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TikTok is Testing Hour-Long Videos


  • TikTok is testing the upload of 60-minute videos, currently available to a limited group of users.
  • This follows the October 2023 initiative, which allowed 15-minute long videos, marking an initial foray into longer-form content.
  • TikTok’s push for longer videos aims to enhance storytelling, detailed demonstrations, and comprehensive tutorials.
  • The move positions TikTok in direct competition with YouTube and Twitch, known for long-form and live streaming content.
  • House of Marketers’ Insights on how this shift impacts content creation and marketing strategies.

TikTok is testing the ability for users to upload 60-minute videos, the company confirmed to TechCrunch recently. This new feature is currently available to a limited group of users in select markets, with no immediate plans for a wider rollout. This marks a significant shift from TikTok’s original format, which initially allowed only 15-second videos.

This latest development follows TikTok’s October initiative when it began testing 15-minute long videos. This move signaled the platform’s initial foray into longer-form content, paving the way for this current experimentation with hour-long videos.

TikTok’s rise to prominence revolutionised the social media landscape, compelling other platforms like Meta, YouTube, and even LinkedIn to integrate short form video feeds. The For You page’s algorithm-driven content discovery became a model many tried to emulate. Now, as these competitors double down on short form content, TikTok is turning the tables by expanding into longform videos and live streaming.

What Does this Shift Mean?

Since its launch, TikTok has gradually increased the maximum length of its videos. Initially, users could only upload 15-second clips, but over the past few years, TikTok has expanded this limit.

Today, most users can post videos up to 10 minutes long, and those with subscription-based content can share videos up to 20 minutes. Now, the platform is experimenting with 60-minute uploads, allowing creators more flexibility to experiment with new types of content.

TikTok says that while creators can weave multipart stories together by telling viewers to go to part two or more of a story, it often hears from creators who want more time for things like cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans, comedic sketches, and more.

Implications for Users and Creators

TikTok’s initiative directly affects how users and creators engage with content, emphasising the importance of understanding and managing longer-form material.

  • Longer videos allow for more in-depth storytelling, detailed demonstrations, and comprehensive tutorials. Creators can experiment with new content types and formats, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • With the potential to watch full episodes of TV shows and uninterrupted content, users can enjoy a more seamless and engaging experience on the platform.
  • TikTok’s efforts to enhance media literacy by promoting the understanding and management of long-form content ensure that users and creators can discern and evaluate the authenticity of the content they consume and produce.

Implications for Marketers

For marketers, TikTok’s pivot towards longer videos presents new opportunities and challenges. Longer content allows for more in-depth storytelling, detailed product demonstrations, and comprehensive tutorials, which can enhance engagement and conversion rates.

  • With longer video formats, brands can tell richer stories, showcase products in detail, and engage audiences more effectively.
  • Marketers will need to adapt their content strategies to leverage the new format, focusing on creating high-quality, engaging long-form content that resonates with their audience.
  • With TikTok moving towards long-form content, marketers might consider shifting some of their YouTube content to TikTok, reaching a broader audience and taking advantage of the platform’s unique engagement features.

House of Marketers Insights

As industry experts, we are keenly observing how TikTok’s innovative strategies are setting new precedents for content creation and engagement. These changes are indicative of a broader industry movement towards more versatile and sophisticated content offerings.

  • Adapting to Changes: At House of Marketers, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Our team is continuously adapting to new trends, ensuring that our strategies align with emerging norms and consumer expectations.
  • Leveraging Longform Content: The transition towards integrating long-form content provides marketers with powerful tools for personalization and engagement, driving the next wave of digital marketing evolution. Marketers must update their skills and strategies to leverage this effectively and ethically.

TikTok’s gradual shift towards longer videos aims to cater to creators who want more time for detailed content, such as cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lessons, and comedic sketches. This move also positions TikTok in more direct competition with YouTube, a platform known for its longform content.

Previously, TikTok began promoting horizontal content and requiring creators to share videos longer than a minute to qualify for its monetization program. These changes indicate TikTok’s strategy to diversify its content offerings and enhance the viewing experience for users interested in longform content.

This strategy mirrors YouTube’s historical pivot from user-generated short clips to professional longform content and live streaming. Similarly, Twitch’s success with live streaming and interactive content could provide a blueprint for TikTok’s future direction.


TikTok’s experimentation with hour-long videos marks a pivotal moment in its evolution, signalling a potential shift in how content is created and consumed on the platform. As TikTok blurs the lines between short-form and long-form content, it opens new avenues for creativity and engagement, redefining what’s possible on social media.

As TikTok continues to evolve, it’s clear that the platform aims to become a more versatile content hub. The introduction of hour-long videos is a bold step towards accommodating a broader range of content and attracting diverse audiences. For marketers and business owners, staying ahead of these trends and adapting strategies accordingly will be crucial in leveraging TikTok’s growing potential.

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