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TikTok Introduces Major Updates to Ads Manager

TikTok Introduces Major Updates to Ads Manager

TikTok has recently announced significant updates to its Targeting tooling in Ads Manager, refining its approach to ad delivery.

The platform is transitioning from Automatic Targeting to Broad Targeting and introducing Smart Targeting, a more advanced version of the previous Targeting Expansion.

In advertising, strategy and precision are key to optimising campaign performance and reach. But effective targeting isn’t just about broadcasting a message; it’s about ensuring that the message resonates with the right audience.

By understanding and leveraging audience behaviours and interests, brands can create more meaningful connections. To make this process more efficient, TikTok has introduced updates to its Targeting tooling in Ads Manager.

These changes, while subtle, are designed to enhance the advertising experience, making it more intuitive and effective for brands navigating the platform.

Overview of the Changes

1. Automatic Targeting is now Broad Targeting

The Automatic Targeting tab will be phased out, making way for Broad Targeting. This means ads will be optimised for the most receptive audience segments automatically by default.

2. Targeting Expansion is now Smart Targeting

A new feature, called Smart Targeting encompassing Smart Interests and Behaviour and Smart Audience will be introduced. This feature offers a more nuanced ad experience, evolving from the previous Targeting Expansion.

The changes introduced by TikTok signal a shift in the platform’s advertising strategy, emphasising a more intuitive and effective targeting approach. These updates have broader implications for businesses aiming to connect meaningfully with their audience on TikTok.

Implications for Businesses and Advertisers

Those familiar with Automatic Targeting will transition to Broad Targeting. The changes aim to enhance ad performance and audience engagement. Broad Targeting emerges, offering a refined approach to ad delivery.

The updates underscore the importance of strategy in digital advertising, with TikTok leading the way in offering tools that are both powerful and intuitive.

What does Broad Targeting mean?

Think of “Broad Targeting” as casting a wide net to capture wider audiences.

TikTok will now use its smart tools to make sure advertisers reach the right people without having to set a lot of rules. This doesn’t mean ads will show to everyone randomly, it only means TikTok will use its smart system to show ads to the right people allowing the advertisers to decide who to target next.

This way advertisers can also try different methods to see what works best for them leading to a better overall reach and performance.

No More Manual ‘Automatic Targeting’ Option

Before, advertisers had a button called “Automatic Targeting” to let TikTok decide the best audience. Now, they don’t need to press that button. If they don’t set any rules, TikTok will automatically do its best to find the right audience. But if advertisers want to set rules like showing ads only to a certain age group, they can still do that.

What is Smart Targeting?

Smart Targeting will help advertisers find the right people for their ads even better than before. If turned on, TikTok might show the ad to people outside the chosen group if it thinks they might be interested. This can help ads perform better and not get old too quickly.

For Those Who Used ‘Targeting Expansion’

Before, there was a feature called “Targeting Expansion” that let ads reach a bit beyond the chosen group. Now, that’s being replaced by the smarter “Smart Targeting.” If advertisers used to set rules for age or gender, it’s now best to keep it open for everyone.

Broad Targeting and ROAS

One of the most significant advantages of the shift to Broad Targeting is the potential increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for advertisers. ROAS is a critical metric that measures the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

By allowing TikTok’s algorithms to optimise ad delivery, brands can potentially achieve a higher ROAS. This means that for every dollar spent on advertising, brands could see a more substantial return in terms of engagement, conversions, or other desired outcomes.

The introduction of Broad Targeting will allow businesses and brands to not just reach a wider audience, but also reach them more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Suggestions for Users

  • Embrace the Change: Familiarise yourself with the new features in Ads Manager. Transitioning early can give you a competitive edge.
  • Test Broad Targeting: Given the emphasis on Broad Targeting, consider running test campaigns to gauge their effectiveness for your brand.
  • Explore Smart Targeting: Dive deep into the functionalities of Smart Interests and Behavior and Smart Audience to maximise ad performance.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check TikTok’s official documentation for any further updates or detailed guides.
  • Seek Feedback: Engage with the TikTok advertising community. Sharing experiences and insights can provide valuable perspectives.
  • Re-evaluate Your Strategy: With the new changes, it might be a good time to revisit your overall advertising strategy on TikTok and make necessary adjustments.

To Conclude

TikTok is making its ad system smarter and simpler. Instead of getting lost in technical details, advertisers can now trust the platform to find the right audience for their ads.

Whether you’re a business owner or just curious about these changes, the bottom line is: that TikTok is aiming to make advertising more effective and user-friendly for everyone.

As the platform evolves, it’s clear that the focus is on delivering quality content to the right viewers, ensuring a win-win for both advertisers and the audience.

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