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46 TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses of all B2C Industries

TikTok has become a juggernaut in the online marketing space, as it proves to be the best way to engage with your audience. As result, key TikTok content ideas are important for scaling your businesss.

tiktok content ideas b2c businesses

Scientific Proof that TikTok is More Engaging and Emotionally-Stimulating

According to a study conducted by Neuro-Insight, TikTok’s engagement rate was 15% more powerful than other leading platforms, including the likes of Instagram. In the study, 57 in-lab respondents age 18-35 years old were asked to browse TikTok for 24 minutes and were exposed to 26 ads. In terms of the content’s emotional valence, TikTok showed to be 44% stronger than the other  leading social media platforms too.

Undoubtedly, TikTok should be prioritised as a marketer in nearly all B2C industries. So here are 46 TikTok content ideas to bring your business to the next level.

Showcasing Your Company: TikTok Content Ideas for Business

1) Share Goals of Your Company

You want to seem more relatable to your audience, which is why it is important to share its goals. Every business has a purpose, and some have multiple. By clearly stating your goals and ambitions, your audience will better understand your stand for. It also helps that having similar values to your customers makes them very supportive of your business. If you are the face of the brand, then you can even share your aim with your audience.

2) Partnerships with Charities

According to the Cone Cause Evolutionary Study, 80% of customers are more than willing to switch to a different brand if it supports a specific cause and charity. That should be enough reason to show you that supporting charities is a good idea. Make an awareness video ad campaign showing the different charities you support and how you contribute. Your contributions could be monetary, or they could take the form of something more thoughtful like food drives and much more. Build a stronger connection with your audience by giving, and telling others about it. There’s nothing wrong with doing so.

3) Show Off Employee Pets

Newswhip’s study found that using pets on social media saw an increase of almost 295% in their comments. Pets are possibly the most effective way that brands can bring in an audience, and showing off the pets in your office can go a long way in humanizing you. Pet lovers especially love when brands and companies show off their pets. And if you allow your employees to bring their pets to work, this video can show you as a fun and exciting brand. Make fun TikToks involving pets in the office, and enjoy your increased engagement.

4) Share Why You Chose the Name

Your company’s name and slogans are an important part of its identity, and greatly contributes greatly to your brand. Sharing how you or your founders came up with the name can help inspire and strengthen bonds with your customers. However, if the origins of your name are funny or random, it still can make for engaging and humorous content. Just think outside the box. Either way, it can bring in a favorable audience and the engagement you want. You never know. You could also become a meme, skyrocketing your popularity!

5) Introduce Your Team (Effective TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses)

showing team as tiktok content idea for businesses

Your team is an essential part of the company, which is why you should always give them the recognition they deserve. It’s never enough for customers to see a single face, as it is harder for them to create a connection. Showing the team and their diverse personalities shows customers that you are proud of them. Even if your team is relatively small, adding multiple TikTok videos in a series of introductions can help people learn more about the people behind their favorite products or services.

6) Share a Success Story

According to a study by Kantar, the most engaging content on the TikTok App inspires users. And one of the best TikTok content ideas for businesses can be to share a success story. The story can be of one of the employees in your firm, or it can be of the company itself and its humble beginnings. Showing the hardships that a company has gone through can make it more relatable to customers. A study from Stanford showed that people were 22x more likely to remember stories of companies rather than the company itself.

7) The Average Day in Your Office

Offices don’t always have to be boring. Therefore, showing off the average workday in your office can further humanize your brand, showing customers that real people work on their favorite products and services. You can show your employees having a good time at their desk, playing fun challenges in the break room, or quirky ways that they work.

8) Giving Workplace or Office Tours are good TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

Other than showing off the office, another great TikTok Content idea for businesses would be to show off their office or workspace. If the business works out of a house, showing the different rooms and workspaces for the different people working can be both fun and eye-opening. Bigger companies can show off the different facilities and how the office is set up.

9) Introducing Your Company as Good TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

If someone on TikTok finds you first, you will need to give them a proper introduction to your company. The company’s founder can tell customers where they are from and how they started it. They can also go in-depth about how their company is changing the industry or their unique selling point. The point of an introductory video is to help individuals learn something about you, so keep that in mind when you create one.



