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TikTok Partners Nielsen to Create TikTok Marketing Insights Report

TikTok partners Nielsen

TikTok has helped businesses of all kinds through their relief and back-to-business programs. They are providing financial and technical support to thousands of companies worldwide. Bytedance, the company that brought us TikTok, has made it easier and more affordable to create advertising campaigns and run brand awareness on its platform.

TikTok has all specially joined collaborative initiatives with leading research firms to generate a TikTok Marketing insights report to help businesses get an edge over their competitors. In this post, we dive into TikTok’s recent research collaboration with Nielsen. So, what should you expect from this research collaboration? Readers will gain a stronger understanding of how to target audiences on TikTok. These TikTok’s marketing insights will demonstrate why TikTok is the platform for brands to be on, right now!

The new TikTok- Nielsen Market Research Collaboration

Nielsen, the infamous unmistakable data, information, and marketing analysis firm, has been chosen to partake in TikTok’s Media Mix Modeling program. This comes as part of TikTok’s initiative in:

“Joining forces with leaders across the measurement industry allows TikTok to understand advertiser needs through advanced modelling techniques. These techniques also uncover deeper insights into how companies are leveraging our platform to achieve their business goals. Our goal is to help clients reach their full potential with the TikTok community and maximise growth.” – Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok.

The Huge Benefit of the Research Collaboration between Nielsen and TikTok

The new research partnership aims to drive detailed and consistent reporting for sales teams globally. The aim is to allow marketers to gain real-time insights into their markets and adjust their campaign strategies accordingly. TikTok’s marketing insights are paving the way for businesses to streamline their campaigns to reach the right people at the right time. The company aims to make its platform more business-friendly and adaptable when creating organic and paid-for viral content through this new research collaboration.

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The TikTok & Media Mix Modelling Program

TikTok’s Media Mix Modeling (MMx) program is closely built on the same platform as the infamous Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) model. The Marketing Mix Modeling is an analytical technique that allows marketers to measure the impact of marketing or advertising approaches. Furthermore, the analysis technique uses historical data like company-internal data and syndicated point of sale data to determine the effect of various marketing campaigns.

First, the technique helps sales teams determine how various elements of the advertising. Secondly, it helps advertisers understand how marketing campaigns work.  Moreover it helps sales teams realise their marketing goals, which is usually to create brand awareness and drive conversions.

Therefore, the Media Mix Modelling aims to draw high-level insights that help sales teams redefine their marketing/ advertising goals. According to TikTok, “media mix modelling remains a critical tool in leading marketer’s measurement frameworks.” The definitive objective is centralised marketing data and insights for marketers to create ideal campaigns that drive engagements, generate leads, and ultimately increase conversions and sales.

Why the Nielsen TikTok Marketing Insights Report Matters

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The Nielsen TikTok Marketing Insights Report will consolidate marketing data and enable marketers and sales teams to work out the best methodologies for their audiences and businesses alike. The many reasons why you get interested in this data reporting include the fact that:

    • Media mix model marketing measurement insights allow sales teams to assign a meaningful numerical value to campaigns across various channels.
    • Notwithstanding, the insight allows marketers to rediscover tactics that work best with their audiences.
    • The methodology allows marketers to gain insightful customer trends. So, sales can estimate seasonality and brand equity issues, including weather and holidays and how they affect their business.

“To optimise advertising spend, it’s essential for today’s CPG and retail marketers to have a holistic and detailed view of their efforts.”- says Jennifer Pelino, the executive vice president of Global Media Solutions.

About Nielsen

Nielsen is a global leader in data analytics. The company is also a leader in audience analysis, making it a valuable addition to the research report. The prominent market data measurement firm opened its operation in Chicago in 1923. Since then, it has expanded its operations as a marketing research firm in Australia, Sweden, and a dozen other countries. The company uses a wide array of data collection approaches like online surveys, mail, telephone, and barcode scanners to support its goal – providing marketers with accurate market and population data.

Nielsen Past Partnership Activities with TikTok

TikTok and Nielsen have partnered under the media mix program to provide valuable insights to advertisers. For instance, TikTok partnered with Nielsen to study the impact of TikTok ads on CPG product sales in the Middle east. This investigation, for example, established that TikTok paid ads have a Return on Advertising Spends (ROAS) of $1.83. This is 3.5 higher than other Nielsen measured media metrics. Under the F&B category, for instance, TikTok paid ads ROAS is 66% higher. This is four times higher than other media.

In 2021 Nielsen carried out an authenticity study for TikTok. Working with TikTok, the firm commissioned a study that involved more than 8000 participants worldwide. The study revealed people’s perception of content and brand authenticity on TikTok. The study shows that 64% of TikTok users feel free to be themselves on TikTok. More than 56% of users said they could post videos on TikTok that they can’t post elsewhere.

The most recent research collaboration sought to establish advertisers’ ad spend and sales efficiency. The Nielsen TikTok Marketing Insights Report revealed that diversifying ad format has an ROI of more than 12% compared to using a single format. It also announced that longer campaigns work better than short campaigns. Brands that run campaigns for more than seven weeks taking home a 14% increase in return compared to those that do shorter campaigns.

Holistic and centralised information data banks enable brands to escalate their marketing efforts on TikTok’s short video platform.

The Nielsen TikTok Marketing Insights Report

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TikTok is a force to reckon with. At the House of Marketers, we are confident that TikTok’s partnership with Nielsen will bring new insights that the industry needs to move even further in the right direction. We are entering an advanced stage in TikTok advertising, where fine margins and evidence-backed decisions from quarter-to-quarter will have a huge reflection on the bottom line for businesses in this era of marketing. Stay tuned for the report!


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