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47 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know [Updated 2024]

42 tiktok user stats and revenue statistics

TikTok has firmly established itself as a key player in the marketing world, rapidly evolving from a burgeoning social network into a pivotal platform for reaching diverse audiences, particularly Generation Z and Millennials. 

This article aims to provide a comprehensive update on TikTok’s user statistics and global impact, drawing on insights from past data to help brands better understand and engage with their target demographics.

We’ve organised the stats into several categories, including popularity, age, gender, engagement, revenue stats and more. We will also be breaking down the top 10 TikTok Users Countries in the world. 

TikTok Statistics


TikTok User Statistics (House of Marketer’s Picks)

  • TikTok Monthly Active Users: TikTok has over 1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users Globally. The platform shows no signs of slowing down as it attracts new users from around the world.
  • Daily Usage: On average, TikTok users spend about 89 minutes per day on the app, indicating high engagement levels. Americans aged 18 and older spend an average of 55.8 minutes daily on TikTok, highlighting its engagement power.
  • Most Downloaded App: Previously reported as the most downloaded app in 2021, TikTok continues to top download charts across multiple regions, with recent figures suggesting nearly 4.1 billion total downloads to date.
  • Popularity among Users: Launched in 2016, TikTok quickly climbed the ranks to become the 6th most popular social media app by 2021, surpassing other major platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat in terms of monthly active users. Currently, it is the 5th most used app in the world. (Source: Statistica)
  • Company Valuation: Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company, achieved an impressive valuation of $353  billion as of 2023.
  • Influencer Earnings: With the platform’s immense reach, TikTok influencers with 100 million followers can earn up to $5 million annually. This staggering earning potential underscores the platform’s significance as a lucrative space for content creators to capitalise on their influence.
  • U.S. Market Penetration: United States is the country with the largest TikTok audience by far, with 150 million monthly active users in the U.S. in February 2023, an increase from 100 million reported in August 2020. Indonesia is next in the list with around 126 million TikTok users and with almost 99 million users on TikTok watching short-videos Brazil is the country with third highest TikTok users.
  • User Base Growth: TikTok saw a global growth rate of 115.76%, however, the rates vary in every country. In the past 18-months, TikTok’s growth rate stood at 787.86% in the United States.
  • TikTok User demographics: Having originated in Asia, TikTok commands a great following in Asia countries, but outside Asia, North America leads as the most dominant TikTok market. Accounting for more than 105 million users, followed closely by Europe with more than 98 million TikTok users.

TikTok Age Demographics

Source: Statista Distribution of TikTok users worldwide as of January 2024, by age and gender 

TikTok Age Demographic Stats (Age and Gender Breakdown)

To optimise marketing strategies, understanding TikTok’s user base is crucial. Knowing how many users TikTok have also helps you optimise and strategise better for your marketing strategies. 

Here are detailed insights into its demographic breakdown:

  • Gender Distribution: Globally, the platform has a slight male majority with 52% of users identifying as male and 48% identifying as female. This balance varies by region, influencing how brands target their campaigns.
  • Gender Breakdown: The prime demographic in the UK remains users aged 18-24, making up 26% of its traffic, while the 25-34 age group follows at 9%. Globally, 53.79% of users were female as of the last record.
  • Age Demographic: Gen-Z and millennials dominate the app at varying degrees. In Mexico, for instance, they comprise 56% of the total TikTok users. On the other hand, the figure stands at 40% in Canada.
  • Diverse Global User Base: TikTok’s appeal spans numerous countries, with substantial user bases in the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia among others. For instance, the United States boasts over 131 million daily active users, while Indonesia has a strong female user majority at 66%.


TikTok Users By Country (Top 10 Countries with Most TikTok Users)

If you want to develop a strong TikTok strategy, it is important to know your target audience and establish their user behaviours on the apps you’re targeting them on. Consequently, if you want to target a global audience, knowing the top 10 TikTok users in the world will help you plan better. These are the top 10 Countries using TikTok the most according to latest data. 

