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Here’s How Little Moons Mochi Conquered TikTok and the Freezer Aisle

Little moon mochi - Case study

Great products plus marketing leads to viral recognition. That’s how a simple dessert becomes a global sensation. 

Little Moons Mochi found its chunk of viral fame in 2021 when the entire UK TikTok was out on a hunt to find the last Mochi. This was not due to scarcity but due to increased demand and sales leveraged using TikTok. Little Moons’ collaboration with TikTok was not only fun but also extremely successful: a 1300% increase in sales, 6.7 million impressions, and over 137,000 new followers on TikTok.

At House of Marketers, we know a stellar campaign when we see one, because our teams have worked with the biggest brands in the world. That includes KFC, HelloFresh, Apple, boohoo, Barclays and hundreds more! 

In this case study, we’ll explore the strategy and execution behind Little Moons’ TikTok triumph, offering insights and takeaways to help any brand harness the power of social media marketing. Let’s dive in!

About Little Moons TikTok Campaign 

Little Moons was founded by siblings Howard and Vivien Wong, who sought to bring the joy of mochi ice cream to the global stage. Combining traditional Japanese rice cake with a variety of luscious ice cream flavours, Little Moons quickly became a favourite among dessert enthusiasts. Despite its unique product offering, the brand faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded market.

Initial Challenges and Objectives

Before their TikTok campaign, Little Moons aimed to increase brand awareness and drive sales, particularly among younger consumers who are more likely to share their experiences online. The challenge was to create a buzz that would not only capture attention but also convert viewers into loyal customers.

TikTok was the perfect platform for Little Moons to reach a wide and engaged audience because of its short-form video format and algorithm that promotes viral content. The platform’s popularity among Gen Z and millennials made it an ideal choice for boosting brand visibility and fostering a community of mochi lovers.

The primary goals of the campaign were to:

  • Achieve high levels of engagement and shares.
  • Increase website traffic and online sales.
  • Build a community of brand advocates on TikTok.

Little Moons Mochi’s TikTok Strategy

Little Moons’ marketing team has set clear objectives: increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and boost sales. 

They decided to capitalise on the platform’s viral nature by creating shareable content that showcased the unique appeal of their mochi ice cream. The planning phase involved brainstorming creative concepts and identifying the most effective ways to engage users.

The heart of the campaign was the #LittleMoonsChallenge, a fun and interactive hashtag challenge that encouraged users to share their reactions to trying Little Moons for the first time. The idea was to create a sense of excitement and discovery, making the experience of eating mochi ice cream a shareable moment.

@glambyflo trying the little moons mochi everyone’s obsessed with…#littlemoons #mochi#littlemoonsmochi ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The product’s vibrant colours and chewy texture make it visually appealing, while the anticipation of waiting for the mochi to soften adds to the experience. This unique and tantalising experience drove people to post about it, making it the perfect fit for TikTok’s culture of shareable content. 

Howard Wong, co-founder of Little Moons, during an interview emphasised their focus on creating a “bold, beautiful, and colorful brand” that brought mochi to a mainstream audience, a strategy rooted in their deep passion for great food. As Howard Wong puts it, while Instagram was about being “Instagrammable,” TikTok requires a new approach that fits its casual, organic content culture.

So the Little Moons campaign strategy was simple: 

  • Present a challenge to the audience 
  • Highlight the sensory experience of the product 
  • Collaborate with influencers 

Little Moons produced a series of short, engaging videos featuring influencers and everyday users enjoying their mochi ice cream. These videos highlighted the product’s unique texture and flavours, creating a visual and sensory appeal that captivated viewers. The content was designed to be authentic and relatable, encouraging users to join the challenge and share their own experiences.

A key element of the campaign was partnering with popular TikTok influencers who had a strong connection with their audience. By gifting their product to smaller influencers, Little Moons generated genuine buzz. Once the ball got rolling, the most popular posts came from everyday consumers, turning them into brand ambassadors. This strategy not only appeared more authentic but also saved time and effort, as consumers answered product questions and created organic content.

These influencers were carefully selected based on their relevance to the food and lifestyle niches. By leveraging their reach and credibility, Little Moons was able to amplify the campaign’s impact and drive organic engagement.

The campaign was rolled out in phases to maintain momentum and maximise reach. It began with teaser content to build anticipation, followed by the official launch of the #LittleMoonsChallenge. Regular updates and new content kept the audience engaged, while collaborations with influencers provided continuous visibility.

Results and Analysis

After the campaign, the brand couldn’t keep up with demand, which only fueled the trend. Teens shared their attempts to find the treats, creating a scarcity-driven demand. Little Moons even joined the fun, filming their team searching for the last mochi ball on Tesco shelves. This scarcity, though unplanned, drove curiosity and engagement.

