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Creating TikToks That Convert Generation Z Audiences

Creating TikToks That Convert Generation Z Audiences

Coming of age in an era of significant global upheaval and economic uncertainty, Generation Z is the most digitally literate, diverse, and educated generation to date. Born between 1997 and 2012, they’re also the first digital-native generation where social media, mobile technology and the Internet are global phenomena. Gen Z is also the most populous generation in history with over 2.5 billion people worldwide. With purchasing power of $360 billion and rising to boot, Gen Z is a key target market for brands worldwide.

However, marketing to Gen Z can be a challenge. This is a generation that is used to being bombarded with marketing messages and has become used to ignoring them. They are also skeptical of traditional advertising. This group is more likely to engage with brands that they feel are authentic and transparent. Gen Z doesn’t tolerate inauthenticity and will quickly turn away from brands they feel are trying to manipulate or deceive them into buying products or services.

Creating TikToks For Gen Z

Why Should Brands Care About Converting Gen Z Audiences?

Understanding Gen Z is more than just a numbers game; it’s about realizing the potential that lies within these numbers.

Generation Z is the digitally-fluent individuals who make up 30% of the global population. Almost every member of Gen Z, 98% to be exact, has a smartphone in their hand, navigating the digital world with ease and precision.

But don’t be mistaken, their constant screen time doesn’t mean they’re receptive to every piece of information thrown their way. In fact, about 69% of Gen Z finds traditional ads disruptive, tuning out these overused marketing tactics. They crave authenticity, with 63% preferring to see relatable, real people in advertisements rather than out-of-touch celebrities.

When they aren’t studying or working, where are they? Well, a significant 74% of Gen Z spend their free time online, connecting with friends, discovering new interests, and yes, interacting with brands. For them, social media isn’t just a pastime; it’s influential in their real-world decisions, affecting the buying behaviours of 80% of the generation. And when they find a brand that speaks their language, they listen—61% of Gen Z follows brands they admire on social media.

Understanding these facts is like unlocking a roadmap to Gen Z’s world, leading marketers directly to the powerhouse platform, TikTok. Rising like a phoenix, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform on the planet, enjoying a colossal 142% increase in revenue year on year. What makes it so appealing to marketers? The answer lies in its user base—Gen Z makes up 60% of TikTok’s audience.

“With TikTok, you can zero in on your audience based on their interests, demographics, behavior, and location. It’s like having a digital microscope that directs your content to the right people.”

TikTok – The Platform of Choice for Converting Gen Z

TikTok is not just an app—it’s a cultural phenomenon. It’s where over 3 billion people have come to express their creativity, share moments, and engage with others. TikTok users are so engrossed that they spend an average of 850 minutes per month on the app. To put that into perspective, that’s like watching 167 TikTok videos every internet minute. As of January 2022, the TikTok community had ballooned to over 1 billion active users.

These staggering numbers affirm that TikTok has indeed become the pulse of Gen Z, an indispensable platform for brands aiming to engage this younger audience.

TikTok isn’t just a passing trend, it’s a marketer’s goldmine. Here are three reasons why brands are magnetically drawn to it:

Precision Targeting

With the granular targeting options on TikTok, you can zero in on your audience based on their interests, demographics, behaviour, and location. It’s like having a digital microscope that directs your content to the right people.

Flexible Ad Formats

TikTok isn’t one-size-fits-all; it provides a myriad of ad formats to align with your budget and marketing goals. Whether you aim to spread the word, nurture potential leads, or rocket your sales, TikTok has an ad format tailored to your mission.

Engaged Users

Consider this, the average TikTok user opens the app 19 times a day. It’s a marketer’s dream playground, where their message doesn’t just reach the target audience, but also captivates them in their daily digital journey.

By now, you’re probably curious about how to craft TikToks that captivate and convert Gen Z audiences. Let’s unravel the mystery.

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Ultimate Guide to Creating TikToks for Gen Z

The key to creating TikToks for your marketing campaign is to understand what Gen Z wants and how they consume content. It’s time to climb inside the mind of Gen Z and get to know what makes them tick, what do they care about and what do they want to see from brands. The key to convert Gen Z is to market the way they like.

Master the Art of Info-tainment

Gen Z stands out for its insatiable hunger to learn and explore the world. Their curiosity is evident from their activity on LinkedIn Learning in 2020, where they logged in 50% more watch hours than any other generation. However, they are not satisfied with dull, mundane information. What they seek is a mix of educational content presented to them in fun and entertaining way.

The best way to do this is to find a way to combine education and entertainment in your TikToks. Creative visuals, storytelling, and a healthy dose of humour are all great ways to capture Gen Z’s attention and get your message across.

Leverage the Power of Gen Z TikTok Influencers

It goes without saying – for a TikTok marketing campaign aimed at Gen Z, the ideal face would be a Gen Z influencer. Building rapport, trust, and credibility with this generation are non-negotiable and what could be more effective than collaborating with an influencer who they already trust?