  1. United States: As the leading country, the U.S. has around 150 million TikTok users, highlighting its dominant presence on the platform​. According to Statista, 61 percent of TikTok’s subscribers are women, and in particular, women aged between 10 – 19 years. With a 61% audience share, women somewhat lead TikTok space in both content creation and consumption in the USA.
  2. Indonesia: Following closely, Indonesia boasts about 126.8 million users, making it a significant market for TikTok engagement in Southeast Asia​. It’s reported that 66% of all TikTok users in the country are female compared to only male users, who comprise 34% of the total population.
  3. Brazil: This country ranks third with an impressive 98.6 million users, reflecting its strong reception and growing social media influence​​. Brazil accounts for 10.4% of all TikTok downloads in Southern America. 
  4. Mexico: With 74.2 million users, Mexico continues to show robust growth and engagement on TikTok, particularly among younger demographics​​. Women comprised the majority of TikTok users, amounting to over 56%. Interestingly 56% percent of users are aged between 13 -24 years also.
  5. Vietnam: Home to 67.7 million users, Vietnam highlights the platform’s expansion in Asia outside of China​​. Statista reports that Gen- Z’s fourth quarter of 2021 accounted for 62% of all TikTok users in Vietnam. This was an increase of one percent from the previous quarter. Of course, in a country with more than 98.2 million people,almost 40 million TikTok users indicate relatively great market penetration for the TikTok app. That aside, Decision Labs reports that in the latest trends, TikTok growth in Vietnam is now driven by millennials, especially people in the 24-39 age bracket.
  6. Russia: TikTok has 58.6 million users in Russia, despite the regulatory challenges and the market’s complex digital landscape​. According to Statista, the figures are expected to rise to about 32.6 million users by 2025. The most significant users of TikTok are females aged 12 – 24 years. This demographic is estimated to consist of more than 55% of the total number of TikTok users in Russia. Additionally, while TikTok is a predominantly young generations app, Statista reports that over 15% of users of TikTok in Russia are aged 55 years and above.
  7. Pakistan: Shows significant engagement with 54.4 million users, emphasising the platform’s reach in South Asia​.
  8. Philippines: With 49.1 million users, the Philippines showcases a vibrant community of content creators and an engaged audience​​.
  9. Thailand: This country has a substantial TikTok presence with 44.4 million users, driven by local content trends such as comedy and beauty​​. The country records over 35.8% active TikTok users aged 18 years and above. Furthermore, TikTok enthusiasts spend an average of 35 minutes on the app.
  10. Turkey: Turkey has 37.7 million users, with the platform serving as a significant medium for both cultural and creative expression.

Source: TikTok, DataReportal, Oberlo 

Which Country Uses Tiktok the Most?

The U.S. is the country with the most TikTok Users with 150 million monthly active users in the U.S. in February 2023, an increase from 100 million reported in August 2020. 

TikTok Revenue and Spending Statistics

  • Revenue Growth: In 2021, TikTok generated $3.88 billion in advertising revenue worldwide. This figure is projected to more than triple in 2022, reaching approximately $9.89 billion, showcasing the platform’s rapid expansion. Looking further ahead, TikTok is expected to continue its upward trajectory, with projections indicating that by 2024, it will approach close to $18.5 billion in ad revenue on a global scale. (Source: Statista)
  • Small-Business Revenue: A report by the economics consultancy Oxford Economics revealed that TikTok played a substantial role in driving small-business owners’ revenue, contributing $14.7 billion in 2023. Additionally, TikTok contributed $24.2 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product in the same year. The platform also supports a minimum of 224,000 jobs in the United States, with its greatest economic impact observed in states such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois. (Source: Oxford Economics)
  • Bytedance Company Valuation: In 2020, Bytedance was valued at $180 billion according to TikTok Statistics. In late 2020, Bytedance was valued at a total value of $180 billion. Just two years prior, the firm was worth $78 billion in 2018. Currently, ByteDance has achieved a market capitalization of $353 billion, making it the fifth-largest internet company worldwide, following giants like Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Tencent. (Source: Statista)

TikTok User Income Stats

  • Household Income Stats: 20% of households with a total income of over $75,000 use TikTok. The Pew research centre conducted a survey for the apps that most households use. According to the survey, households that generate above $75,000 every month are 20% more likely to use TikTok. Therefore, audiences on TikTok tend to actually be more affluent than those not on app. TikTok remains a great place for brands to target users with high budget global campaigns.

TikTok User Behaviour Statistics

Users spend 89 minutes

  • Customers Get Hooked in the First Three Seconds of the Video. 63% of all successful ads on the app have their message in the first three seconds of their video. These ads have the best response rate, according to strategies by TikTok.
  • 41% of users have uploaded a video reacting to another video. Another popular trend among TikTok users is to make reaction videos to other videos that they have already seen. From the server that the Global Web Index conducted, over 40% of individuals made a reaction video.
  • 63% of Users Followed At Least One New User per Month. According to the global web index, 63% of the participants in their survey followed at least one account per month. This goes to show that engagement is high even among more sporadic users, which continues in 2023.
  • Most TikTok Users Want Funny and Engaging Content on TikTok. Participants in the global web index survey said that they usually look for entertaining or funny content on the app. Entertaining its visitors is a higher priority for TikTok than anything else. Posting and sharing entertaining content remains the most common way that people interact with the app.
  • Users spend more time on TikTok than YouTube. According to AppAnnie, users are spending much more time watching TikTok than they are on YouTube. People can watch new content in a very short span of time given the style of content that TikTok offers, especially when compared to YouTube. This helps explain why your marketing budget may be better used off YouTube, and on TikTok.
  • 43% of Total TikTok Users Have Uploaded a Duet. Duets are very popular among TikTok users, as it allows people to react or add to an original video. It was so popular that over 40% of users upload a duet at least once per month.
  • 54% of Users Commented on a Video. Comments are the most common ways that people interact with videos on the platform. According to a survey conducted by the Global Web Index, 54% of users left a comment on a TikTok video, with that number likely to increase in the future.

