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34+ Actionable Tips to Market Your AI Software – Straight from TikTok Experts

The human psyche is naturally wired for curiosity. We’re driven by a need to fill gaps in our knowledge, and this desire to know more acts as a magnet, drawing us towards sources of information.

If you have an AI driven product or service, TikTok is one of the best places to advertise – where bite-sized content meets vast audiences providing the perfect space for sparking and satisfying innate curiosity.

If you have a novel or unique product driven by AI, use the platform to do information driven content marketing. Especially, if you are interested in generating interest and awareness for your product/service.

Why TikTok?

On TikTok, quick videos can grab attention in seconds. Use this short-form content to build intrigue.

  • 1 billion monthly active users. TikTok’s vast audience presents unparalleled opportunities for AI brands.
  • 52 minutes daily engagement. Users offer a prolonged window for AI companies to effectively convey their messages.
  • 17 billion daily video views. Visual-first content simplifies complex AI narratives through demos and use cases.
  • ‘For You Page’ recommendations. This feature ensures organic reach to potential users, amplifying AI solution visibility.
  • 50% audience under 34. TikTok’s demographic is tech-forward, aiding AI adoption among innovative users.
  • Diverse ad formats. From AR content to shoppable videos, TikTok provides unique avenues for AI marketing.
  • Available in 150+ countries. TikTok’s global presence allows AI brands to understand and adapt to international user preferences.

If you’re looking to promote AI on TikTok, how can you make sure you stand out?

How can you dive deeper, making your AI tool not just another video but a memorable experience?

The answer lies in combining the worlds of AI with curiosity, engagement, storytelling and most importantly developing an authentic voice for your AI product.

Expert Tips to Grow your Audience for your AI Software

Here are 34+ tips on how to market AI products that help you stand out and resonate on TikTok.

Tap into the Curiosity Factor

Humans are naturally curious beings. We’re drawn to the unknown, the mysterious. When your audience is pushed to ask “How does that work?” you can safely say that you have piqued their interest.

Humans have an innate desire to explore and when leveraged correctly, this curiosity can become a powerful tool in your TikTok marketing arsenal.

To harness the curiosity factor, you want to make your audience say, “Wait, what was that?” leading them to watch on as you show them how you do it.

1. Zeigarnik Effect: The Power of the Unfinished Story

Remember, how we are hooked to the cliffhanger in the last episode of your favourite show? So much so that you just have to watch the next episode to stop thinking about it?

This is the Zeigarnik effect in action, where people tend to remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones. On TikTok, you can use this by creating AI-related content that teases a bigger story or reveals part of an interesting fact, prompting viewers to visit your page or website for the full scoop.

2. Pose Thought-Provoking Questions

Speaking of cliffhangers, why not grab their attention right in the beginning with a well-planned hook? A simple yet effective way to pique curiosity is by posing questions. But not just any questions – ones that are relevant to your target audience and relate to the potential of AI.

For instance, “This AI can predict your next favourite book! Click here to find out” Such hooks not only make viewers pause but also encourage them to try out your product.

3. Visual Storytelling

TikTok is a visually-driven platform and thrives on visual engagement. Show snippets of your AI software in action without immediately revealing its purpose.

Let viewers guess, debate, and engage. For instance, display a pattern or sequence and ask viewers to predict the next step, only to later reveal how your software can accurately predict or generate it.

By tapping into this natural curiosity, you’re not just sharing information; you’re creating an experience. An experience that can transform a passive viewer into an engaged follower, keen to learn more about your AI software and its capabilities.

In essence, understanding how to market AI products effectively means tuning into the nuances of your audience’s curiosity and providing them with meaningful content. On TikTok, it’s not always about the immediate sale. It’s about creating interest, and nurturing it with engaging content, leading to genuine engagement and curiosity about your product.

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Build Trust through Transparency

TikTok is all about authentic connection and transparent communication. Even if you are working with AI, your audience is still human and they would like to be treated with authentic communication and honesty.

To make any product work on TikTok you need to market to humans on the other end of the screen and the same principle applies to marketing your AI.

Foster a genuine connection by revealing the human story behind your AI brand. Be transparent and let trust become your strongest currency.

4. Demystify AI

Let’s face it; AI can be complex. Help your audience understand its complexities, but come out with clear, snappy content. Think of animations that distil the essence or diagrams that connect the dots.

