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46 TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses of all B2C Industries

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Wondering if TikTok is the right platform for your B2C business?

TikTok has stormed the world of online marketing. It’s not just a platform for fun and games, it’s a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience. And the key to making the most of it? Having the right TikTok content ideas to scale your business.

A study by Neuro-Insight found that TikTok’s engagement rate outshines other leading platforms like Instagram by 15%. The study involved 57 participants aged 18-35, who browsed TikTok for 24 minutes and were exposed to 26 ads. The results? TikTok’s content was found to be 44% more emotionally engaging than other social media platforms.

The takeaway is clear. For marketers in nearly all B2C industries, TikTok should be a top priority. And to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 46 TikTok content ideas to take your business to the next level. Let’s get started!

Showcasing Your Company: TikTok Content Ideas for Business

1) Share Your Company’s Goals

Transparency is key to building trust. Share your company’s goals and ambitions to provide your audience with a clear understanding of your mission and values.

Pro Tip: Use storytelling to make your company’s goals more relatable and engaging.

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2) Partnerships with Charities

According to the Cone Cause Evolutionary Study, 80% of customers are more than willing to switch to a different brand if it supports a specific cause and charity.

Consumers appreciate brands that support charitable causes. Highlight your partnerships with charities and detail how your company contributes, whether through financial support or initiatives like food drives.

Pro Tip: Highlight the impact of your partnerships, not just the partnerships themselves.

3) Show Off Employee Pets

Newswhip’s study found that using pets on social media saw an increase of almost 295% in their comments.

Showcasing pets in the office can add a personal touch to your brand and enhance audience engagement. Pets can provide a lighter, more relatable side to your company culture.

Pro Tip: Use this as an opportunity to showcase your company’s fun culture.

4) Share Why You Chose the Name

The story behind your company’s name can be an interesting piece of information for your audience. Whether the origin is humorous, random, or deeply meaningful, sharing it can enhance brand engagement.

Pro Tip: Make it a story, people love stories and it makes your brand more memorable.

5) Introduce Your Team

Introducing your team to the audience can humanise your brand and showcase the diverse personalities that contribute to your company’s success. Even for smaller teams, a series of introduction videos can be beneficial.

Pro Tip: Highlight the unique skills and personalities of your team members.

6) Share a Success Story

Inspire your audience by sharing a success story. This could be about an employee’s journey or the story of your company’s humble beginnings.

According to Kantar, content that inspires is the most engaging on TikTok. A Stanford study also found that people are 22 times more likely to remember a company’s story than the company itself.

Pro Tip: Use visuals or videos to make the success story more engaging.

7) The Average Day in Your Office

Offices aren’t always about work. Showcasing a typical day at your office can humanise your brand and give customers a glimpse into the people behind their favourite products or services. Highlight the fun moments, from desk-side antics to break-room challenges.

Pro Tip: Showcase the human side of your business, not just the work.

8) Give Workplace or Office Tours

Office or workspace tours can be an engaging way to connect with your audience. Whether you’re operating from a home office or a large corporate building, showing the different workspaces and facilities can be both fun and insightful.

Pro Tip: Emphasise unique aspects of your workspace that reflect your brand’s personality.

9) Introduce Your Company

An introductory video is crucial for first-time viewers on TikTok. This could be a message from the founder, detailing the company’s origins, its impact on the industry, or its unique selling point. The goal is to help viewers learn something about your company.

Pro Tip: Keep it personal and authentic. Remember, people connect with people, not companies.

Company Products, Services and Origins: TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

10) Give Company Updates (Changes in Stocks, Product Launches)

Keep your followers in the loop by sharing updates about your stock. Whether you’re launching new products or restocking bestsellers, a quick TikTok update ensures your audience stays informed.

Pro Tip: Use engaging visuals or videos to showcase your new products.

11) Product Tutorials

Create tutorials for your products, especially if they can be complex to use. Alternatively, for simpler products, consider a satirical sketch on how to “use” the product.

Pro Tip: Keep the tutorial simple and clear. Use visuals, text overlays, and humour to make it more engaging.

12) Sales and Discounts Announcements

Use your TikTok platform to inform customers about sales and discounts. According to Kantar, TikTok ads capture attention 10% more effectively than other platforms.

According to the research by Kantar, 67% of all participants agreed that TikTok ads capture their attention – a 10% improvement compared to other platforms.

Pro Tip: Create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action.

13) Product Highlights

When launching a new product, highlight its unique features and benefits. A strong TikTok campaign can showcase your product and attract potential customers.