As you seek the ideal influencer, focus on creativity, authenticity, and relatability. Equally significant is their alignment with your brand’s ethos. High-profile influencers like Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae may come to mind but don’t overlook the potential of micro and nano-influencers. These influencers can create substantial engagement with Gen Z, often with more budget-friendly collaborations.

A strategically crafted influencer-led TikTok campaign can rapidly propel your brand awareness and drive conversions.

Check out how our TikTok influencer agency team, delivered a $0.23 CPA for Airalo using Generation Z influencers, here.

Strategically Target Your Ads

When crafting TikToks for Gen Z, appropriate ad targeting is crucial. Harness the platform’s in-depth targeting options to zero in on your desired audience, ensuring your ads catch the eyes of those you most wish to connect with.

Thanks to TikTok’s smart algorithms, you can be sure that Gen Zers who are most likely to convert will see your ads. Bear in mind though, that there are some limits on your targeting capabilities.

Understanding Age Group Targeting on TikTok

TikTok’s targeting options currently include several age categories: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 44-54, and 55+. Leveraging the premium audience ad account feature allows you to reach different age demographics such as 16+ and 21+. To utilize these specific age group categories, be aware that special approval from Bytedance is required.

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Take Inspiration from Existing Content

If you find yourself at a creative impasse, take a moment to examine the content flourishing on TikTok. Observe the videos that are being avidly shared, the trends that are gaining traction, and the challenges captivating users. Use these insights as a springboard to devise your unique TikTok ideas that will resonate with Gen Z.

Just be careful though. When you follow current trends make sure you have a thorough understanding of them. Blindly jumping onto a trend could prove detrimental to your engagement especially if the trend doesn’t align with your brand ethos.

“Having grown up in a decade filled with unpredictable world events, Gen Z often refers to their era as ‘the strangest timeline’. Accustomed to living amidst constant chaos, they’ve crafted a sense of humour that mirrors these experiences.”

Break the Fourth Wall

Gen Z is all about meta-humour and surrealism. Embrace this by being self-aware and flipping social media conventions on their head. Having grown up in a decade filled with unpredictable world events, Gen Z often refers to their era as ‘the strangest timeline’. Accustomed to living amidst constant chaos, they’ve crafted a sense of humour that mirrors these experiences.

This humour style, which can be absurd, self-referential, and occasionally dark, is tailor-made for TikTok. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your content. Engage your audience directly, breach the fourth wall, and add elements of fun. Embracing the surreal can quickly churn out content that will have Gen Z hooked. However, remember to retain your brand’s voice consistency to avoid seeming overzealous or inauthentic.

Tap Into their Values & Principles

Gen Z has a lot on their mind, and they’re constantly thinking about the world around them. They’re concerned about social and environmental issues, and want to see positive change in the world. Six in 10 Gen Zs believe that systemic racism is fairly or very widespread throughout society, and 76% of them say that the environment is their most pressing societal concern. In one survey, 75% of Gen Z responders said that brand sustainability has a far bigger influence on their purchasing decisions than the brand name.

Gen Z’s core principles and values have a direct impact on their purchasing decisions, so it’s important to tap into that in your marketing. If your brand is creating TikToks that are not aligned with their values, you’re likely to turn them off.

Planet Over Profit

Inspire their inner entrepreneur

Uniquely, Gen Z stands out as the most entrepreneurial generation to date, with a significant portion contemplating their own businesses in the future. As a counter-response to the fading ‘hustle culture,’ they seek alternatives to the grind that caused burnout in their predecessors. They aspire to carve their unique path, on their terms. So, how can this trait be leveraged in your marketing strategy?

By resonating with their entrepreneurial flair and demonstrating how your brand can propel them towards their ambitions. Construct TikToks that fan the flames of their creativity, innovation, and unconventional thinking. Offering practical tips, advice, and tutorials can significantly assist this budding generation of entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaway: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whatever content you decide to create, the best way to bring your TikTok campaign to the new generation is by thinking outside the box. If your brand is clinging to the marketing strategies of the past, it’s time to let go and embrace the future. Be experimental, be creative, and most importantly – be real.

Gen Z might seem like a tough nut to crack, but with a little experimentation and creativity, you can reach them where they are. This will position you to start creating TikToks that might win some loyal customers for life.

We’re in a new era of marketing, and Gen Z is leading the charge. If you still need a little help devising a TikTok marketing strategy that converts this unique generation, House of Marketers is here to help. We’re a TikTok marketing agency that focuses on helping business convert gen Z everyday.

Our team has run and managed large monthly budgets for the likes of HelloFresh, Redbull, Etoro, Groupon, Paris Saint-Germain and even for TikTok. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about our influencer marketing services and paid social media services.

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