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20+ Top UK TikTok Creators for Your Next Marketing Campaign

UK TikTok Creators

The world of Influencer marketing is stronger than ever. Marketers and sales teams have fully embraced the marketing methodology for a number of years now. Why? It is a relatable and authentic avenue for raising brand awareness and advocacy among audiences. Similarly, it is an avid way to stamp brand authority, convince prospects and generate quality traffic, says Fidelman, CEO at Evolve. On TikTok, influencer marketing is a big component. In fact, with over 1.5 billion active users, of which 15 million reside in the UK, is justification enough why you need to build a special relationship with UK TikTok creators and the TikTok marketing agencies they work with.

Within the content-first platform, TikTok creators are the blood and lifeline of TikTok. Therefore, partnering with TikTok creators makes a huge difference and helps your brand to compete in the noisy social media space. The ease with which creators can connect with their followers has made influencer marketing increasingly popular. Indeed, creators can quickly build trust with their audience, making social media creators the most preferred means to get brands to reach new audiences.

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Top UK TikTok Creators in the Fashion Industry

1. Louis Powell (@youngmanpowell), a London-based UK TikTok Creator

407.4K Followers 18.1M Likes

Louis Powell is one of the most followed fashion TikTok influencers. Born and raised in London, Louis shot to fame during the start of the pandemic. The teenage model started posting basic outfit videos to break the boredom of in-house restrictions. However, he sought to improve his posts by injecting creativity. He has since evolved into posting fashion-related videos. One striking feature is the diverse nature of his videos; they are not dependent on any subject but vary depending on the current status. He is inspired by things he sees and experiences daily. Fans also love his catwalk strut, which has become his symbol.

Recently, Louis has expanded his reach beyond fashion, dabbling in lifestyle content that resonates with a broader audience, further solidifying his position as a versatile and influential content creator.

2. Violet Ezedimora (@violetezedimora)

442.6K Followers 10.3M Likes

Violet Ezedimora is probably the most daring fashion TikTok Creator in the United Kingdom. She is free and eager to experiment with different styles that take people by surprise. Likewise, Ezedimora is a big lover of eye-catching silhouettes, and bold colours and even traditional menswear pieces will leave you yearning for more. Her bold take on different apparel has inspired many users on TikTok.

Besides, she is famed for her amazing personality, cute smile, looks, and style. Ezedimora loves making TikTok videos and has a massive influence on the global fashion industry. Violet has continued to push the boundaries in fashion, recently incorporating more classic fashion choices into her content.

3. Ambika Dhir (@ambikadhr)

238.9K Followers 4.2M Likes

Ambika Dhir is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular UK TikTok Creators. She has a long story of engaging with fashion. As a young child, she was mostly introverted and found fashion the best way to express herself. She has since grown to become influential in the fashion industry. Dhir is fun-loving and draws her inspiration from Tv shows, art, and daily events. Besides, she is an art enthusiast and often models his fashion on significant past art. Luxury and vintage enthusiasts will love her feed.

Ambika’s recent collaborations with emerging fashion brands have showcased her growing influence in the industry, bringing fresh and diverse styles to her followers.

4. Graces Faces (@graces.faces_)

499.7K Followers 19.9MLikes

With 496.6K followers and 19.8M likes, Graces Faces is known for her engaging content that often revolves around beauty and personal care. With an engagement rate of 3.08%, her posts garner an average of 14k likes, highlighting a strong connection with her audience.

Her content style, blending beauty tips with personal insights, positions her well for collaborations with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

@graces.faces_ Replying to @Jord-Leigh ♬ original sound – Graces.faces_

Top UK TikTok Creators for Gaming Apps

5. Gaming Daily (@gamingdaily)

200.2K Followers 3.9M Likes

Gaming Daily is a famous influencer in TikTok gaming. He has published more than six hundred videos accumulating more than 3.9 million likes.

Why would you want to choose this creator for your subsequent digital campaigns? A good following. @gamingdaily has more than 200k followers on TikTok. Of course, the followers come from varied geographical locations across different age and ethnic demographics. You can’t miss his impressive completion and engagement rate.