It’s not about dumbing down the content but making it accessible. When users understand the basics, they’re more likely to trust and engage with the software.

5. Let People in Behind-the-Scenes

People love to see how things are made or how teams operate. Show snippets of your team working on the software, brainstorming sessions, or even candid moments.

This humanises your brand, reminding viewers that there are real people behind the technology, passionately working to bring it to life.

6. Address Concerns Head-on

Every technology, AI included, has its sceptics. Instead of sidestepping concerns, address them directly. Create content that discusses common misconceptions, ethical considerations, or potential challenges.

This proactive approach shows viewers that you’re aware, responsive, and committed to ethical and responsible AI development.

7. User-Centric Stories

Highlight stories of actual users who have benefited from your software. Real-world applications, success stories, or even challenges faced and overcome can offer a relatable and transparent view of your product’s impact.

By centering your TikTok strategy around transparency, you foster trust and encourage a deeper, more meaningful connection with your audience. It’s a reminder that in the digital age, authenticity and openness can set your brand apart, making it not just another AI software but a trusted partner for users.

Social Proof and the Bandwagon Effect

Our brains love shortcuts, also known as cognitive biases. We often glance sideways, seeking cues from others and one of the most commonly used cognitive biases is social proof where we trust other people’s word over overt marketing.

That’s ‘social proof’ in action and can be a potent instrument in your TikTok marketing strategy.

8. Leverage User Testimonials: Real People, Real Impact

Encourage your AI software users to share their experiences on TikTok. Genuine reactions, and “wow” moments, can be contagious.

When potential customers see real people benefiting from your product, they’re more inclined to trust it. Clips that show genuine enthusiasm, surprise, or satisfaction can resonate strongly with viewers.

9. Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with TikTok influencers, especially those relevant to your niche, can boost your credibility. An endorsement or even a casual mention by a trusted influencer can lead their followers to explore your AI software. The key is to ensure the collaboration feels organic and genuine, rather than a forced promotion.

10. Share Your Wins: Highlighting Milestones

Celebrate and showcase your successes. Did your software just hit a significant number of downloads? Or perhaps it was featured in a prominent tech journal? Share these wins. They help you build buyer confidence.

11. Engage, Not Just Promote

Actively engage with content related to your product. Whether it’s a comment, a duet, or even a shout-out, showing that you’re involved and appreciative of your community’s engagement can foster trust and amplify social proof.

12. Create Viral Challenges

Initiate challenges that highlight the features or benefits of your software. As more and more users participate and share their experiences, it creates a snowball effect, drawing more viewers in and capitalising on the bandwagon effect.

Remember, perception plays a big role in the world of social media, especially on platforms like TikTok. By strategically harnessing social proof, you can sway perceptions in your favour, making your AI software not just a tool but a trending topic of discussion and exploration.

Harness Emotion to Drive Engagement

Emotion is at the core of human decision-making. Brands that resonate emotionally with their audiences are not only remembered but cherished. TikTok, with its visual storytelling capabilities, offers a fantastic platform to touch upon the emotional chords of viewers.

13. Storytelling with AI: Beyond Features

Stories immerse and leave lasting impressions. Use stories to make an emotional connection with the audience.

Think about it, what would be more impactful? A video about a student using your software to simplify a complex task or the one where you just explain the software’s features without a contextual backdrop? A narrative evokes empathy, making viewers more invested in your content.

14. Relatable Scenarios

Create content that mirrors everyday challenges or aspirations your target audience faces. For instance, if your AI software assists in design, showcase a scenario where someone struggles to design a perfect birthday card.

The relatability can evoke emotions ranging from humour to empathy, ensuring higher engagement.

15. Emotional Soundtracks

Music can amplify the emotional impact of your content. Choose soundtracks that align with the mood you’re aiming for, be it excitement, wonder, or even mystery. The right background score can transform a simple demo into a captivating story.

Using music in your videos is a trend that will always be successful, and is something that most companies use.

16. Highlight Your Positive Impact

If your AI software has had a significant positive impact in terms of societal benefits, environmental gains, or individual success stories. Showcase them.

Highlighting moments where your software wasn’t just a tool, but a change-maker, adds a layer of warmth and trust. Feel-good stories, where technology has a human touch, can evoke emotions of pride, hope, and inspiration.

