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40 TikTok Business Ideas That Will Grow Your Brand, Today

Every TikTok business idea is not always going to be successful. Every piece of content is not going to make noise and convert your audience – especially with so much competition on social media. As a result, we’ve put together a list of TikTok business idea and real-world examples to help get your creative juices flowing.

With the incredible ability to quickly scale your TikTok marketing campaigns, you should put in the time that’s required to get your creatives to a high standard on TikTok. The more unique, authentic and appealing your content is, the more you’ll achieve with your budget, and the quicker you’ll be able to scale your campaigns, and the growth of your business, in general. That’s why thousands of businesses are turning to TikTok marketing agencies like ours at House of Marketers.

40 Business TikTok Ideas to Grow

Research by Statista suggests that TikTok Influencers have an average engagement rate as high as 17.99%. That engagement rate is higher than influencers on every other large social media platform, by far. You can find more interesting stats surrounding the power of TikTok, here.

To help you create a better, more informed TikTok marketing strategy, here are 40 creative TikTok business ideas employed by some of the world’s biggest brands and most promising startups. We’ve split them into industry categories, including travel, fashion, gaming, finance and more.

Popular TikTok Business Ideas

Travel TikTok Business Ideas

1. RyanAir

Ryanair is a good example of how a brand has used humour to attract attention worldwide. Despite being an airline in Europe, users in the US even know about Ryanair and have been following their viral content. One of its more popular videos involved a face on an airplane, which has become something of a mascot for the brand.

Travel businesses can incorporate humor into their brand identity, for example, creating puns related to different locations where their customers can travel.

@ryanair I’ll just be here, waiting😩🥺!! Ib @RAM 🐏 Sánchez #brandtok #ryanair #airline #fyp ♬ Oh no our table mashup by meredithbull – meredithbull

2. Tourism NZ

Tourism NZ was responsible for creating a small interactive experience, which allowed individuals to travel to New Zealand without actually going there. A local influencer worked with them to create the ‘choose your character’ video, to market the interactive experience. Their ‘choose your character’ tag has over 400 Million views.

Tourism companies can also use popular tags like #Welcome2022 to show off some of the beautiful peaks that they can explore.

Animal and Pet TikTok Business Ideas

3. ChomChom

Sometimes, advertising a product can be as simple as showing the effectiveness of a product. And in the case of ChomChom, it showed how effectively the roller could clean fur off any surface. The #ChomChom has over 60 million views, with different people showing off its effectiveness and how to use it.

Companies with a unique product can simply show off how they are using it or get the most out of it. You can even find creative situations to use it in, making it more appealing.

4. YVE Cat Laser

The YVE cat laser is another example of a product that speaks for itself. The product is simple, yet it can go on the #lasercat feed, which has a total audience of over 13 million. There are multiple ways that companies can incorporate this into their TikTok business idea, such as making a satirical video where they show all of the wrong ways people can use a product.

Fashion Apparel TikTok Business Ideas

5. GAP

The GAP has launched multiple challenges on TikTok, such as when their audience was able to chose the colour for their new hoodie design. These types of fan interactions can be very good as they allow customers to impact company decisions. This doesn’t have to stay to the extent of clothes, as this can also apply to other products in other industries.

6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was Team USA’s official outfitter at the 2022 Winter Olympics, and in the spirit of their outfits, they were also able to partner with TikTok. They created a special filter, which was able to amass over 52 million views under #RLxTeamUSA. While you don’t need a filter to get the same results, you can easily work with a good song and dance moves to get a similar result.

Health and Fitness TikTok Business Ideas

7. Nike

Nike remains one of the most influential sports brands globally simply because it understands its audience. Their #MagicBoots campaign garnered over 1.1 billion views over its lifetime, which followed TikTok creator @Ben meeting with celebrity footballers in his Nike boots.

TikTok Business Ideas for shoes

Creating hype around apparel is usually possible through association; where someone does something ‘cool’ while wearing your clothing line. But why not make them do something unusual, to make noise on TikTok?

8. GymShark

GymShark has very much dominated the fitness scene on TikTok, making waves with its 66 days, change your life challenge (Learn more about it by going to trend 7 in this article, here). This challenge alone was enough to propel them into stardom, as people continue to post videos about it today.