Pro Tip: Highlight the unique features and benefits of your product. Show the product in action and use customer testimonials for added credibility.

14) Service Highlights (Most Popular Ones)

Highlight your best and most popular services. Show your audience the benefits they can expect when they choose your services.

Pro Tip: Use case studies or before-and-after scenarios to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services.

15) Setting up Physical Displays

If you have a physical store, show your customers how you set up product displays. This can showcase your business’s creative edge.

Pro Tip: Show the process of setting up the display, not just the final result. This can give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your business and make them feel more connected to your brand.

16) Best Selling Services

Highlight your best-selling services and explain why they stand out. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to add credibility.

Pro Tip: Highlight the unique features and benefits that make these services bestsellers. Use customer testimonials to add credibility.

17) Sharing the Supplies Needed to Start a Business

Share the equipment needed to start a business like yours. This can be educational for some and a reality check for others.

Pro Tip: Make this content educational and engaging. Consider creating a series of TikToks, each focusing on a different aspect of starting a business.

18) Inspiration for Starting the Business

Share the inspiration behind starting your business. Whether it’s a fun story or a comedic sketch, your audience will appreciate the insight.

Pro Tip: Authenticity is key. Share your true inspiration and journey, and your audience will appreciate your honesty and transparency.

19) Personal Motivational Videos

Motivational content is popular on TikTok. Create motivational content surrounding your employees or spoof motivational videos related to your industry.

Pro Tip: Keep the content relatable and inspiring. Use storytelling to make the content more engaging.

20) Product Manufacturing from Start to Finish

If your business involves a unique manufacturing process, consider creating a fast-paced time-lapse video showing how your products are made.

Pro Tip: Use time-lapse videos to show the manufacturing process. This can make the content more engaging and visually appealing.

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21) Creative Ways to Use Products

Showcase unique or creative ways to use your products. This could be either practical or humorous. Featuring user-generated content can also be a great way to engage your audience. You can learn more about the importance of grabbing users’ attention in the first three seconds here.

Pro Tip: Encourage user-generated content by asking your audience to share their own creative uses for your products.

Read our in-depth guide for learning more about how to encourage user-generated content.

22) Behind-the-Scenes: Listing Process

Give your audience a glimpse into the effort that goes into listing a product or service on your website or marketplace. This could include taking product photos or writing descriptions.

Pro Tip: Show the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a listing. This can give your audience a greater appreciation for your products.

23) Organising Inventory

Share how your company organises its inventory, especially if you handle fragile items. This can provide valuable industry insights to your audience.

Pro Tip: Show the unique ways you organise your inventory. This can give your audience insights into your business operations.

24) Packaging Orders

Demonstrate how you package your products, highlighting your speed and care. This can reassure customers about the quality of your service. The hashtag #packagingasmr has over 100 million views, making it a potential avenue for increased visibility.

Pro Tip: Highlight the care and attention to detail that goes into packaging each order. This can show your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Share Advice: TikTok content ideas for business

25) Share Different Business Processes (Effective TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses)

Share the unseen processes within your business. This can help your audience gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work.

Pro Tip: Use visuals to clearly demonstrate each step of the process. This can make the content more engaging and easier to understand.

26) Avoiding Common Mistakes

Share valuable insights with smaller businesses about common mistakes to avoid. This can enhance your reputation as a helpful and community-oriented brand.

Pro Tip: Be honest and transparent about the mistakes you’ve made. This can make your brand more relatable and trustworthy.

27) Sharing Valuable Insights

Use the #whatIwishIknew tag to share advice or insights about your industry. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses starting out.

Pro Tip: Share personal stories and experiences. This can make the content more engaging and relatable.

28) Overcoming Obstacles

Share stories about how your business overcame specific challenges. This can provide valuable insights for your audience and other businesses.

Pro Tip: Highlight the solutions and strategies you used to overcome these obstacles. This can provide valuable insights for your audience.

29) Show your Favorite Tools to Use

Share the online tools that your business uses for marketing or content creation. This can provide valuable insights and recommendations for your audience.

Pro Tip: Explain why you use these tools and how they benefit your business. Consider creating tutorials on how to use these tools effectively.

30) Starting a Business: Tips and Advice

Share practical tips and advice on starting a business, based on your own experience. This can be particularly helpful for those looking to start a business in your industry.

Pro Tip: Share practical tips and advice based on your own experience. Be honest about the challenges and how to overcome them.

Entertaining TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

31) Thank Your Audience

Remember to thank your audience for their support, especially when your business reaches specific milestones. This can help foster a sense of community and appreciation.