Company Products, Services and Origins: TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

10) Updates in Stock

When you have a dedicated following on the app, one of the best TikTok Content Ideas for businesses can be to update their customers. Using TikTok, a company can share a video of their newest products or services before, and during their launch. It shows that the company is active. Even if you are just restocking some of your old bestsellers, a quick update on the app is the safest way to ensure people find out.

11) Tutorials (How to Use Products)

a tutorial video as TikTok Content idea for businesses

Another great TikTok content idea for businesses is to create tutorials for their products. Suppose the products you create can be difficult to understand or use. People should find out how to use them through you. Go into detail about using the product so that customers will not have any questions left. However, if your product is too easy to use, you could make a satirical sketch on how to “use” the product. The sketch could also feature all of the wrong ways that someone could use your product.

12) Making Announcements (Sales and Discounts), an engaging TikTok Content Idea for Businesses

Another great way to use your social media platform is to inform your customers about the sales and discounts. If they could be getting major savings through yearend sales or Black Friday sales, you surely don’t want them to miss it. According to the research by Kantar, 67% of all participants agreed that TikTok ads capture their attention – a 10% improvement compared to other platforms.

13) Product Highlights

When announcing a new product, you want people to find your product quickly without much effort. Furthermore, you want to convey that the product stands out from the rest of the crowd. A strong TikTok influencer campaign will be able to show off all of the bells and whistles of your new product while showing people why they would want it.

14) Service Highlights (Most Popular Ones)

In case you are a business that specializes in certain services, you can create a service highlight. The video will highlight all of the best services you offer and benefit the client. You can also show the most popular services that you have to offer, which can bring in even more people.

15) Setting up Physical Displays

If you have a shop and place physical products in the store, then you have a golden TikTok Content Idea for businesses on your hands. You can show your customers all of the different ways you have set up these displays. For example, if you specialize in selling shoes, you can make small shelves out of old basketballs or even footballs. These can show off your business’s creative edge.

16) Best Selling Services

When starting out a business, it is obvious that there will be a few products or services that stand out from the rest. However, a new customer will not know about these bestsellers. Therefore, you should convey which of your products or services stand out and why. For example, Orthodontists can show that they specialize in root canals through testimonials from customers. On the other hand, repairpersons can show off their skills in repairing through TikTok, which could make them go viral.

17) Sharing the Supplies Needed to Start a Business

The rising tides lift all ship is a sentiment that rings true among businesses. By informing your customers about all of the equipment, they need to start a business like yours. For some, it can be a learning experience. Others can find out how difficult it is to start a business like yours. Either way, it can pique someone’s curiosity and makes for very engaging content. But if the business is small and fairly easy to set up, it can help generate some goodwill among customers.

18) Inspiration for Starting the Business

People will have many questions about your business, like why you started it. It could be to make a difference in the world, or it could be to make money simply. Either way, people want to know what inspired you, and you could go about it in two different ways. If the inspiration is fun or is interesting, you could tell it the way it is and just add a little spice. But if there is no particular inspiration, you could make a comedic sketch.

19) Personal Motivational Videos

One of the most popular types of content on the TikTok app is motivational content. This content could be motivated to study, work, exercise, eat healthily or live a better life in general. The motivation hashtag on TikTok has over three billion views as of writing. You can create motivational content surrounding your employees and the hardships they faced in their respective careers. You can also create spoof motivational videos that relate to something viral within your industry.

20) Product Manufacturing from Start to Finish

Do you have a business with a niche manufacturing process? Well, that can prove to be a very good TikTok content idea for businesses. Simply show how you make your unique products in a fast-paced time-lapse. People love to watch these videos, as it shows off a very niche part of a product. For example, you can show off how you create your shirts in your T-Shirt business. If you are a blacksmith, you can show off how you create your items, as the hashtag has over 700 million views.

21) Creative Ways to Use Products

creative actions as TikTok content idea for businesses

There is one thing that people are using your products in its intended way, but that can get boring quickly. A good TikTok content idea for businesses is to create unique ways to use the products, either helpful or funny. Or, if someone has already come up with the idea, you could feature them on your page. You really want to hook the audience and get their attention. You can learn more about the importance of grabbing users’ attention in the first three seconds here.