17. Interactive Emotional Content

Engage your audience by creating polls or quizzes that touch upon emotions. For example, “Which emotion do you feel when your designs come to life using our AI tool? Joy, Satisfaction, Surprise?” This not only promotes engagement but also offers valuable insights into user sentiments.

By integrating emotion into your TikTok strategy, you’re doing more than marketing; you’re creating meaningful connections. By layering emotion onto your strategy, you elevate from mere promotion to genuine connection, turning viewers into vocal advocates of your AI software.

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Position AI as an Enabler, Not a Replacer

In an age where automation and AI are increasingly prevalent, one of the widespread concerns is the replacement of human roles and the potential devaluation of human skills. Addressing this concern head-on and positioning your AI software as a tool that empowers rather than replaces can be a game-changer in your TikTok marketing narrative.

18. Human + AI Synergy

Showcase scenarios where humans and AI work in tandem. For example, if your software aids in data analysis, highlight how it helps a researcher identify patterns, which they then use to make informed decisions.

Emphasising this synergy can alleviate fears and demonstrate the complementary nature of AI. When you showcase that your product combines human intuition with AI efficiency, it bridges the trust gap and amplifies the value proposition.

19. Empower Creativity

If your tool adds flair to art, music, or prose, flaunt it as a muse rather than the maestro. Spotlight creators whose brilliance shines brighter with your software, asserting that the heart and soul of creativity remain untouched.

By Showcasing artists or creators using your software to enhance their work, you attract curiosity rather than fear. When AI augments human potential, it fosters a sense of collaboration, broadening its acceptance in creative communities.

20. The AI Academy

Position your AI software as a learning tool. By offering tutorials, insights, or even challenges that educate users, you underscore the software’s role in personal or professional growth. For instance, “See how our AI can help you understand complex algorithms better!”

By cultivating an educational perspective, you shift the narrative from ‘AI as a tool’ to ‘AI as a mentor,’ enhancing user engagement.

21. Personalisation and Customisation

If your AI tool offers customisations and personalisations then emphasise features that allow users to tailor the software’s output to their preferences.

This reinforces the idea that while AI provides the tools, the final product is shaped by individual choices, retaining a human touch. Positioning AI as an extension of individuality enhances user ownership and strengthens brand loyalty.

22. Address Misconceptions

Use your TikTok platform to debunk myths about AI. For example, create a series where you tackle common misconceptions, like “Myth: AI will replace all jobs. Fact: AI can handle repetitive tasks, allowing humans to focus on strategic, creative roles.”

By directly confronting myths, you position your brand as a transparent and trustworthy thought leader in the AI space.

When you emphasise the enabling aspects of your AI software and its role in enhancing human potential, you build a narrative of empowerment. This not only positions your product in a positive light but also resonates with an audience who may have reservations about the pervasive nature of AI.

Engage with Authenticity and Consistency

The ever-evolving nature of TikTok requires brands to stay updated on how to market AI products in ways that are both innovative and authentic. While TikTok is a platform celebrated for its spontaneity and creativity, for brands, especially in the tech and AI sector, it’s crucial to strike a balance between being relatable and maintaining consistency.

An authentic voice, combined with consistent engagement, can form the bedrock of a successful TikTok strategy. Additionally, a genuine brand persona paired with predictability creates an environment where trust flourishes, a crucial factor for AI brands.

23. Humanise the Brand

In our journey of uncovering best practices, we’ve realised that learning how to market AI products isn’t just about showcasing their capabilities, but also about building genuine connections.

To achieve this, introduce your audience to the people behind the software. Whether it’s a day in the life of a developer, a candid chat with your UX designer, or a virtual tour of your workspace, giving a face to your brand fosters authenticity. Showcasing the human element demystifies AI, making it more approachable and relatable to a broader audience.

24. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Encourage your user community to share their experiences, hacks, or creative uses of your AI software. Not only does UGC offer fresh perspectives, but it also reinforces trust, as potential customers see real-world applications and endorsements.

UGC acts as organic testimonials, amplifying credibility and fostering community-led brand advocacy. For effective strategies to boost user-generated content, check out our guide here.

