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TikTok Launches Out-of-Phone Ad – Merging Mobile and Billboard Ads


  • TikTok launches “Out of Phone,” a new out-of-home (OOH) ad solution, extending advertising reach to billboards, cinemas, and more.
  • Tailored programs within the solution are designed to resonate with audiences in specific physical spaces and locations.
  • Early partners include Adomni, Dive, GSTV, Loop TV, and others, showcasing a collaborative effort to broaden advertising horizons.
  • The initiative aligns with TikTok’s recent advancements in advertising functionalities, marking a continuous effort to evolve its advertising platform.

The digital advertising landscape is ever-evolving with social media platforms continuously innovating to provide brands with fresh avenues to reach and engage their audiences.

In a bid to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive social media landscape, TikTok has yet again demonstrated its knack for innovation with its latest offering, “Out of Phone.” TikTok recently announced the launch of its innovative feature. The newest feature has already been tested by various brands, yielding promising results that hint at a new frontier in digital advertising.

“With Out of Phone, we’re taking TikTok beyond the palm of our hands and into everyday life,” expressed Dan Page, Global Head of Distribution, New Screens, TikTok (Source).

It’s a significant shift that holds great promise for brands aiming for deeper engagement and broader reach. This opens up lots of new possibilities fir brands and businesses to stretch the boundaries of advertising beyond the mobile screens creating more resonant and impactful brand narratives.

What is “Out of Phone”?

“Out of Phone” is TikTok’s revolutionary out-of-home solution that ambitiously extends the TikTok experience beyond the confinements of a mobile screen, ushering it into the real-world through screens on billboards, in cinemas, and a plethora of other venues.

This feature facilitates brands and partners to leverage TikTok content, taking it from the app onto a multitude of screens across the globe, thereby bridging the gap between digital campaigns and physical advertising spaces​1​.

How does it work?

“Out of Phone” comprises three main facets:

  • Out of Phone: Billboard
  • Out of Phone: Cinema
  • Out of Phone: Other Screens

“Out of Phone: Billboard” amplifies existing campaigns from TikTok onto billboards worldwide. This facet not only extends a brand’s campaign but also fosters authentic growth within TikTok communities, thereafter magnifying their work onto billboards to reach new, expansive audiences​1​.

With “Out of Phone: Cinema,” TikTok is projected onto the big screen, recreating the in-app experience within a cinema setting during the pre-show, and providing advertising opportunities for brands alongside TikTok’s top content​1​.

“Out of Phone: Other Screens” encompasses a vast network of screens worldwide, enabling out-of-home partners to directly bring TikTok’s engaging content to their audiences. This aspect is being launched in diverse venues including bars, restaurants, airports, and retail stores among others, with tailored programs to meet the unique needs of different audiences and locations​.

Each facet of “Out of Phone” is crafted with a distinct advertising objective in mind, catering to a spectrum of brand promotion strategies. Whether it’s creating a buzz in high-footfall areas with billboards or capturing audience attention during a cinematic pre-show, the versatility of this feature is evident.

@tiktoknewsroomIntroducing Out of Phone! This new out-of-home solution enables brands and partners to extend TikTok content beyond the platform, into the real world through screens on billboards, in cinemas, restaurants, airports, gas stations, retail stores, and more.🌎 🤩 Learn more at the link in our bio!

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Who are the partners?

Numerous partners have come on board to activate the “Out of Phone” solution. Prominent among them are Adomni, DIVE Billboards, GSTV, Loop TV, Raydiant, ReachTV, Redbox, Screenvision, and VEVO. Through these partnerships, brands have already begun to bring the vivacity of TikTok to new audiences everywhere, marking the beginning of an exciting era of advertising​.

Implications for Users and Businesses/Brands

In the contemporary digital era, the competition for consumer attention has reached a zenith. It’s no longer about just being seen; it’s about being remembered. TikTok’s “Out of Phone” not only propels brand narratives into the physical world but also fortifies the recall value by rendering a more tactile advertising experience.

Enhanced brand visibility and engagement

“Out of Phone” presents a golden opportunity for brands to amplify their visibility and engagement. By extending campaigns from TikTok to real-world screens, brands can now reach wider and more diverse audiences. This feature heralds a new era of immersive advertising, bridging the gap between online engagement and offline visibility.

Real-world interaction

This feature fosters a seamless integration between digital campaigns and real-world interactions, offering a new dimension of engagement where the digital and physical realms complement each other. It’s a step towards creating a more holistic advertising ecosystem, enriching the consumer experience.

Brand Success Story

L’Oréal skincare brand CeraVe exemplifies a success story, extending its TikTok ad campaign to out-of-home screens through a partnership with Adomni.

The #CleanseLikeaDerm campaign, including CeraVe’s TikToks and creator content, was broadcast in Times Square, showcasing the practical application and benefits of the “Out of Phone” solution. This vividly illustrates how brands can transcend traditional advertising mediums, creating a more resonant and memorable impact.

Versatile advertising

The versatility of “Out of Phone” lies in its ability to adapt to different advertising needs and spaces, paving the way for creative, engaging, and resonant advertising that stands out in a cluttered advertising landscape. It’s an innovation that redefines the advertising paradigm, offering a canvas for brands to craft engaging narratives across a blend of digital and physical realms.


TikTok’s “Out of Phone” feature is a hallmark of innovative advertising, blending the digital and physical worlds to create a more holistic and engaging brand experience. It’s an exciting venture that is set to reshape the advertising canvas, offering a fresh, engaging, and more interactive way for brands to connect with their audiences. This is not merely a new feature, but a new horizon in advertising, and a bold statement of the endless possibilities that lie in the confluence of digital creativity and real-world interactions.


TikTok Newsroom: Introducing Out of Phone – TikTok Beyond the Mobile Screen

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