22) Creating Listings Process

One of the few things that most customers never think about is the effort that goes into listing a product or service onto a website or a marketplace. If you take the pictures and write the descriptions yourself, you can explain all of the work into making one. Granted, it is not easy, but it is still something worth telling your audience in the form of an engaging TikTok video.

23) Organizing Inventory

This content idea will work great for both small and large businesses. When considering fragile items, some people may wonder how companies go about storing their inventory safely without breaking or damaging them. You could answer that question or show off the unique ways your company organizes its inventory. People love such industry insights.

24) Packaging Orders Process

If your business gets many specialty orders to get ready, customers might want to know how you do it. You can show off your fast packaging abilities or the care with which you pack all of your products. These videos can be very effective ways to show your customers that you care about them. #packagingasmr has over 100 million views, so consider uploading them and hash-tagging relevant hashtags.

Advice: TikTok content ideas for business

25) Share Different Business Processes (Effective TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses)

There are various processes in your businesses that most of your customers have never seen and have no idea how it works. Therefore, you can engage them by showing off some of these processes that they have never seen before. They may even garner a deeper appreciation of the company after seeing how hard your firm is working.

26) Common Mistakes to Avoid

As a company that has a sizeable audience, you can offer valuable information to other smaller businesses. You can tell them of the different mistakes that they should avoid when they are starting. Even if you could not find something similar, this could count as good community service. Customers seeing you give this valuable information to other smaller businesses will make them think more highly of you.

27) “What We Wish We Knew” Feedback

man introducing himself into camera

The #whatIwishIknew tag on TikTok has over 15 million views as writing, which focuses on teaching people things that could help them. These videos can make for great TikTok content ideas for businesses, as you will be giving relevant advice for your particular industry. You might have either learned something new about the industry or made a completely avoidable mistake. This advice can prove to be very useful to fledgling small businesses.

28) Overcoming Obstacles

One of the best TikTok Content ideas for businesses is to create a video on overcoming certain challenges. There might be challenges that all new small businesses face, such as budgeting or retaining customers. You can offer them advice to help them overcome their particular issue, bringing in curious people and entrepreneurs. People will especially pay attention if the person in the video is an expert.

29) Show your Favorite Tools to Use

As a business online, you certainly choose online tools to use in marketing or curating your content. Either way, you can create a TikTok video that includes all of the online tools that you use. If your a business in the educational sector, free tools like Grammarly are great examples to show to your audience. If you have a more in-depth understanding of these programs, you can even create videos explaining them to your audience.

30) “How to Start a Business”

Starting a business is never easy, which is where you can offer them advice. Advice on starting a specific business is one of the best TikTok content ideas for businesses. The best thing is that your personal experience can play a big role in shaping the content that you put out. Furthermore, you should offer advice for your specific industry, such as using local artists to create patterns for your clothing brand.

Ideas for Fun and Entertainment (TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses)

31) Thank Your Audience

It can be easy to forget that your audience is responsible for getting you where you are. Therefore, be sure to take out time to thank them with one of your videos. YouTubers frequently thank their audience for their support. Learn from them. You should especially thank them when your business reaches specific milestones, such as a certain number of sales or followers on your different accounts.

32) Supporting Small Businesses

Collaborations between companies or with creators are very common on TikTok, especially those that make sense. Therefore, supporting local artists or collaborating with smaller businesses can be a very good marketing tactic. Telling your customers to support smaller businesses is also a great TikTok Content idea for businesses. It shows that you care about smaller businesses, which can also help you garner respect from your audience.

33) Give Shout-Outs to Creators or Businesses

Speaking of supporting small businesses, you can also give these smaller businesses or creators a shout-out. If you have an audience bigger than them, you can bring them much attention by calling out their name. On the other hand, if the creator you are calling out also has a big following, then you have the chance of getting new followers and more potential customers.

34) Tips for Taking Professional-Looking Photos and Videos

man taking picture in subway

Photography and videography is important to much of millennials and generation Z. It’s a part of their every day lives. If you have someone in your team that has good experience in photography or videography, get them to offer advice on how to take capture higher quality footage. Make quick, well edited TikTok videos showing them how to do so, if your company niche is related to photography, videography or creativity in general. The #Photography alone has 28.9 billion views.

