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25 Top TikTok Crypto Influencers

25 Top TikTok Crypto Influencers
The popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin shot up in the past years. For several reasons ranging from investors who believe in crypto as the future of currency to those who like the convenience crypto offers, like decentralised control, people are opening up to the idea of cryptocurrencies, and there is no going back. More than 2000 companies and businesses worldwide have opened up to using crypto for transactional, investment, and operational purposes creating buzz for crypto influencers, thought-leaders, and now TikTok crypto influencers. The growth has instigated a surge in demand for crypto-related information, and the easiest way to stay updated on market trends has been through crypto influencers.

Currently, there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, with an estimated 24 new cryptocurrencies created every week. An average of 3-4 new cryptocurrencies enters the market every day, according to CoinMarketCap. This is something compared to the 187 hard currencies circulating in world economies. Thousands of creators have jumped up the bandwagon, taking home thousands of dollars each year for content promotions.

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Why you need TikTok Crypto influencers in your next crypto marketing strategy

Crypto influencers drive crypto markets and are great for investors and consumer education. They are ideal if you want to do a promotion on  Metaverse. You have an NFT to sell or a cryptocurrency to promote. Further, influencers are a perfect access point to your market and audience. If you have not engaged TikTok crypto influencers in your marketing strategies, you are missing out on a lucrative branding opportunity.

Reasons why you should make TikTok crypto influencers part of your crypto marketing strategy

  • Collaborating with crypto creators ensures your message gets to the right audience at the right time. TikTok is now a world-renowned brand with users cutting across all social and economic spheres; thus, collaborating with creators in this space guarantees wider access and reach to your project.
  • Social media noise poses a severe marketing threat, especially affecting audience concentration. Partnering with TikTok creators, therefore, helps cut down this noise. Further, it enables you to get your message to the highly targeted audience, thus increasing more brand awareness.
  • Partnering with TikTok crypto creators gives your brand unmatched access. Currently, TikTok boasts over one billion active monthly users spread across 154 countries worldwide. It is one of the most downloaded apps, and the numbers keep growing. Consequently, collaborating with top TikTok crypto influencers exposes your business to the great potential that TikTok provides brands.
  • The TikTok algorithm is mighty. You don’t need back-breaking budgets or work with established celebrities to get your messages to the right audience. You only need to work with the right creators to hit the trends.
  • Collaborating with top TikTok crypto influencers is a great way to supercharge your campaigns. TikTok creators offer real value to their audiences. As a result, they are able to build loyal, positive, and inclusive communities around them. In turn, they can leverage these communities to drive deep engagements for brands.

Scrutiny Amidst misleading or deceptive influencer promotions
TikTok crypto influencer showing off crypto signal chart

Nevertheless, the rise of cryptocurrency presents a host of opportunities and challenges. There has been a concern for regulation and fraud cases facilitated by crypto influencers. A recent investigation by CNBC news reported that social media influencers are being paid thousands of dollars to endorse fraudulent cryptocurrency projects. For instance, issues related to influencer non-disclosure have led to massive losses.

Joe Rotunda, an investigator at the enforcement division of the Texas State Securities Board, has told CNBC news, “What we’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg,” calling for more scrutiny to curb the vice. Amid the alledged pump and dump.

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HOM list of the leading TikTok crypto influencers

We have gathered a list of top TikTok crypto influencers. Hopefully, they prove helpful in your search for crypto thought leaders and community. TikTok is an excellent platform for creating brand awareness or generating leads. However, to get the most out of the platform, you must collaborate with top TikTok crypto influencers to produce high-quality content that drives engagements. Here is our list of top creators sharing quality content and appealing engagement rates.

1. BitBoyCrypto, a US based TikTok crypto influencer

BitBoyCrypto account is run by Ben Armstrong, a famous YouTuber who first made his debut on TikTok in 2018. Ben puts out a bunch of really interesting and quality content touching on everything crypto and sometimes expanding his content past the boundaries of cryptocurrency. The creator has more than 2.7 million followers, with his videos garnering over 50.9 million likes. This is quite something considering that he first made his TikTok debut in 2018.