Individuals in the fitness industry can amass a following by debunking common myths or providing meaningful training advice. On the other hand, if you are offering fitness apparel, show a training montage while someone is wearing it.

Food and Drink TikTok Business Ideas

9. Applebee’s

Food is easily one of the biggest hashtags on the app, amassing 6.9 billion views. Using one of TikTok’s most popular songs, the country song ‘Fancy Like’, they drove interest in their Oreo Shake. The #Oreoshake has hit an all-time high of over 50 million views since the campaign.

Smaller businesses can also incorporate huge artists into their content using TikTok’s library of free-to-use content.

10. Jif

Jif Partnered with rapper Ludacris to create the #JifRapChallenge, where individuals would take a spoonful of peanut butter and duet with him. The Duets led to some very creative music, and the brand managed to accumulate over 7 billion views. It remains one of the best brands on TikTok to inspire your strategy.

It is a prime example of a brand creating an unorthodox pairing between their food and rap music. You can create something similar to a makeup tutorial using only colours found in natural fruits, for example.

Kid Toys – TikTok Business Ideas

11. Zuru Toys

Zuru Toys has been able to effectively cater its marketing efforts to TikTok, where it has seen immense success. Their Mini Brands line of toys has over 1 billion views on the app. The senior digital manager at Zuru Toys told Business Insider in an Interview:

“The toy industry has seen a massive [boost] on TikTok, solely because our entire user base is either there, or across other platforms such as YouTube or Netflix.”

toys for tiktok business ideas

Other companies can emulate their success by showing off their toys fun and creative manner. The focus is often on how fun they are to play with.

12. MGA Entertainment

MGA has also been following in the footsteps of Zuru toys, as they also took their marketing efforts to TikTok. Thanks to these viral campaigns, there has been a renewed interest in toys once again. They have many engaging videos on their channel, which show off how fun it is for kids to play with their toys.

Gaming TikTok  Ideas

13. Razer

Razer has been using TikTok for a long time for their marketing efforts, with their official channel also having over 2 million followers. When releasing the newest Razer Quartz, they added cat ears to the headphones and a cute dance to go with it. The #RazerQuartz was able to gather 92 million views in total. Once again, dancing proves to be one of the most effective way to get attention on TikTok.

14. Fortnite

One of the few companies that almost instantly jumped on the TikTok train was Fortnite. The game has over 2.5 billion views and was also responsible for the very popular #EmoteRoyaleContest. In this challenge, people would do a multitude of dances for a chance to be in the game.

a girl dancing for tiktok challenge

Asking fans of the game for dance ideas is a great TikTok business idea for boosting user-generated content and engagement. Of course, dances are not the only way to engage them though. Read this brainstorming techniques article to help you to identify the best content ideas with your team.

Automotive Industry TikTok Business Ideas

15. Ford

Ford released an augmented reality experience for their Ford P758 pickup truck. It was one of the most unique TikTok business ideas that they had experimented with, and the campaign was able to cross 10 billion views, with over 17,000 videos created in less than a month.

The augmented reality experience allowed young people to visually experience their dream car.

16. BMW

BMW has been one of the most influential car manufacturers on TikTok, as they have managed to completely reimagine themselves as a younger company for their newer audience. They release a lot of behind-the-scenes footage, showing off how their cars are made.

A behind-the-scenes approach is always a good TikTok business idea, as they give audiences more insight and a more personal experience with your brand.

Sports TikTok Ideas

17. NFL

Before their 100th season, the NFL released the #WEREADY challenge. Participants would show off just how excited they were for the kickoff. The campaign was an incredible success, with all of its videos gathering 421 million views.

Ask fans to share what they are doing when watching a sporting event. Get them to show how excited they are.

18. Benny the Bull

One of the reasons why people love mascots for a team is because they can often bring a lot of energy to the game. And Benny the Bull is a great example of a mascot growing bigger than the team. The mascot has an incredible following of over 5 million on TikTok, compared to the Chicago bulls with just 700,000. Furthermore, #Bennythebull has over 26 million views.

