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TikTok partners Hootsuite and Sprinklr to Improve User Reachability

TikTok partners hootsuite and sprinklr

In a new set of partnerships, TikTok partners with business tech and content marketing giants, Hootsuite and Sprinklr to make the TikTok platform reachable and business-friendly. The goal is to leverage the community of established marketing technology platforms to help marketers tap into the full potential on TikTok. Equally, the partnerships supplements TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program, which seeks to help businesses find partners and reach customers without hassle.

Find a business Partner – The TikTok Partners Marketing Program

TikTok’s partner marketing program brings together vetted experts who help marketers and businesses implement measured campaigns through complex but adaptable services. Working with these partners is particularly inevitable because of the complex nature of standing out digitally in today’s markets. So, whether you are running a simple awareness campaign or more complexed initiatives like generating quality leads for your sales funnels, you often need to partner with a specialised partner. They will provide you with customised reporting, automate your campaigns and much more. In fact, in today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape, partnerships are are becoming more popular.

Not many years ago, customers only learned to trust a brand after purchasing and experiencing the company’s products and services firsthand. However, things have considerably changed. Today, brands must earn a customer’s trust first before the customer can make a purchase. The change has given marketing a whole new approach and outlook. The change has given rise to a growing community of tech companies to support the new marketing model.

The community of tech and marketing support companies comes in all shades. They include influencer marketing agencies, creative agencies, and measurement agencies, among many others. These companies help businesses create and distribute helpful and valuable content that meets the objectives of brands. These companies “have a diverse set of specialties and industry expertise, and provide support around the globe.” Partnering with them can almost guarantee strong results because “they’ve achieved repeated success on TikTok’s marketing platform” – TikTok.

TikTok’s Partnership with Hootsuite, Sprinklr and Emplif

TikTokers embracing

TikTok’s new TikTok integration partnership seeks to help the company scale their reachability. It will the user experience for TikTok’s customers, and also help increase their return on investment when using TikTok marketing.

About TikTok – Hootsuite Integration

Maggie Lower, Chief Marketing Officer, Hootsuite, announced the TikTok- Hootsuite partnership on the 26th May this year. She said, “this partnership with TikTok has been much anticipated—as much for Hootsuite as for our customers.”  Hootsuite is a global leader in social media management. The company is a trusted partner for marketers and advertisers looking to build and develop their brands on social media. Without a doubt, its partnership with TikTok brings on board “simple, effective tools to help them (marketers) regularly publish content, gain valuable performance insight, and meaningfully engage with their communities.”  – Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

About TikTok – Sprinklr Integration

Sprinklr is an ads creation and management platform seeking to help brands reach their ideal audiences. The company is the world’s leading Customer Experience Management platform(CEM). Of course, its partnership with TikTok is set to make ad management a reality for marketers. Marketers should expect improved TikTok ads, Real-time reporting, streamlined ad creation, and increased ad speed through AI-powered optimization, which are the essential services that define Sprinklr.

About TikTok – Emplif integrations

Mark Zabala, the Emplif CEO also announced the TikTok and Emplif integration on the 26th May saying, “thanks to the integration… it has never been easier for marketers to use the Emplifi social marketing cloud to manage, optimise and scale their TikTok content marketing efforts.” Emplif is a leading unified customer experience platform. They pride themselves on empowering brands and meeting the fast-changing customer expectations seamlessly. Like Sprinklr, Emplif forms an elite group of TikTok partners set to make it easier for marketers to scale their content on the platform.

What’s Possible with the New TikTok Partnership Integrations?

  • The integration will establish an expansion that will enable marketers to manage their TikTok account from their third-party account. What does this mean? You will not be exiting your third-party account to fetch something on your TikTok account. With the new usability, you will be able to log in, access, and manage your TikTok account from a partner’s account.
  • With the partnership, marketers will be able to optimise their TikTok content properly from their third-party platform. For example, one will be able to schedule and publish content right from their third-party accounts.
  • Marketers will also be able to get measurements and compare their campaign metrics with other platforms like Facebook. TikTok currently offers metric measurement and content optimization features.  The new partnership will bring additional new measurement procedures, offering marketers diverse insights.
  • The new integration will also allow marketers to track post engagement stats resulting from their posts. The integration enables marketers to understand their audience better and know how best to respond and engage their audience.

Other Ways TikTok Partners Make the Platform Better

In short, the TikTok’s partnership and integration with Hootsuite & Sprinklr, continues TikTok’s main objective – to make it easier for marketers to connect with users on the platform. Besides the TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program, the company has launched multiple successful partnerships and initiatives to support its objective. Notably in April, for instance, TikTok launched its education program for creatives the Creative Agency Partnerships University program (CAP). The program seeks to make creative agencies experts in TikTok Marketing. Similarly, in early May, the company launched a contextual advertising feature for advertisers. The feature allows marketers to showcase their brand message next to popular/ best videos.

We expect new and more specular partnerships as TikTok continues to grow and expand its sphere of influence in social marketing and make the platform better for both marketers and users.

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