Pro Tip: Personalise your thank you message. Share a story or milestone that your audience helped you achieve. This can make them feel more connected to your brand.

32) Supporting Small Businesses

Collaborate with local artists or smaller businesses. This not only helps them but also shows your audience that you care about the broader business community.

Pro Tip: Highlight the unique products or services of the small businesses you’re supporting. This can provide value to your audience and help small businesses gain exposure.

33) Give Shout-Outs to Creators or Businesses

Give shout-outs to smaller businesses or creators. This can help them gain attention and potentially bring new followers and customers to your business.

Pro Tip: Share why you’re giving the shout-out. What do you admire about this creator or business? This can make the shout-out more meaningful.

34) Tips for Taking Professional-Looking Photos and Videos

Share tips on how to capture high-quality photos and videos. This can be particularly useful if your business is related to photography, videography, or creativity in general.

Pro Tip: Share practical tips and advice. Consider creating a series of TikToks, each focusing on a different aspect of photography or videography.

35) Share Promo Codes

Share promo codes for your newest deals in creative ways on TikTok to entice new customers. This can make your audience feel valued and special.

Pro Tip: Make the promo code easy to remember and use. Consider creating a unique promo code for your TikTok audience to make them feel special.

36) Hosting Giveaways are Attractive to TikTok Audiences

Host giveaways to get people excited about your brand. This can also be a great way to bring in new customers.

Pro Tip: Make the giveaway rules clear and simple. Promote the giveaway across all your social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

37) Participate in Trends

Participate in trending hashtags like #justmakessense and #thingsthatjustmakesense by creating videos that relate to your business.

Pro Tip: Use this trend to highlight the unique features or benefits of your products or services. Make it fun and engaging.

38) Create Satisfying Things

The #satisfying trend on TikTok, with over 11 billion views, is a testament to the power of visually pleasing content. Whether you’re a baker crafting a perfect cake or a glassmaker moulding a flawless glass shape, showcasing these satisfying processes can captivate your audience’s attention.

Pro Tip: Use high-quality visuals to showcase the satisfying aspect of your product or service. Consider using slow motion or close-up shots to enhance the satisfying effect.

39) Promote Other Accounts

Your business needs to have a vibrant social media presence to survive in this competitive space. Promote your other social media accounts at the end of your TikTok videos. This can help you grow your audience across multiple platforms.

Pro Tip: Give your audience a reason to follow your other accounts. What unique content or value can they get from following your other social media platforms?

40) Share Life Hacks

Life hacks are a popular idea among many businesses and creators on TikTok. The #LifeHacks and #lifehack tags have a combined viewership of over 8 billion. Share life hacks related to your product or service. This can provide value to your audience and attract a larger crowd.

Pro Tip: Make sure the life hacks are practical and easy to follow. Use visuals to demonstrate each step of the life hack.

General Rules and Tips Related TikTok Content Ideas for Your Business

41) Use Music in Your Videos

Incorporate music into your TikTok videos to make them more engaging. Choose songs that align with your brand and the message of the video.

Using music in your videos is one of 27 major trends that are always successful, and is something that most companies use.

Pro Tip: Trending music can increase the visibility of your content.

42) Bring a Creative Spin on Hashtag Challenges

Participate in hashtag challenges by adding your own creative spin that involves your product or service. This can help you engage with a larger audience.

Pro Tip: Make sure your spin on the challenge is relevant to your brand and audience. This can make the challenge more engaging and memorable.

43) Make Tutorial Videos for Engaging TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

Create tutorial videos for your products or services. This can help your audience understand how to use your products or services effectively.

Pro Tip: Keep the tutorial simple and clear. Use visuals to demonstrate each step, and consider adding text overlays for clarity.

44) Give Out Meaningful and Relevant Information

Share relevant and meaningful information about your business and how it works. The key here is to ensure that the individual watching the video learns important things about your business and how it works.

Pro Tip: Make sure the information is valuable and interesting to your audience. Use visuals and storytelling to make the information more engaging.

45) Rely On Humour to Sell Your Brand

Use humour in your TikTok videos to engage your audience. Even a slight touch of humour can make your videos more entertaining and shareable.

Pro Tip: Use humour that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience. Be careful to avoid humour that could be offensive or divisive.

46) Start a Hashtag Challenge

Start a new hashtag challenge on TikTok. This can be a fun and effective way to engage with your audience and attract new followers. They can be a very effective marketing technique, especially with Gen Z audiences.

Pro Tip: Make the challenge fun and easy to participate in. Promote the challenge across all your social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

Taking your TikTok Marketing to the Next Level

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