While he is relatively new on TikTok, Ben Armstrong is a seasoned NFT trader. He started trading in 2012 and became a full analyst in 208. His popularity on YouTube is remarkable. CNBC news reports that he made $30 000 for a single promotional video before doing away with paid promotions in early 2022. Similarly, his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a huge following, and now he is making the headlines on TikTok. Follow Ben Armstrong for schooled crypto analyses and crypto trends; for investors, you get the correct information that enables you to make the right choices.

2. Performante

@Performante is one of the top tiers of TikTok accounts, with a following of more than 75k and 813.9k likes for their content. One outstanding characteristic that distinguishes Performante is its focus on the general TikTok crypto world and news updates. Similarly, they offer a reliable source for updates on cryptocurrency and financial independence. Their content is excellent if you are looking for an escape route away from cryptocurrency exhaustion. Equally, it is perfect for novice investors who want to start on cryptocurrency.

3. Cryptocita- Canadian TikTok crypto influencer
TikTok crypto creator taking a selfie

@cryptocita is a Toronto, Canada-based Top TikTok crypto influencer. Her content niche mainly revolves around tech and cryptocurrency. She posts everything from cryptocurrency trading and investment tips, including financial advice. Of course, her content is most appealing because it is endearing to beginners. Likewise, the content is humorous and quite entertaining. In fact, she is credited as one of the most entertainment-focused TikTok crypto creators. As a result, she has built a 714.2K following, boasting over 10.8 million likes for her content. Follow and partner with @cryptocita for general crypt education. She is your perfect influencer to promote your affiliate marketing project and can work with NFT lending platforms and those in gateway selling.

4. Cryptomasun

@cryptomasun has 1.2 million and counting followers and over 14.7 million content likes testify to the massive support Crypto Masum has on TikTok. His content range includes videos on crypto trends and crypto markets in general. Moreover, he has a good command of blockchain technology-related content and does a lot of crypto analyses. Also, he offers everything if you are looking for a reliable source for crypto-related news.

5. Crypto Projects


BetFury 🔥 @BetFury #crypto #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #ethereum #btc #blockchain #ltc #cryptotrading #cryptonews

♬ original sound – Crypto Market Reviews

@cryptoprojects’ main content niche revolves around Leviathan Protocol and Y-5 Finance updates. He is a good source for Talent Coin, Litedex, Grimace Coin, and PeaSwap updates and trending news. He is reputable as an experienced trader who gives reliable news and in-depth insights into existing and future or upcoming crypto projects. This is the right influencer to work with if you have high stakes in crypto marketing. The creator has a massive 16.2 million content, just as an impressive over 4 million followers from which you stand to benefit.

6. CryptowendyO, a California based TikTOK Crypto Influencer

@CryptowendyO is one of the prominent and fast-rising crypto stars out there. She has been featured in the Washington Post, highly boosting her reputation as a reputable crypto-related information and updates source. @CryptowendyO has over 149k followers to bank on and an impressive one million likes on her content. Her content niche cut across technical analyses, well thought out inputs on NFT reading with unlimited updates on the cryptocurrency industry. Likewise, she is more into demystifying cryptocurrency and making it easier to understand through quality and humorous videos.

7. The Wolf of Bitcoins
a crypto currency signal

@Thewolfofbitcoins, as the name suggests, is indeed the wolf in crypto space. The creator has over 3.5 million likes for their content and an inspiring 249k followers. What sets him apart? The wolf of Bitcoins is a veteran in the crypto space. He was among the first creators to create crypto-related viral content on TikTok. His content is mainly about coaching newbies and providing space for crypto-related discussion. So, he is ideal for those seeking to master the art of crypto trading or those who want to get their first taste of crypto investing.