Gaming Daily has recently explored new gaming genres, attracting a diverse gaming audience and amplifying his reach in the gaming community.”

6. Oren Webster (@oren. webster), a Watford-based UK TikTok Creator

176.1K Followers 1.8M Likes

Oren Webster is a popular video game creator on TikTok. He has numerous gaming tips, gaming news, and reviews that have accumulated thousands of reviews. Thanks to @oren.webster ‘s creativity, he has accrued a massive following that you could use in your next campaigns.  He performs relatively well when compared to his peers. In fact, he is among the top 31% on completion rate compared to similar creators in the same category.

7. Stallion (@stallion)

283.2K Followers 5.7M Likes

Born and raised in Watford, Stallion has become a sensational TikTok creator with a particular liking for video games, news, and music. He has more than 253k followers on TikTok. His videos have accrued more than 68 million likes. @Stallion is known for playing games such as Call of Duty and FIFA and has established himself as a go-to online gaming apps influencer. Besides, he has also ventured into music, increasing his popularity.

Top Finance UK TikTok Creators in the UK

8. Dan (@dansundy)

113.5K Followers 1.9M Likes

Dan has established himself as a money-saving advice expert. His influence on TikTok has grown thanks to his website. Dan hails from Cheshire’s Delamere Forest but currently staying in London. His specialities include finance tips, general money education, tutorials, and school life. His influencer account boasts 380K average video views, which places him top 8% among creators in the same niche. Likewise, an engagement rate of 7.2% and a complete rate of 22.15% make him ideal for your next TikTok campaign.

Dan’s recent series on budgeting and financial planning for young adults has gained widespread attention, positioning him as a go-to financial advisor on TikTok

9. Aash Thapa (@aashsthapa)

330.3K Followers 4.6M Likes

Aash Thapa is a finance enthusiast and uses his TikTok account to enlighten followers on vital financial decisions. A computer science student at Coventry University, Thapa hails from Uxbridge, United Kingdom. In his videos, he covers marketing, personal finance, productivity, and making money online. Thapa’s content is engaging and receives more than 4 million impressions a month.

Aash’s focus on practical financial advice for students has made his content more relatable and valuable for his young audience.

@aashsthapa Easier than you think credits to @moneywithcass #stocks #invest #isa #sidehustle #business ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Top Entertainment Brands Influencers

10. Holly Hubert (@hollyh)

15.6M Followers 395.4M Likes

Holly Hubert is another UK TikTok Creator with a largely engaged fanbase and a major entertainment influencer. Holly started posting on TikTok at 18 years old, dedicating up to a year to growing her fanbase. She has since taken online posting as her full-time job. Her massive following has seen her work with several entertainment brands, such as Disney and PrettyLittleThing. Holly has posted more than 1,000 videos gaining more than 395 likes. Her large following has allowed her to market for several entertainment brands.

Holly has diversified her content to include behind-the-scenes content creation and clips from her podcast giving her audience a more personal and relatable experience.

11. Steven McKell (@stevenmckell)

3.9M Followers 91.4M Likes

Steven McKell hails from Scotland. A lover of music and video games, Steven makes a living creating content on what he loves doing. He is an actor and content creator who promotes body confidence and shuns body-shaming through his content. His content has gained more than 80 million likes demonstrating his deep-reaching audience. McKell helps companies master the art of TikTok and tends to promote brands in the entertainment industry.

Alongside this, he helps people and brands promote their music, media, and other content. McKell is driven by the passion for helping others improve and build their brands. He has been working for more than six years and has become an influential figure in the TikTok entertainment industry. Steven has been using his platform to advocate for mental health awareness, adding a new dimension to his content.

12. Dan Rhodes (@danrhodes)

10.6M Followers 164M Likes

Dan Rhodes, a magician and entertainer on TikTok, has captivated a vast audience with his spellbinding magic tricks and illusions. His content is a delightful blend of intrigue, humour, and surprise, engaging viewers across all ages. Dan’s ability to transform everyday scenarios into magical experiences sets him apart, making his TikTok feed a place of wonder and excitement.