The mascot can help boost the popularity of a team, especially when the mascot is very energetic and has a vibrant personality.

Beauty TikTok Business Content Ideas

19. Fenty Beauty

Fenty beauty has a very simple TikTok marketing strategy. They feature Rihanna in various posts, and engage with its audience personally. With just these two steps, they have been able to solidify themselves as a force in the beauty community.

And even if you can’t get Rihanna to appear in your TikTok, engaging with the audience in the comments is still possible. Communicating with the audience in the comments makes them feel valued while also being a good way to get valuable feedback. Instead just work with popular TikTok creators in your niche.

20. Clinique

Clinique’s ‘Almost Lipstick’ is one of their oldest collections, but the Black Honey shade suddenly gaining incredible popularity. The shade naturally started coming into the conversation, with #blackhoney surpassing 28 million views. Its soaring popularity led to people sweeping the shade off shelves.

This particular incident shows just how effective a small domino effect can be, as it usually takes just a single person to start a trend. Find the influencer that matches your brand, as the first domino is always the most important.

Health and Pharma TikTok Brand Ideas

21. P&G

P&G started a heartwarming campaign called #LeadWithLove, which became an instant smash hit. The campaign generated over 12 billion views throughout its effective lifetime. Young people shared their heartwarming stories of how they have lead with love.

Inspirational videos often get the best response, especially those that are uplifting messages. Another very effective campaign idea can be to spread awareness for a specific issue, especially those you are providing relief for.

22. Mucinex

Of course, not all campaigns surrounding healthcare have to be very emotional. They can sometimes be fun and light-hearted as well. Mucinex started the #BeatTheZombieFunkChallenge, where people were asked to dance to a “sick” beat. The best thing about the dance was that it spread the brand’s message while being fun and entertaining. The campaign was able to generate almost 6 billion views.

You can create a funky beat for your ad campaign, which gels with the rest of your brand image. And if enough people like the song, they will dance to it.

Technology TikTok Business Ideas

23. Vivo

Vivo has been an especially popular tech company. #VivoY51Style saw over 9 billion views throughout the campaign, which even led to them breaking a world record in the process. The challenge was open-ended, where people performed dances or talked about the phone and its features.

The simplicity of the challenge meant that anyone could join, regardless of the type of content they made. That simplicity can be a great TikTok business idea.

24. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has also been tearing down walls in the tech industry, as they have been making some of the best cameras you can find in a smartphone. To put that claim to the test, they started the #shootlikeapro campaign, where participants would take creative pictures with their phones.

The product you have made needs to have a unique selling point, when showcasing it in a campaign like this. If the processor chipset is very fast, a #howfastareyou?

Finance TikTok Business Content Ideas

25. Step

The challenger bank Plum has taken its first foot into TikTok Marketing, as they have partnered with the biggest creator on the platform: Charli D’Amelio. Their campaign focuses on educating young people about the bank. In doing so, they even started a small challenge with a giveaway of $100,000. Even if people did not win, they could still win small amounts by registering.

tiktok business ideas for finance

Giveaways are an effective way to bring attention to a challenge, but partnering with talented creators is still important. If you can afford it, working with the creators with the largest followings are usually the best way to bring in a large engaged crowd.

26. Plum

Plum is a small fintech firm that took the opposite approach to Step. Instead of identifying an influencer with a large audience, they targeted a more niche influencer through @mrtradingrobot, who marketed their product with a challenge. Their investment returned an incredible ROI of 180%.

Jewellery TikTok Business Ideas

27. Smyth Jewelers

Smyth Jewelers is a popular US-based jewelry store with a sparkling selection of engagement rings, diamond rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. Smyth Jewelers’ creative approach was to personalise its videos in an entertaining way. For example, the company created a “What Your Diamond Shape Says About You” video series which encouraged engagement and educated viewers what their diamond shape preference says about their personality.

28. Cartier

Cartier content within the TikTok community is more associated with gifts. They present their products, as a gift of love and affection, to drive their sales. All in all, associations created with products can make for very good TikTok business ideas.

Energy Drink TikTok Business Ideas

29. Monster

The Monster energy drink has associated itself with extreme sports and athletes. One of their newest sponsored athletes was Sean O’Malley, the 12th best fighter in the UFC Bantamweight division. The video on their official page showed the athlete taking a sip of the energy drink and then practicing his striking on a dummy.