8. Crypto Review

@crypto.review channels are based on promotional reviews and thus ideal for crypto-related businesses. However, crypto enthusiasts or investors should worry about this channel’s information. You should use the information here with caution, and only they fully ascertain its validity. The creator has a whopping 877.9 k followers and more than 9.5 million likes for their content.

9. Virtual Bacon

@virtualbacon is run by the founder behind BaconDAO, a community-based crypto first space and an NFT launchpad- Dennis Liu. Liu mainly specialises in educational material, which provides in-depth insights into crypto analytics. The Virtual Bacon is also a number one destination for beginner investment tips. What makes Liu different from other creators in this space? Analytics! Liu’s priorities are teaching technical crypto signal and reading techniques to newbies and one who may find such helpful information. The creator has more than 258k followers on TikTok and more than 1.9 likes for his content.

10.Crypto World / NFT

The @woc_bit content niches are based on the upcoming altcoins. In most cases, it involves reviews on the forthcoming crypto projects, which also includes giving a little more investment information for those looking for niche products. The creator has more than 1.1 million followers and 1.2 million likes, which is quite impressive.

11. Cryptokang

@cryptokang.reborn specialises in blockchain technology; however, his cryptocurrency-related videos are the most popular. The creator currently has 396.8kfolloers on TikTok and more than 3 million likes for his content. Follow the creator to unravel insightful information on upcoming cryptocurrencies and protocols. He also does great content on obscure tokens. Of course, the creator is open to collaborations and accepts serious offers from projects that guarantee full transparency from all parties.

12. NFT Degen

NFT Degen has a massive following on TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms. On TikTok alone, the creator has over 1.3 million followers with more than 12.8 million likes. It speaks volumes about the creator’s credibility and love for what he does best – creating quality content in the NFT space. @nft. Degen is the right creator to follow if you want to learn and explore NFT spaces.

13. NFT Whale Media
TikTok users chatting

The NFT Whale Media creator is a high-profile expert specialising in Cryptos and NFTs. While they do content on all cryptocurrency types, their specialty is videos of NFT and crypto-related content for their audiences worldwide. Follow the NFT Whale Media for these spaces’ latest news and trends. The creator currently has 322.3k followers, and the numbers keep growing.

14. CryptoWeatherMan a Kansas City TikTok crypto influencer

@chartweatherman creates content for Crypto enthusiasts. His is more educational and entertaining, so if you like talking about Crypto investment theory or love market analysis educational content, @chartweatherman might be your guy. As the name suggests, the creator gives advice-based on real-time analysis of the current trends in the crypto space. He is not claiming to be the total crypto weatherman, but his analytics are pretty insightful, especially for a starter in crypto investment. The creator has more than 196.3k followers and more than 1.3 million likes on their TikTok account.

15. Layah Heilpern UK based TikTok Crypto Influencer

@layahheilpern is a UK-based journalist and author of Undressing Bitcoin– a guide to the world’s leading digital asset. The author has extended her journalist work on TikTok. she mainly covers the latest news on crypto, including sharing content on what makes cryptocurrency great. She is also into BTC and is no stranger to creating content in this space. Additionally, she adopts a professional tone in her content strategy, so, like a typical journalist, she invites guests and interviews them on critical or even controversial issues relating to cryptocurrency. @layahheilpern has 26.9k followers on TikTok with more than 1.6 million likes.

16. rw_crypto Russia based TikTok crypto influencer

@rw_crypto is a regular TikTok creator interested in crypto and NFT projects. Moreover, his content features the latest news and insights in the crypto space. The creator has amassed 190.4k followers on TikTok with more than 3.4 million likes. Follow the creator for real-time updates and advice if you want to forge your way through the crypto space.