25. Consistent Posting Schedule

While spontaneity is appreciated, having a regular posting schedule ensures you remain on your audience’s radar. This doesn’t mean daily posts, but a consistent rhythm – be it thrice a week or even once – can aid in audience retention.

Predictable engagement nurtures anticipation, turning passive followers into active participants waiting for your next update.

26. Respond to Feedback

Make it a point to engage with comments, questions, or feedback on your videos. This two-way communication not only humanises your brand but also demonstrates that you value your community’s input.

Actively responding positions your brand as approachable and invested, factors that heighten user trust and loyalty.

27. Authenticity in Brand Voice

It’s tempting to adopt trending slang or styles, but it’s essential that any content you create aligns with your brand voice. If humour aligns with your brand, use it. If a more educational tone suits you better, adopt that. Authenticity is discernible, and audiences appreciate brands that remain true to their essence.

Consistency in brand voice fortifies identity, creating a memorable impression that encourages long-term engagement.

28. Authentic Collaborations

If you choose to collaborate with influencers or other brands, ensure that these partnerships resonate with your brand values. Forced or mismatched collaborations can often come across as inauthentic and can detract from your brand’s credibility.

Strategic partnerships that align with brand ethos amplify reach while maintaining integrity, resulting in win-win outcomes.

By grounding your TikTok strategy in authenticity and maintaining consistency in your engagement, you cultivate a loyal, engaged community. In the vast ocean of content, being genuine and dependable can set your AI software brand apart, transforming casual viewers into ardent supporters.

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Understanding TikTok Analytics to Refine Strategy

In any marketing endeavour, understanding the metrics behind your efforts is the linchpin to success. TikTok, despite its casual facade, is a data-rich platform. Tapping into these insights allows brands to refine their strategies, ensuring they resonate more profoundly with their audience while optimising resource allocation.

29. Profile Overview

Start with the basics. How many profile visits did you get? What’s the follower count growth? These metrics provide a general understanding of your brand’s presence on the platform and can signal the overall health of your TikTok account.

30. Content Insights

Dive deeper into individual video performance. Which videos garnered the most views, likes, shares, or comments? Understanding what content resonates can guide your future content creation, allowing you to double down on successful formats or themes.

31. Follower Analytics

Who is your audience? TikTok analytics provides a demographic breakdown—age, gender, and top territories. Knowing your audience aids in creating targeted content, ensuring relevancy and higher engagement.

32. Trend Analysis

TikTok is a platform governed by trends. Keep an eye on the trending section within analytics. By aligning your content with emerging trends that fit your brand voice, you can ride the wave of virality, amplifying reach.

33. Video Playback and Traffic Sources

Understanding where your video views originate – be it the For You Page, follower’s feed, or shared links – can provide insights into the discoverability of your content. Moreover, the average video playback can indicate engagement levels, helping you gauge if viewers watch your content to completion.

34. Engagement Metrics Deep Dive

Beyond the superficial likes or shares, delve into metrics like the average watch time, engagement rate, and most engaged sections of your videos. These can spotlight elements in your content that captivate the audience, or conversely, areas where they drop off.

35. Iterative Strategy Refinement

Analytics isn’t a one-off check. Regularly review these metrics and iterate your strategy accordingly. Perhaps you notice shorter videos perform better, or certain soundtracks resonate more. Use these insights to refine and adapt continually.

By using data to guide your TikTok strategy, you’re no longer just guessing what works – you’re making informed decisions based on what people actually want. In the competitive world of AI software, where everyone’s vying for attention, this smart, data-backed approach might just be the ticket to making your brand a TikTok sensation.

In the End

Combining the power of AI software with the dynamic world of TikTok offers brands an unmatched chance to captivate, educate, and grow their following. As we explored these expert tips on how to market AI products, it’s clear that being authentic, considering ethics, connecting emotionally, and leaning on data are the pillars of successful TikTok marketing.

While TikTok is a buzzing and ever-changing space, the age-old principles of building real connections, tuning into audience desires, and maintaining regular touchpoints stand firm. As AI reshapes our online world, making it user-friendly and transparent on platforms like

TikTok can foster deeper trust and wider acceptance.

Ultimately, for your AI-centric brand to truly resonate, it’s about weaving impactful stories, nurturing real bonds, and ensuring that as we journey forward in tech, we prioritise empathy, accountability, and inclusiveness.

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