Brands that focus on creativity, entertainment, and youth-oriented products could find a perfect partnership with Dan. His magical content can be leveraged for engaging marketing campaigns, especially for companies in the entertainment sector, event planning, or brands looking to add an element of surprise and delight to their promotions.

13. Morgz (@morgz)

3.3M Followers 49.5M Likes

Morgz, known for his energetic and bold content, brings a mix of gaming, challenges, and lifestyle vlogs to his TikTok audience. His content is marked by high engagement and a fun, adventurous spirit, appealing particularly to a younger demographic looking for entertainment and excitement.

Brands in the gaming industry, lifestyle products targeting teenagers, or those looking for high-energy marketing campaigns would benefit from collaborating with Morgz. His adventurous and lively content style is ideal for promotions that aim to be both engaging and memorable, particularly for products that resonate with a youthful, dynamic audience.

@morgz Scariest Moment Of My Life… (The Real Morgz Doc Out Now) #morgz #fyp ♬ original sound – Morgz

Top Technology UK TikTok Creators

14. Supersaf (@supersaf)

65.5K Followers 10.5M Likes

Safwan Ahmed Mia known by his stage name, Supersaf, is a TikTok creator that regularly posts content about technology. Supersaf hails from Leicester, England, and his work is daily taking the internet by storm. With more than 658.5K followers and more than 10.5 million likes, it is no surprise he is one of the leading TikTok influencers in technology.

He covers several topics, including product reviews, product comparisons, innovative products, and tech trends. It is no doubt Supersaf. His big audience has enabled him to collaborate with big technology brands that wish to benefit from his deep audience reach.

Supersaf’s recent collaboration with tech brands has provided his audience with exclusive insights into the latest gadgets.

15. Mrwhosetheboss (@mrwhosetheboss)

2M Followers 32.4M Likes

Mrwhosetheboss is a tech enthusiast and reviewer. He provides comprehensive insights into the latest gadgets and technological trends. His detailed reviews and straightforward explanations help demystify complex tech products, making them accessible to a broad audience. His content is not only informative but also engaging, making technology appealing to both tech-savvy individuals and casual consumers.

Tech companies, gadget manufacturers, and software developers would find great value in collaborating with Mrwhosetheboss. His informative content style is perfect for detailed product showcases, educational campaigns, and promotions that aim to highlight the features and benefits of tech products.

16. Tom the Tech Chap (@tomthetechchap)

129.3K Followers 3M Likes

Tom The Tech Chap offers a unique perspective on technology, blending in-depth reviews with user-friendly advice. His content is approachable and relatable, making complex tech topics understandable and interesting. Tom’s focus on practicality and usability appeals to consumers looking for honest and straightforward tech advice.

His channel is an excellent platform for brands in the tech space, including consumer electronics, software solutions, and tech accessories. Collaborations with Tom could involve product reviews, feature highlights, and tech advice segments, appealing to consumers seeking reliable and practical tech information.

Travel UK TikTok Creators for your next campaign

17. Curious Pixie (@thecuriouspixie)

231.9K Followers 5.6M Likes

The Curious Pixie is run by Sima, a travel enthusiast from London. She likes travelling and exploring new worlds, cultures, food, and experiences. Her experiences and content on TikTok are dedicated to inspiring people to travel and experience what the world has to offer. As a result, her account has grown to more than 231.9KFollowers, receiving more than 5.6 million likes.

She boasts 105K average views (top 23% compared to similar creators), and she has an engagement rate of 8.10% and a lucrative 21.52% video completion rate. Sima has been sharing more local travel content, highlighting hidden gems and promoting domestic tourism.

@thecuriouspixie Do you agree? #uk #london #travel #londontiktok #england #visitlondon #tiktoktravel #becauseimalondoner ♬ original sound – Curious Pixie | Travel Creator

18. Callum Ryan (@thatonecal)

1.1M Followers 46.8M Likes

@thatonecal loves travelling and exploring new cultures and countries, which he shares through his TikTok account. His photographs and travel experiences have been captured on the internet’s leading travel and fashion pages.

