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Learn How Influencer Partnerships Led to 82,000 Game Installs!

Strategy Led to 82k mobile Game Installs! PR

TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have a vast and diverse user base, and have proven to be a game-changer for brands looking to stand out. At House of Marketers, we leverage this potential to not only increase visibility but also significantly boost user acquisition.

Here we discuss some of our influencer campaigns for gaming clients, that have achieved tens of millions video views, hundreds of thousands of engagements, and a single campaign where we achieved 82,000 game installs for an app client. With a cost-effective approach our talented marketers at House of Marketers are at the forefront of influencer marketing, redefining industry standards.

The Competitive Edge in Mobile Gaming Marketing

The mobile gaming landscape is extremely competitive, and that’s why we dedicated a lot of time to working out a key formula for approaching it. Everyone is doing the same thing out there! Marketing a mobile game demands innovation and precision in marketing.

Our team at House of Marketers stands out by leveraging TikTok’s extensive toolset and are very outside-of-the-box when it comes to our creative content as well as forming influencer partnerships. Not only that, we have a solid team of paid media strategists that are extremely experimental, which is key for a successful campaign.

Mobile Gaming Influencer Marketing Case Study Examples

Here’s a look at how we’ve transformed challenges into success stories for games like IGG’s Lords Mobile, Dragon City, and iFun Games.



iFun Games needed to increase visibility and downloads while maintaining cost efficiency.


A dynamic six-week campaign involving 8 top-tier TikTok influencers known for their engaging gaming content

Campaign Metrics

  • Campaign Length: 6 weeks
  • Number of Influencers: 8
  • Average CPC: $0.12
  • Average CPI: $1.21

House of Marketers Insights from the iFun Games Campaign

In hindsight, these are the insights we extracted from our direct experience managing the iFun Games TikTok campaign.

  • Authenticity drives engagement. Videos that resonated with the influencers’ unique style and content garnered high engagement, proving that authenticity triumphs over volume.
  • Seamless content integration was the key to better engagement rates. Integrating game promotions into regular content streams without disrupting the natural flow enhanced audience engagement helped with the audience engagement showcasing the importance of a seamless integration between advertisement and organic content.
  • Videos that aligned closely with the influencer’s usual content style garnered high views and positive interactions. This alignment not only boosts viewer receptivity but also highlights the potential for developing long-term partnerships with influencers who can consistently align their style with the brand’s message.

Using these strategic principles, House of Marketers was able to maximise campaign efficiency and effectiveness, delivering tangible results that significantly boosted game downloads and player engagement.

Check out the IGG lords Mobile App Install case study in detail here.

Case Study Spotlight: IGG Lords Mobile Game


Boost app downloads among competitive UK demographics (males aged 18-35).


Developed a robust multi-platform campaign using Instagram stories, TikTok content, and YouTube videos, amplified with strategic Facebook ads.

Campaign Metrics

  • Video Views: 9 million
  • Engagements: 295,000
  • App Installs: 82,000
  • Cost Per Install (CPI): $4

House of Marketers Insights from the Dragon City Campaign

  • The selection of creators who could produce engaging and authentic content proved critical in resonating with the target audience, enhancing user engagement.
  • TikTok-Native Approach helped us make an impact. By utilising TikTok’s platform features to their fullest and by creating native content that seamlessly fits into users’ feeds helped in maintaining viewer interest and driving engagement.
  • Effective use of paid media. Integrating organic influencer content with a paid media strategy ensured that the campaign reached a broader audience, enhancing overall campaign performance.

Case Study Spotlight: Dragon City Campaign


Enhance global engagement and achieve low-cost instals, focusing on LATAM and the USA to drive higher levels of engagement and obtain low-cost instals from targeted regions (LATAM and USA) for players predominantly aged 16-25.


House of Marketers designed a strategy where Dragon City partnered with influencers who could capture and convey the game’s essence through entertaining TikTok-native content, supplemented by a robust TikTok ads strategy.

Campaign Metrics

  • Video Views: 6 million
  • Creators Involved: 19
  • Achieved CPM: Exceeded CPM targets by over 50%, demonstrating extreme cost-effectiveness.

House of Marketers Insights from the Dragon City Campaign:

  • By focusing on influencers from LATAM and the USA, the campaign capitalised on regional cultural nuances to tailor content that resonates deeply with local audiences. This strategic localization helped in achieving higher engagement rates among target demographics, showcasing the effectiveness of culturally aware marketing strategies.
  • The campaign’s success was further bolstered by dynamically adapting content based on real-time audience responses. By monitoring engagement and iteratively adjusting the content strategy, House of Marketers ensured that the campaign remained highly relevant and engaging throughout its run.
  • We again, utilised paid ads along with organic influencer content to ensure that the campaign reached a broader audience, enhancing overall campaign performance.

Check out Dragon City TikTok Influencer case study in detail here.


At House of Marketers, we’ve harnessed the power of social media to scale mobile games like iFun Games, IGG’s Lords Mobile, and Dragon City to new heights.

Our approach is built on three fundamental strategies that we’ve refined through each campaign:

  • Influencer Alignment: We select influencers who naturally resonate with your game’s character, ensuring each promotion is genuine and deeply engaging. This authenticity leads to stronger audience connections and superior results.
  • Seamless Integration: By weaving game promotions into the regular content streams of influencers, we maintain an engaging and coherent narrative. This strategy not only keeps followers interested but also enhances the impact of the promotional content.
  • Diversified Media Reach: Our use of a mix of platforms, supplemented by targeted ads, guarantees that your game captures widespread attention. This comprehensive approach drives significant downloads and robust engagement across the digital landscape.

This brings us to the end of our case study insights. We hope you found these insights useful and informative. As we continue to harness TikTok’s potential, we invite you to consider what your mobile game could achieve with the right marketing strategy.

Is your mobile game ready to be the next big thing? Don’t let it blend into the background. Team up with House of Marketers today, and let’s put our expertise to work for you. Reach out to explore how our customised marketing campaigns can transform your game’s presence and help you achieve remarkable growth.

Contact us now—let’s start crafting your success story together.

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