35) Share Promo Codes

TikTok is quickly transitioning from solely social network community to an prestigious advertising platform. And one of the best ways to market to your audience is through offers and discounts. One of the best TikTok content ideas for a business is to share promo codes for their newest deals in creative ways on TikTok, in order to entice new customers. These promo codes do not have to as high as 30% or 40%, but they should just make your audience feel valued. Make it exclusive in some way to them.

36) Hosting Giveaways are Attractive to TikTok Audiences

Other than promo codes, giveaways can be a very effective way to get people excited about your brand. You could give away certain products from your business, or you could give away things you have made in collaboration. Giveaways give off the impression that you care for your clients, as you give them various products for free. It is also a great way to bring in new customers.

37) “It Just Makes Sense”

The TikTok trend #justmakessense and #thingsthatjustmakesense have over 160 million and 140 million views. The trend follows people putting things around their house, saying that it makes sense. Apply this trend to your business and make comedic videos that relate to the operational side of your business, or the features of your products.

38) Satisfying Things

#satisfying has over 11 billion views on the app, which speaks for itself. These videos are very popular and can be a great addition to your TikTok content ideas for businesses. You could be a baker who can  bake a cake perfectly, or you are a glassmaker who can mold a glass shape perfectly. Either way, when done well, it can be a very effective technique to get your audience’s attention.

39) Promote Other Accounts

Your business needs to have a vibrant social media presence to survive in this competitive space. And one of the ways that you can get more followers is to migrate them from one account to the other. You can promote your other socials at the end of every video, especially when you thank your audience in a video.

40) Share Life Hacks

Life hacks are a popular idea among many businesses and creators on TikTok. The #LifeHacks and #lifehack tags have a combined viewership of over 8 billion. With that kind of viewership, you can expect many new viewers to come to your business, if it’s a very engaging video. In these videos, you should create life hacks for different situations to insert your product. This idea makes for fairly easy content that also brings in a massive crowd.

General Rules and Tips: TikTok content ideas for your business:

41) Use Music in Your Videos

girl dancing to tiktok music


One of the quintessential rules of making engaging content on TikTok is to insert music into your videos. TikTok has some of the most popular songs on the internet on their service, which allows you to find a song that would perfectly fit your video. Even if you do not plan on saying something during the video, your choice of music can say it for you. Using music in your videos is one of 27 major trends that are always successful, and is something that most companies use.

42) Bring a Creative Spin on Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are fun and can effectively bring in a crowd. Chipotle is possibly the best example of a company effectively using hashtag challenges to attract an audience. But even if you cannot contribute to the challenge, like most other content creators, you can do something similar by adding your creative spin to it. Take a new challenge and add your special spin using your product.

43) Make Tutorial Videos for Engaging TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

If you offer a specific service that can be hard for someone to understand or engage in watching, make a video about it. These types of informative videos are an excellent way to gather a larger audience. A chiropractor, for example, can show off the different ways that they help with an individual’s neck or back. They can show how they will carefully position the body and turn it.

44) Give Out Meaningful and Relevant Information

A very good TikTok content idea for businesses can be to make informative videos on various related topics. The key here is to ensure that the individual watching the video learns important things about your business and how it works.

45) Rely On Humor to Sell Your Brand

Humor is one of the most effective tools that you can use in your TikTok content ideas for businesses. Granted, you do not need to write very funny sketches for your video, but something that is even slightly humorous can be very effective in engaging your audience. If the video is good enough, it goes viral on the app.

46) Start a Hashtag Challenge

girls dancing in front of camera


Finally, an incredibly effective TikTok content idea for businesses is to start a new hashtag challenge. With the right combination of music, additions to the video, and a format, you can create a hashtag challenge. Of course, these challenges can take their time to become popular. Still, they can be a very effective marketing technique especially with Gen Z audiences.

Taking your TikTok Marketing to the Next Level

Making content on TikTok is not easy, but it can be a very effective way to acquire and engage your desired audience. Since it can be so difficult to get these marketing campaigns right, why not rely on us to do it for you. At House of Marketers, we work to improve your social media branding to the fullest. We handle everything from the content ideas, to the onboarding of influencers, the management of TikTok ads, and the full execution of your TikTok campaigns. Learn more about our content creation and TikTok ad creation services here. Or enquire about your first campaign with a fully-fledged TikTok marketing agency here.


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