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This Strategy Helped An AI Image Generation App Generate 18,000+ Instals

We wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the world was unprepared for the incredible advancements AI has achieved with just a few clicks. AI has transformed how we interact with technology, bringing capabilities once thought impossible into reality.

Our latest case study highlights Artisse, an AI image generation app that allows users to transform a single image into a masterpiece with their chosen background and personalised details, all with just a few taps. 

At House of Marketers, we specialise in crafting strategic marketing campaigns that leverage the power of social media and influencer partnerships. For Artisse’s Campaign, our unique approach went beyond standard influencer collaboration and paid media, incorporating interactive campaigns and user-generated content that amplified engagement and visibility. By understanding the unique strengths of Artisse and the demands of the market, we were able to create a compelling narrative that resonated with a broad audience.

In this case study, we detail how we crafted a TikTok marketing strategy to help Artisse stand out in a competitive market, driving over 18,000 instals and establishing a strong foothold in the personalised photography sector.

Let’s dive in!

About Artisse.ai App TikTok Campaign 

Artisse is an innovative AI image generation company specialising in personal photography. Their unique AI algorithm not only transforms selfies into high-quality images but also allows users to personalise every detail, making each photo a unique masterpiece. 

With Artisse, users can enjoy a seamless experience that brings their creative visions to life, turning ordinary selfies into extraordinary images with ease.

Source: Artisse.ai

The Challenge

The AI image generation industry has seen rapid growth, with numerous players entering the market offering varying degrees of personalisation and quality. 

Despite being in a burgeoning industry, Artisse faced stiff competition from a surge of similar companies entering the market. The company was seeking to distinguish itself and establish a strong foothold in the personalised photography sector. 

Artisse tasked us with increasing their app install base and growing their paying customer base, all while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Consumers are drawn to apps that provide easy-to-use interfaces and deliver high-quality results without the need for extensive manual editing. We set ourselves the task of highlighting the unique selling points (USP) of the Artisse app and finding the right perfect influencers for Artisse to be promoted by.

Our target audience consisted predominantly of women aged 18 to 44, residing in regions with a high propensity for app usage, social media engagement and value. This included the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and across Europe. These users are typically active on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, where visual content plays a significant role in their daily interactions. 

By understanding the demographics and psychographics of our target audience, we could tailor our marketing strategies to effectively capture their attention and drive engagement.

House of Marketer’s Approach

To tackle the challenge and ensure Artisse stood out, we devised a comprehensive TikTok marketing strategy that would capture attention and drive app instals. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our approach:

Influencer Collaboration

We identified and collaborated with over 30 TikTok influencers (#TeamArtisse), specialising in niches such as fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. These influencers were selected based on their engagement rates, follower demographics, and their ability to create visually appealing content that aligned with Artisse’s brand values.

Our team worked closely with the influencers to ensure they highlighted the app’s unique personalised photography features. The content created by influencers showcased the transformation capabilities of the Artisse AI, emphasising the high level of perfection and attention to detail that users could achieve. By leveraging the authenticity and reach of these influencers, we helped Artisse build trust and credibility among potential users.


@artisseai This is how you can put yourself on a magazine cover in just a couple of minutes! 😮 #vogue #artisse #tutorial #photography ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Strategic Content Creation

To maximise engagement, we focused on creating a diverse range of content formats, including tutorials, before-and-after transformations, and creative challenges. These content pieces were designed to highlight different features of the Artisse app, providing users with a clear understanding of its capabilities and encouraging them to try it out.

@artisseai AI changed photography with this app! Try out. Link in bio. #artisse #aiphotos #photography #iphone ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

Paid Advertising Campaign

Alongside the organic influencer campaign, we implemented a strategic paid advertising campaign to boost app install and overall revenue. The paid campaign was designed to complement the organic efforts by targeting potential users who had engaged with the influencer content but had not yet downloaded the app. 

By utilising precise targeting options on TikTok and other social media platforms, we were able to reach a broader audience and drive conversions effectively.

Data-Driven Optimization

Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitored performance metrics and made data-driven adjustments to our strategy. This included optimising ad placements, refining targeting criteria, and tweaking content formats based on engagement data. Our iterative approach ensured that we maximised the return on investment and achieved the best possible results for Artisse.

Interactive Campaigns

We launched interactive challenges and contests that encouraged users to share their own Artisse-generated images, creating a ripple effect of organic engagement and brand visibility.

We incentivised users to create and share their own content using the app, which not only provided authentic testimonials but also expanded our reach through user networks.

@vicbaldesarra8 @Artisse AI snapped on these images. Inspo achieved 👛 #artisseai #artisse #outfitsinspo #streetstyle ♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ

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Key Metrics

  • Instals: 18,000+
  • CPI: Under $2.50
  • Influencers: 30+
  • Video Views: 8 Million+

Our strategic campaign yielded outstanding results, highlighting our ability to drive engagement and conversions effectively. 

Here’s a closer look at the metrics:

  • 18,000+ App Instals: Demonstrating strong market traction and user interest. This significant increase in the install base provided Artisse with a robust foundation for further growth.
  • Cost-Per-Install of below $2.50: Showcasing effective budget management and paid media optimization. Maintaining a low CPI was crucial for ensuring the campaign’s cost-effectiveness and scalability.
  • 8 Million Video Views: Significantly enhancing our digital presence and engaging a wide audience. The high number of video views not only increased brand awareness but also drove organic traffic to the app.
  • 30+ Influencers: Extending our reach and impact across diverse consumer segments. Collaborating with a diverse group of influencers allowed us to tap into various niche audiences, increasing the overall campaign reach.

Analysis and Insights

The success of the Artisse campaign can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Partnering with influencers who genuinely resonated with their followers ensured that the promotion felt natural and trustworthy. This authenticity was crucial in driving user engagement and app instals.
  • By creating a variety of content formats, we were able to cater to different preferences and capture the interest of a broader audience. The mix of tutorials, transformations, and challenges kept the content fresh and engaging.
  • Our paid advertising strategy was carefully crafted to complement the organic efforts. By targeting users who had shown interest but had not yet converted, we were able to maximise the efficiency of our ad spend.
  • Our data-driven approach allowed us to make real-time adjustments to the campaign, ensuring that we consistently achieved the best possible outcomes.

To Conclude

The Artisse AI Image Generator TikTok campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic influencer marketing combined with data-driven paid advertising. By leveraging the reach and authenticity of influencers and continuously optimising our approach, we were able to drive significant results for Artisse, establishing them as a key player in the personalised photography sector.

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