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TikTok Focused View Ad Campaign Objective – New Feature

TikTok-focused view ad campaign objective

To keep up with its promises of elusive reality and unmatched authenticity, TikTok regularly updates its products and services. Notwithstanding, the rate at which the company releases new updates should not surprise you. It is the only way to remain relevant and keep up with user and advertisers’ demands. In the latest releases for 2023, TikTok has released the focused view ad campaign objective, a great new ad format that will change the way brands run campaigns on TikTok. This aligns with the company’s effort to diversify its ad formats, giving brands more options to choose from. With the new ad format, brands can now tailor their ads to fit different budgets and customise the cost to fit their needs while allowing them to get the most out of their budget.

TikTok’s new Focused View campaign objective- what is new?

The new Focused View campaign objective allows advertisers only to pay when a user has voluntarily viewed an ad for 6 seconds. There is a particular interest and focus on ‘voluntary watching’. What does this  mean?

  • First, it is a choice. TikTok argues that every video watched on the platform results from an active decision originating from the viewer’s side. Therefore, as opposed to intrusive ads like those that appear in the middle of a post or video, TikTok users in the new ads format take an active role in watching content on the platform. Hence it can be through swiping up, listening up or paying attention.
  • The second is viewership. The company argues that engagement on its platform is not limited to secondary actions like sharing or liking. It is a standalone attribute and should be viewed as such. Consequently, TikTok insists that engagement lies at the center of what makes the platform powerful, thus the insistence on viewership.

With the new focused View campaign objective, TikTok seeks to broadcast brand ads “to users who are both emotionally and tangibly engaged.”

Who are TikTok’s Emotionally and Tangibly Engaged Viewers?

Users viewing content on the focused view format

In their newly released updates, TikTok will target two categories of users:

Emotionally engaged viewers

Under the emotionally engaged category of users, the platform aims to target users who are likely to view a brand’s ads for at least six minutes. The six seconds of viewership will form the basis for a user voluntarily and freely engaging with a creator’s ads.

Tangibly engaged viewers

In the tangibly engaged viewer category, TikTok seeks to target users who are likely to engage with an ad. It can be through sharing the ad, liking the ad, following the brand or clicking the ad.
We have seen communities push entertainment and marketing boundaries over the past few years and redefine what it means to engage with audiences. With the new focused view campaign, TikTok seeks to redefine engagement with a special emphasis on voluntariness or willingness to engage with a brand’s ads.

Accordingly, TikTok believes that by targeting the two groups of users will connect brands to only attentive viewers. Similarly, it will also increase their targeting capability and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Early adopters of the Focused View Ad Campaign

TikTok has already recorded strong early results for its new ad format. Samsung is one of the earlier adapters of focused view ad campaign objectives. The brand used a Focused View ad format to drive awareness and product engagement for its Summer of Galaxy campaign. The results were impressive. For example, Samsung recorded inspiring campaign successes with an impressive

    • +11% increase in ad recall
    • +18% improvement in 2-second CPVs
    • +53% increase in average watch time per view
    • 2.8x increase in completion rate

The Summer of Galaxy campaign was followed closely by the Z-Flip 4 phone campaign which recorded an impressive +4 percent increase in purchase intent.

Samsung TikTok campaign


Why choose the TikTok Focused View Ad Campaign Objective

With an already outstanding performance in the market, the new feature is proving worth for brands to consider. Here, we focus on why your brand needs to make the Focused View ad campaign Objective parts of your ads campaign.

  • The TikTok Focused View ad campaign objective gives TikTok an edge over its competitors. The platform believes that with its new feature, it will be able to refocus on its targeting paying attention to viewers
  • Furthermore, with this next-generation ad format brands will only pay when users watch an ad voluntarily. This is something considering how fast people move away from ads.

Other features you should try on TikTok when marketing

  1. Live streaming: Utilize the live streaming feature to connect with your audience in real-time and increase engagement.
  2. Interactive filters and effects: Use the various filters and effects available on TikTok to enhance your videos and make them more visually appealing.
  3. Branded effects: Allows you to create and promote your own branded filters, effects, and stickers to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.
  4. Shopping on TikTok: This feature allows brands to add shoppable tags to their videos, making it easy for users to purchase products directly from the app.
  5. Spark ads: Spark ads are a feature on TikTok that allows brands to create short, visually engaging videos that appear in users’ “For You” feed, which is the main feed of videos on the app. These ads are designed to catch the attention of users and encourage them to engage with the content, whether it be by swiping up to visit a website, watching a longer video, or installing an app. They are designed to be highly visual and attention-grabbing. They’re also a way to reach a broader audience, as they appear in the “For You” feed, which is where users discover new content on TikTok.

Our take of the new Focused View Ad format

TikTok ads are a great way to expand your brand reach and possibly make conversions. They are highly effective for making an impact with younger audiences, as over 39.91% of TikTok’s users are between the ages of 18 and 24. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting options, allowing brands to customise their campaigns to reach the right audience. In brief, TikTok is a fast-paced platform that is rewarding to viewers, creators and brands. TikTok Focused View ad campaign objective feature is a testament to this fast-paced platform.


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