The campaign exceeded expectations, delivering impressive results across key metrics:

There is no doubt that the popularity of Little Moons soared on TikTok, as the community shared their own creations about the brand. The #littlemoons hashtag currently has 101.6 million views while #littlemoonsmochi has 80.5 million views. The craze for what is now the UK’s most sought-after ice cream product was further boosted by the One Day Max In-Feed Ad, delivering:

  • Impressions: 6.7 million
  • Engagement Rate: 4.54%
  • Followers on TikTok: 137,000+
  • Likes on TikTok: 1.7 million+
  • Sales Increase: 1300% in Tesco in February compared to December
  • Record Sales Week: Biggest ever sales week in UK grocery across all retail partners

This winning combination of thumb-stopping organic content on its TikTok profile, supported by a targeted ad strategy, truly delivered for Little Moons. Job done!

House of Marketers Analysis: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Several factors contributed to the campaign’s success, here are the main lessons for marketers and businesses:

Understand Your Audience

Thorough market research is crucial for creating content that resonates with your target audience. Knowing your audience’s preferences, behaviours, and trends helps tailor your campaign for maximum impact. 

Howard Wong’s insight into the unmet demand for ice cream in a portion-controlled snackable format showcases the importance of identifying and tapping into niche markets. 

For example, Little Moons noticed a growing trend among health-conscious consumers looking for portion-controlled desserts. This insight allowed them to market their mochi as a guilt-free treat, aligning with consumer desires and increasing its appeal.

Leverage Influencers

Partnering with influencers who align with your brand can significantly enhance your campaign’s impact. Influencers with a genuine connection to their followers can drive higher engagement and authenticity. 

Little Moons’ success in using nano- and micro-influencers is a testament to the effectiveness of this strategy. By collaborating with influencers who had a natural enthusiasm for their product, Little Moons ensured that the endorsements were seen as authentic rather than paid promotions. This approach not only generated trust but also encouraged organic sharing among followers, amplifying the campaign’s reach.

Data-Driven Adaptation

Continuously monitor campaign performance and feedback to adapt strategies in real-time. This ensures that the campaign remains effective and can pivot to address any emerging challenges or opportunities. Little Moons utilised TikTok’s analytics tools to track engagement metrics and user feedback, allowing them to refine their content strategy continuously. 

For instance, they noticed that videos featuring the mochi’s texture and the anticipation of waiting for it to soften received higher engagement. They used this insight to create more content focusing on these aspects, driving further engagement.

Multi-Platform Strategy

While TikTok was the primary platform, integrating the campaign across multiple social media channels can amplify reach and engagement. Each platform has unique strengths that can be leveraged to support the campaign’s goals. 

Little Moons expanded their campaign to Instagram and Facebook, where they shared behind-the-scenes content and user-generated videos from TikTok. This cross-platform approach not only broadened their reach but also reinforced their brand message across different audiences.

Keep It Fresh

Regularly updating content and introducing new elements can help maintain engagement over time. Consistent innovation keeps your audience interested and engaged, preventing campaign fatigue. 

Little Moons continuously launched new flavours and product formats, such as their Refreshos sorbet range, to keep their offerings exciting. This strategy was particularly effective on TikTok, where trends change rapidly. By staying agile and responsive to these trends, Little Moons was able to keep their audience engaged and attract new followers.

@littlemoonsmochi The sun out for 2 mins = mood BOOSTED #littlemoons #mochi #icecream ♬ Super trouper – 🎵


Creating a Community

Building a community around your brand can significantly enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Little Moons fostered a community of mochi lovers by encouraging user-generated content and actively engaging with their audience. 

This community-driven approach not only boosted brand loyalty but also created a sense of belonging among their customers. They hosted live Q&A sessions and interactive polls on social media, allowing their audience to participate in product development decisions and feel a part of the brand’s journey.

Create Visual and Sensory Appeal

Leveraging the sensory appeal of your product can make your marketing content more engaging and shareable. Little Moons capitalised on the vibrant colours and unique texture of their mochi to create visually appealing content. They used high-quality visuals and close-up shots to highlight the product’s sensory attributes, making it irresistible to viewers. 

Incorporating elements like slow-motion videos and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content further enhanced the sensory experience, making the content more immersive and engaging.

Leverage User Feedback

Listening to and acting on user feedback can provide valuable insights and improve your product offerings. Little Moons actively monitored comments and direct messages to gather feedback on flavours and product experiences. 

This feedback loop allowed them to make data-driven decisions and introduce new flavours that aligned with customer preferences. Additionally, they created limited edition flavours based on popular demand, generating excitement and encouraging repeat purchases.

Sustainability Practices

Incorporating sustainability practices into your marketing strategy can resonate with environmentally conscious consumers. Little Moons committed to using eco-friendly packaging and sourcing sustainable ingredients. 

They shared their sustainability efforts on social media, appealing to consumers who prioritise ethical brands. This not only enhanced their brand image but also attracted a loyal customer base that values sustainability.


The Little Moons TikTok case study serves as a shining example of how to effectively harness the power of social media marketing. By creating engaging, shareable content and collaborating with influencers, Little Moons was able to significantly increase brand awareness and drive sales. For brands seeking similar success, the insights and strategies highlighted in this case study provide valuable guidance.

If you’re inspired by the success of Little Moons and looking to elevate your own social media marketing efforts, House of Marketers is here to help. 

Explore our list of publicly-accessible case studies and discover how we can partner with you to achieve outstanding results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your brand shine on social media.