TikTok User Engagement Statistics

tiktok engagement rate is 18%

TikTok’s platform offers unique opportunities for engagement and advertising. Brands looking to capitalise on this need to consider:

  • Engagement Rates: According to Statista, the average TikTok post has an 18% engagement rate. This is the engagement that influencers in the US experience the most, which makes it a more favourable site for brand deals. TikTok posts show an impressive average engagement rate of 6-7% across various industries, which is particularly high among influencers with smaller followings.
  • Ad Formats and Effectiveness: Top-view ads remain the preferred format, with 50% of ads leveraging emotional messaging to resonate with viewers.
  • The Engagement Rate for Smaller Creators on TikTok is Much Higher: Compared to Instagram and Twitter, TikTok creators with over 100,000 followers can have an engagement rate as high as 5%. On the other hand, Twitter rests at 0.3%, and Instagram has an average engagement rate of 1.10%.
  • TikToks Filmed in a Vertical Format are More Engaging: A company guide states that videos shot in a vertical format can get 25% more views on 6-second clips compared to horizontal ones. Seeing how the app focuses on this vertical orientation, it makes sense for horizontal videos to have a lower response rate.
  • Influencer Impact: With influencers like Charli D’Amelio leading the platform with over 130 million followers, TikTok remains a lucrative space for sponsored content and collaborations.
  • Dance is one of The Most Popular Hashtags on the App: The #dance category on the site has over 340 billion views in total. This includes various challenges and plenty of unique dances. Companies like Chipotle and Red Bull have even used this in their respective #guacdance and #danceyourstyle challenges, to their advantage. And we expect these types of challenges to continue to rise in popularity.

 3 young adults wearing pink using a phone having a good time

TikTok Device Usage Statistics

TikTok continues to evolve its platform, recently extending the maximum video length from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, a significant expansion from its original 1-minute limit.

  • Over 90% of Devices Using TikTok Globally are Android: Despite many people preferring to use iOS instead of Android in the US, a large population of global TikTok users exclusively use Android. More specifically, 90% of TikTok downloads worldwide occur on Android instead of iOS. The biggest exception to this dominance is the USA, where there are more iOS users.
  • Screen Time Dominance: TikTok’s screen time per user is surpassing its competitors, averaging an impressive 26 hours per month. This demonstrates the platform’s unparalleled engagement levels among its user base.
  • Daily Usage: A remarkable 29% of consumers with TikTok installed on their devices utilise the app daily, positioning TikTok as the second most frequently used social media platform, trailing only behind Instagram, which boasts a daily usage rate of 39%.
  • Teen Adoption: TikTok’s popularity among teens is undeniable, with 67% of teenagers actively using the platform, making it the second most preferred social media platform among this demographic, following closely behind YouTube, according to a recent Pew Research poll.
  • Gen Z Trends: Nearly half of Generation Z individuals are turning to TikTok and Instagram for search purposes instead of traditional search engines like Google. This shift in behaviour is supported by Google’s internal data, highlighting TikTok and Instagram’s growing influence as search destinations.
  • News Consumption: A notable 33% of TikTok users report regularly obtaining news from the app, according to findings from Pew Research. This indicates that TikTok is not only a platform for entertainment but also serves as a source of news and information for a significant portion of its user base.

TikTok Influencer and Celebrity Statistics

  • Most Popular Influencer has 11.6 billion likes: The most popular influencer on the app is Charli D’Amelio, who has a total of 11.6 billion likes throughout her profile and over 154 million followers. She has the most liked and followed account on the app.
  • 430 Songs Crossed 1 Billion Streams/Views in 2021: Music is possibly the most important aspect of TikTok, which is how the app became so famous to begin with. In 2021, TikTok witnessed a surge in music trends, 430 songs surpassed 1 billion video views, tripling the count from 2020. Top songs approached or exceeded 20 billion views as soundtracks. Over 175 trending songs charted on Billboard Hot 100, doubling from the previous year.
  • Even Niche Communities Have Massive Followings: TikTok allows a variety of niche creator communities to grow as well, thanks to its very high engagement rate and global appeal. Even niche communities like the #AltTikTok community has accumulated over 12.4 billion views.

TikTok Ads Stats

  • Most Ads on TikTok Talk Directly to the Audience: Fourth wall breaks can prove to be very entertaining and usually have a better response rate. As much as 33% of customers respond better when ads directly refer to them.

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