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TikTok Improves Content Moderation Amidst Global Crisis


  • TikTok’s enhanced content moderation efforts in response to EU regulations and during the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Implementation of robust reporting mechanisms and transparency reports by TikTok in response to EU’s Digital Services Act demands from digital platforms like TikTok and Meta.
  • TikTok’s community safety features and misinformation prevention strategies.
  • Future outlook on TikTok’s continual efforts in preventing misinformation and promoting user well-being amidst evolving regulatory frameworks and global crises.


A recent update from TikTok sheds light on its enhanced content moderation practices, aligning with the EU’s Digital Services Act and addressing challenges posed by the Israel-Hamas conflict. This proactive step emphasizes the platform’s dedication to ensuring a safer digital environment amidst global crises, presenting a narrative of continuous improvement.

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas highlighted the importance of effective content moderation on platforms like TikTok. The surge of digital discussions during such global crises presents a challenge, requiring platforms to carefully moderate content to prevent the spread of disinformation and harmful narratives. This conflict tested TikTok’s content moderation policies, and areas for improvement.

TikTok’s Recent Update to Protect the TikTok community

TikTok, acknowledging the weight of this responsibility, has undertaken a series of measures to align with the EU’s directives and to foster a safe and transparent digital environment for its global community. The actions encompass enhanced content moderation, robust reporting mechanisms, and a commitment to transparency, which are detailed below:

Enhanced Content Moderation

  • TikTok has significantly bolstered its content moderation teams, ensuring a swift and accurate review of flagged content.
  • The platform has enhanced its moderation guidelines to effectively tackle the spread of misinformation and harmful content.

Robust Reporting Mechanisms

  • Implemented robust reporting mechanisms for users to easily report inappropriate or harmful content.
  • Introduced new features to streamline the reporting process, facilitating a more user-friendly experience.

Transparency Reports

TikTok has taken these steps to prevent misinformation.

Opt-in Screens and Reporting Mechanisms

TikTok has integrated features like opt-in screens and robust reporting mechanisms to empower its user community in the battle against misinformation. These user-centric features are designed to foster a culture of vigilance and reporting, which is pivotal in maintaining a conducive digital environment.

Temporary Policy Adjustments

The platform’s ability to swiftly adjust its policies in response to emerging global crises demonstrates a dynamic approach to digital safety. Temporary policy adjustments, tailored to the specific nature of unfolding events, exhibit TikTok’s nimble and responsive content moderation strategy.

User Education and Awareness

TikTok has endeavoured to educate its user base about potential misinformation. By rolling out reminders and notifications regarding certain keywords, TikTok encourages awareness and discernment among its community, promoting a more informed digital interaction.

Historical Context: EU’s Demands for Greater Content Moderation

In recent times, the surge of misinformation and illegal content has emerged as a significant concern. This issue has been exacerbated by global crises and conflicts, which often become focal points of digital disinformation campaigns.

What is EU’s Digital Services Act?

The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) is a watershed in the digital regulatory body committed to transparency, accountability, and user safety. The act mandates tech giants like TikTok, and Meta to adopt stringent measures to curb illegal content and disinformation.

The DSA acts as a regulatory framework for digital platforms to uphold a higher standard of digital responsibility.

The EU, striving to curtail this menace, has rolled out the Digital Services Act (DSA), imposing stringent regulations on digital platforms to ensure a safer online environment.

The EU’s industry chief, Thierry Breton, exemplified the urgency and stringency of the EU’s demands in a communication to Meta Platforms, giving them a 24-hour window to detail measures taken against the spread of disinformation following a recent geopolitical crisis.

Breton emphasised, “I would ask you to be very vigilant to ensure strict compliance with the DSA rules on terms of service, on the requirement of timely, diligent, and objective action following notices of illegal content in the EU, and on the need for proportionate and effective mitigation measures”1​.

In simple words, the EU demanded digital and social media platforms especially TikTok and Meta to adhere to the EU regulatory framework.

  • Transparent Content Moderation: Platforms are required to disclose their content moderation policies and practices.
  • Prompt Removal of Illegal Content: The DSA mandates swift removal of illegal content from platforms.
  • User Redress Mechanisms: Platforms must establish mechanisms for users to appeal content moderation decisions.
  • Transparent Algorithmic Processes: The EU calls for transparency in the algorithms that drive content distribution.

Historically, the EU has been at the forefront of digital regulation, with initiatives like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) setting a precedent for digital rights and privacy.

Future Outlook

TikTok’s roadmap includes the rollout of features aimed at further preventing misinformation and promoting user well-being. The platform’s commitment to continual improvement underscores its long-term vision for a safer digital space.

The delicate balance between regulatory compliance, user safety, and freedom of expression is a dynamic challenge. TikTok’s ongoing efforts depict an earnest endeavour to harmonise these critical aspects, setting a precedent in the digital domain.

The unfolding narrative of TikTok’s journey through the complex regulatory landscape and global crises reflects a broader dialogue on digital responsibility. It underlines the indispensable role of robust content moderation in fostering a safer and more accountable digital ecosystem.


As TikTok aligns its moderation practices with the EU’s Digital Services Act, the platform’s commitment to a safer digital space is evident. Its proactive measures amidst global crises reflect a dedication to user safety and transparent communication.

The discourse surrounding TikTok’s efforts is part of a larger digital dialogue. It underscores the imperative of robust content moderation in fostering a conducive environment for digital interaction, especially amidst a backdrop of evolving regulatory frameworks and global discord.


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