have even started their own versions of TikTok. Facebook launched Lasso, with YouTube not far behind Shorts feature. Both examples have small videos that work very similarly to TikTok. Also, don’t forget about Instagram’s product ‘Instagram Reels’. Learn more about them here.

41. Android Users Spend as Much as 13 Hours in a Month on the App

According to TikTok statistics from AppAnnie, android users spend as much as 13 hours on the app every month. It is one of four apps where people spend the most time, which include Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

TikTok Influencer and Celebrity Statistics

42. The Most Popular Influencer on the App is Charli D’Amelio

The most popular influencer on the app is Charli D’Amelio, who has a total of 10.2 billion likes throughout her profile and over 130 million followers. She has the most liked and followed account on the app.

43. 176 Songs Crossed 1 Billion Streams/Views in 2020 with the help of TikTok

Music is possibly the most important aspect of TikTok, which is how the app became so famous to begin with. A good example of how TikTok drives music popularity was the Drake song Tootsie Slide, which surpassed 1.6 billion streams on Spotify. Drake can be seen in the Tootsie slide music video performing a dance, which led to an incredible volume of user-generated content. People replicated the dance and helped the Canadian rapper massively grow his song’s streams on Spotify.

44. Even Niche Communities Have Massive Followings

TikTok allows a variety of niche creator communities to grow as well, thanks to its very high engagement rate and global appeal. Even niche communities like the #AltTikTok community have accumulated over 12.4 billion views.

TikTok Ads Stats

45. Most Ads on TikTok Talk Directly to the Audience

Fourth wall breaks can prove to be very entertaining and usually have a better response rate. As much as 33% of customers respond better when ads directly refer to them.

46. Users for the App Prefer Top-View Ads

Kantar performed a survey commissioned by TikTok, which asked participants which ad format they preferred. The survey concluded that Top-View ads were a favorite among users.

47. 50% of Ads on TikTok Have an Emotional Message

An official guide from TikTok states that the most successful ads on the platform are ones that aim for an emotional response from the viewer. The official guide suggests that companies should be real and relatable to be successful.

Improve your TikTok Marketing Strategy with House of Marketers

These TikTok statistics demonstrate exactly how essential the platform is to brands. With House of Marketers, you can get a TikTok marketing strategy perfectly curated to your brand’s image and goals. If you would like to learn more about how TikTok marketing agency experts run campaigns on TikTok, explore here.


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