Callum Ryan is based in London but is obsessed with nature and its beautiful views worldwide. His love for travel has allowed him to partner with travel brands in promoting their content. A completion rate of 34.52% (top 12% compared to similar creators) makes him a great asset in your next campaign.

Callum’s recent travel series focusing on sustainable and responsible travel practices has resonated well with environmentally conscious travellers.

19. Dan (@dansundy)

113.5K Followers 1.9M Likes

Dan is another leading content creator for your next travel industry campaigns. The creator is among the top 60% of creators on engagement, average views, and completion rate. He creates videos based on his own travel experience, and sometimes he posts comedy and travel money tips which have allowed them to accumulate many followers and views. @dansundy is one of the leading travel influencers in the United Kingdom.

Top UK TikTok Crypto Creators

20. Crypto With Leo (@cryptowithleo)

235.7K Followers 2.4M Likes

Crypto With Leo is a crypto sensation in the TikTok world. He offers general education about crypto, including opening accounts, buying the first digital coin, and investing. Crypto With Leo’s content has seen his account grow to more than 191,000 followers. Besides, Crypto Leo has an astounding completion rate of 20.12%, which falls in the top 46% among creators of his category.

Leo’s focus on cryptocurrency trends and market analysis has made his content a valuable resource for crypto enthusiasts.

21. Crypto king (@cryptokingtips)

146.1K Followers 747.5K Likes

@cryptokingtips is a dedicated and passionate crypto content creator. The creator values determination, community building, accountability, accomplishment, and perceptiveness. Crypto king regularly posts tips about crypto and investing. Besides, the creator also has a keen interest in disruptive technologies and enlightens her followers about trends and the crypto market.

Crypto king has been actively participating in community discussions, offering personalised advice and tips.

UK TikTok Creators for Relationship and Community Apps

22. Daniel Euan Henderson (@danieleuanhenderson)

2.5M Followers 67.2M Likes

Daniel Henderson hails from Glasgow, United Kingdom. @danieleuanhenderson commands a massive following, with more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok. His videos have accrued an average of 464.7K views, translating to the top 36% compared to similar creators. @danieleuanhenderson offers relationship tips for his followers and other TikTok users. Henderson is enigmatic and charming and spreads positivity among his followers. His experiences have inspired him to help others realise their value and social relationship dynamics.

Daniel’s recent content has been focusing on self-love and positivity, resonating with a wider audience beyond relationship advice.

23. Relationship Hub (@relationshipshub)

1.3M Followers 224.6M Likes

Relationship Hub is a channel run by Jack, an influencer with more than 400,000 followers, an engagement rate of 14.11%, 28.68% video completion rate, and 211K average views. Jack covers several topics relating to people at different relationship stages. His content is entertaining and has seen him rise to one of the leading relationship influencers.

He often works with relationship-based apps and brands, thanks to his strong TikTok presence and personality.

@the_relationship_hub #relationships #relationship #girlfriend #boyfriend #memes ♬ original sound – sp33dsongsx

Interesting Facts About TikTok You Should Know

  • A large user base – UK TikTok users exceeded 15 million, an astounding increase of more than 2 million from the previous year
  • Millennials (48% UK) find influencer marketing authentic compared to other methods of marketing like advertising
  • Gain high engagements – for instance, TikTok users in the UK spend an average of 60 minutes on TikTok daily
  • This has been the most downloaded app in the UK for three consecutive years; therefore, You stand to gain from the most popular platform
  • 60% of millennials have made a buying decision based on influencer recommendations
  • Influencer marketing is a billion-pound industry of 12.7 billion pounds globally
  • Approximate 38% of brands allocate an estimated 10-12% of their marketing budgets to influencer marketing.

Why Work With A TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency?

You could be asking, is investing in TikTok creators worth the investment? The influencer marketing ROI stands at 11X compared with other digital channels; however, if you really want to make the most out of your budget, you should consider working with a reputable influencer marketing agency that already has the connections, know-how, and experience in getting the best out of TikTok creators, and TikTok ads.

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Without further ado, however, let’s get on with our list of UK TikTok Creators. We have divided the article into several niches, including fashion, gaming, finance, and more.

Businesses of all kinds are tapping into the power of TikTok.


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