17. Blockchain Boy

@theblockchainboy is a co-founder of CryptoKnight.io and an executive officer at InfinityPad, (IPAD)– a crypto signalling tool built to offer users tools for ease and confidence trading. On TikTok, the traders combine a content strategy that combines fundamentals-based investing and provides an industry insider’s perspective on cryptocurrency educational content. The creator has more than 553.4k followers and a whopping 6.9 million likes.

18. Patrick Kim

@_patrickkim is another significant TikTok crypto influencer whose influence goes beyond TikTok. Patrick is a block chain securities expert who runs 229.4k followers on TikTok with more than 2.6 million likes to count. His content niches include advocacy for innovative trading strategies like dollar cost averaging. Moreover, he is into trading bots, and as well he offers excellent advice on using multiple exchanges as well as making use of VPN in Crypto trading.

19. Brad In Iowa
TikTok crypto creators taking a selfie

@bradiniowa is a seasoned miner and fanatical HNT believer. He entered cryptocurrency mining as early as 2013, a game he has perfected over time. He creates content with a mix of crypto mining devices and market trends. Similarly, he runs crypto-based online communities like mining groups and Groupbuys, which help drive the conversation surrounding crypto mining.

20. Joshua Jake

@itzjoshuajake specialises in DeFi. He also does great content on trading tips, especially on avoiding trading pitfalls, and a lot greater work on whale activity analytics. Equally, the creator runs a 352.7k followers account and has a major following on Twitter and Instagram. This is the right influencer for you if you are into crypto trading hacks or the latest news on new hyped upcoming crypto coins.

21. Mac n Cheeasy

@macncheeasy is a renowned crypto entertainer. The creator creates content in BTC and generally on crypto markets. His content is funny, moving, and incisive. This is the right guy to work with if you are looking for the latest and trending crypto news. The creator has 120.6k followers on TikTok and a more significant following on LinkedIn and Twitter.

22. Simplified Crypto

@simplifiedcrypto is an influential TikTok creator with over 2.9 million followers. He is widely known for updates on upcoming crypto projects and crypto news. He makes everything crypto simple through his entertaining and funny videos. Besides, he does good work promotions, so, for business inquires and deals, brands can reach out on telegram @simplifiedcryptobiz

23. Crypto truly


That is a wise man right there🧠 #nft #nfts #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #money

♬ Minecraft – C418

Follow @cryptotruly to learn more about crypto, crypto tips, and how best to make money in the crypto space. The creative runs a 2.2M followers account fed by a continuous stream of updates and the latest news on what is happening in the crypto space. Of course, the updates are lively and entertaining, keeping his followers glued to their screens.

24. Crypto Robles

@ cryptorobles has over 875k followers on TikTok, where she gives fans advice and tips on cryptocurrency. He also does content on how best to make money in crypto by playing online games. So, if you are looking for someone who combines computer games and cryptocurrency @ cryptorobles is the guy to work with. What makes the creative unique? In addition to investor analyses and crypto technical advice, Crypto Robles also publishes content explaining the basics of blockchain technology and how someone can create their own crypto coins in minutes.

25. Crypto Locg

With 252.4k followers, @Cryptolocg is among the top TikTok crypto creators. The creator analyses and publishes crypto tutorials with content from the latest crypto news tips and hacks. Cryptolocg believes that cryptocurrency is the new gold and endeavoured to teach his followers the ins and outs of the game of cryptocurrency.

Summary,  Working with TikTok Crypto Influencers
TikTok fans having a good time out

Both TikTok and the Cryptocurrency industry have attracted so much attention from creators and investors alike. So far, this post has looked into the top crypto influencers. Our list features top TikTok personalities who keep influencing the Crypto spaces in creative ways. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile space making it nearly impossible to make accurate predictions on what will happen in the minute. Consequently, brands or businesses that venture into the crypto space need to do their homework in determining the legitimacy of what influencers say and who to work with. Any brands and influencers working in this space must remain safe, morally and legally compliant.

Not many crypto influencers give accurate crypto analytics and share thoughts about market trends. You have to look at their track record and determine whether they are genuine to work with.

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