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TikTok Now Lets You Add Your Favourite Songs Directly to Spotify and Streaming Services


  • TikTok’s “Add to Music” feature now reaches 21 countries, marking a significant expansion in its global presence.
  • This feature transforms music discovery on social media, particularly benefiting emerging artists and indie musicians.
  • Businesses, especially in music streaming and digital marketing, face new opportunities for growth and audience engagement.
  • For users, the feature simplifies adding TikTok music to personal playlists, enhancing cultural and musical exposure.

TikTok’s latest feature, “Add to Music,” initially a hit in the US and UK, is now expanding to 21 countries, including Canada and Ireland.

This move signifies TikTok’s ongoing innovation in integrating music with social media experiences. The feature allows users to save songs they discover on TikTok to their preferred music streaming service including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify directly from the app.

It appears as a button next to a track name in TikTok videos, enabling users to add the song to a playlist on their chosen music service. This rollout follows successful launches in the US and UK, aiming to enhance music discovery and accessibility for TikTok users globally.

Source: TikTok Newsroom

What does it Means?

The introduction of TikTok’s “Add to Music” app in 19 additional markets marks a pivotal moment in digital music interaction.

This feature simplifies music discovery by allowing users to save tracks from TikTok videos directly into their preferred streaming services, such as Amazon Music or Spotify.

Users can access this feature from the “For You” feed, with an “Add Song” button next to a track name.

On Spotify, the saved song goes onto your “Liked Songs ” playlist, and on Amazon the track will be earmarked on a “TikTok Songs” playlist or another of your choice.

The process involves a simple button-click that transfers the song to a user’s streaming playlist. This feature streamlines the user’s journey from discovering a song on TikTok to adding it to a personal music collection. It also stands to significantly influence music trends, as songs popular on TikTok can gain traction on streaming platforms.

This feature is particularly impactful for emerging artists and indie musicians as it provides a new avenue for exposure and audience growth. Songs that go viral on TikTok can now easily transition to streaming playlists, potentially leading to greater recognition and success.

Implications for Businesses

The roll-out of TikTok’s “Add to Music” feature holds significant implications for various businesses, particularly within the music and digital marketing sectors.

This feature fosters a symbiotic relationship with streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music. As users transfer songs from TikTok to these services, it could lead to increased subscriptions and user engagement.

Record Labels and Music Producers stand to benefit from the enhanced visibility and popularity of their artists, especially those who gain viral status on TikTok.

Brands can leverage this feature to enhance their marketing strategies. Songs associated with their campaigns on TikTok, once saved by users, continue to reinforce brand messages on streaming platforms.

House of Marketer’s Insights

The launch of TikTok’s “Add to Music” feature offers businesses innovative marketing opportunities:

  • By analysing TikTok’s music trends, brands can anticipate and collaborate with influencers on upcoming viral songs, positioning themselves at the forefront of these trends for maximum impact.
  • We can see that brands can leverage this feature by creating branded challenges or campaigns around popular songs to enhance interaction, blurring the lines between entertainment and marketing, while increasing brand visibility and user engagement.
  • We suggest creating tailor-made advertisements that synchronise with the musical trends on TikTok. This approach not only enhances the relevance of the ads but also embeds the brand deeply into the user’s TikTok experience.
  • Brands should consider developing immersive campaigns that integrate popular TikTok songs. These campaigns could include interactive challenges or story-driven content that resonates with the emotional tone of the music, creating a more engaging and memorable brand experience.

In essence, “Add to Music” opens up new avenues for business growth and brand enhancement, tapping into the seamless integration of social media and music streaming.

Leveraging these advanced insights, brands can position themselves strategically within TikTok’s evolving digital landscape, maximising their impact and engagement with the audience.

Implications for Users

TikTok’s “Add to Music” feature significantly enhances the music discovery process for its users. This integration allows individuals to seamlessly transition songs they enjoy on TikTok directly to their music streaming playlists. This ease of saving and organising music fosters a more dynamic and engaging user experience, making TikTok not just a platform for video content but also a potent tool for personal music discovery and curation.

Moreover, this feature contributes to a richer cultural and musical understanding among users. It exposes them to a diverse array of music, ranging from international hits to lesser-known indie tracks, broadening their musical horizons. As users encounter and save these varied genres and artists, their personal playlists become more reflective of a global music landscape, enriching their appreciation and understanding of different musical styles and cultures.

Ultimately, TikTok’s latest innovation underscores its role in shaping how music is consumed and enjoyed in the digital era.


In conclusion, TikTok’s “Add to Music App” feature marks a significant stride in bridging the gap between music discovery and streaming. By partnering with major music services, TikTok enhances user experience, fostering deeper connections between artists and their audience. This strategic move not only enriches the music discovery journey but also reflects TikTok’s commitment to innovation and user engagement in the evolving digital music landscape. As this feature rolls out in new markets, it promises to reshape how we interact with and enjoy music, making TikTok a central player in the global music industry.

As we move forward, it will be intriguing to observe how this integration further impacts the music industry, digital marketing strategies, and the global culture of music consumption.

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