30. Red Bull

Red Bull has managed to associate itself with many industries, from gaming to extreme sports. On TikTok, they were also responsible for the #Danceyourstyle challenge, which could garner over 10 billion views.

tiktok content ideas for energy drinks

Music TikTok Business Content Ideas

31. Spotify

Spotify is easily the biggest streaming platform on the planet and had one of the best challenges. The #HowDuoYouListen challenge was promoting the Spotify Premium Duo feature. People would dance to either the left or right side of the screen during a song to show that they loved or hated it. It was simple, innovative and very fun, generating over 800 million views.

32. Sony Music

Sony Music has a licensing deal with TikTok, where many of their songs are available for people to use in their videos. Furthermore, some singers under the Sony Music label can even perform snippets of their songs on the app.

Collaborate with an artist and get them to promote your product, app or service. Or even use celebrity artist lookalikes.

Computer Accessory TikTok Business Ideas

33. Bose

One of Bose’s best features is noise cancellation. And not only is this feature in all of their headphones, but they have also perfected it. Bose has over 100,000 followers on TikTok, with #bose surpassing 150 million views. And throughout all of their videos, they show off their incredibly effective noise cancellation.

Companies can show off their technology’s features in innovative ways on TikTok. For example, if your product is waterproof, you could showcase it in humourous underwater situations, whilst in use.

34. Nvidia

man playing video games for tiktok business ideas

Nvidia makes some of the most powerful graphics hardware in the gaming market. #Nvidia has over 200 million views, with each video showing off how good the graphics process is.

You can also make something similar by showing something that your product specializes in.

Supermarket TikTok Business Ideas

35+36. Walmart vs. Target

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to keep them entertained. And one of the best campaigns that we could do was the Walmart vs. Target feud. It began with Target taking one of Wal-Mart’s trolleys hostage and then sending them a ransom video on TikTok. The constant back and forth between the two companies lasted a few weeks, with the engagement on both profiles increasing 13 times.

The feud showed that customers like nothing more than a comedic fight. If your business has a mascot, then starting with another mascot can be a great way to start a fake and funny feud.


@tiktok_mofo213 Just when I thought I had escaped the Target life, it drags me back in #target #walmart #walmartvstarget #war #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Rodolfo Allande


Men’s Accessory TikTok Business Ideas

37. eos

eos saw its purchases rise following a small review by a user. The way the user described the product in the video made it an instant hit amongst most users, as they were now looking to use the product. The single review led to 450x the regular website visits and 25x growth.

Get your audience to represent your brand in unconventional reviews that garner attention.

38. Manscaped

Manscaped is a very popular male grooming brand that has very effectively solidified its place in the industry via influencer marketing. They’ve launched many campaigns across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, which specifically target a younger teenage audience. Each ad is informative while being very funny throughout.

Own a taboo-like product? Genital grooming products can be an especially awkward taboo topic to discuss, so use humour as an icebreaker to connect with your audience.

Entertainment Brand TikTok Ideas

39. Netflix

Netflix uses its TikTok to create hype for new series and films. Netflix often uses FAQs and often short interviews with the cast to promote them.

TikTok Content Ideas for Entertainment

40. Marvel

Marvel, and not just the MCU, makes use of some of the best TikTok content. #Marvel has over 3.5 billion views that feature much unique user-created contents. Their approach sees them let their fans carry the marketing baton for them.

Developing a passionate audience can help bring in new viewers and readers. Sometimes that passion can very quickly lead to new customers.

TikTok Business Ideas Summary

As you may have noticed, marketing can be a daunting task, even when you have the best TikTok business ideas. It’s all about the execution, and having that knowhow and experience on TikTok is so precious. Nonetheless, we hope these real-world business examples help set you on your way, in terms of creativity.

If you require any help, feel free to get in touch with our team at House of Marketers. We will produce the right business strategy for your brand, and execute the most innovative content ideas with the best TikTok influencers. Our specialist TikTok ads team will then scale your campaign to millions of people to help you to achieve your brand goals.


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