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Repurposing UGC – Get the Most of UGC

Repurposing UGC

Repurposing UGC is a great way to increase a brand’s or product’s visibility. It is a great move towards building brand trust and credibility and an excellent way of generating more customer engagements. Recent studies by leading marketing conglomerates have emphasised the importance of incorporating UGC in your campaigns. A recent report by Nielsen, for example, showed that 90% of customers find User-generated content helpful. Moreover, the study established that customers rather believe what other consumers say about brands than rely on advertisements or promotional emails.

Of course, with an increased customer preference for user-generated content, brands are in a rush to put up strategies and adapt accordingly. However, despite the rush, many brands struggle to leverage user-generated content to its fullest potential.

Rather than simply using your user-generated content once, think of ways to leverage it by repurposing it to foster ongoing engagement and attract new customers. Don’t know where to start? We have outlined a step-by-step guide with useful tips, examples, and best practices to help you make the most of user-generated content on social media in 2023.

Why You Should Repurpose User-Generated Content

As brands explore new strategies to engage their audiences, repurposing UGC has become an essential marketing tactic. Here are some reasons you should consider repurposing your user-generated content.

Repurposing UGC helps Brand Retell their Brand Story Faster

Don’t confine your brand messaging only to TikTok or Instagram. When you repurpose your content elsewhere, it helps you spread your message faster across multiple channels. As a result, repurposing UGC is key to expanding your reach across varied demographics.

Repurposing UGC Helps Brands Boost Conversions and Credibility

One of the greatest strengths of user-generated content is that it helps brands showcase their products and services from the perspective of their customers. Accordingly, when you repurpose, you open up your brand’s reach and build your product/ service credibility and trust. More people are likely to trust your service or product when they get authentic messages directly from the product or service users.

Repurposing UGC can help Brands Save Time and Money

Repurposing your user-generated content is a smart way to squeeze more out of your current marketing assets. From our experience, we all understand that collecting customer feedback can be quite challenging and costly. But if you already have UGC ready for repurposing, you’re already a step ahead.

Best Practices to Help you Effectively Repurpose UGC

TikTok users creating UGC

Are you interested in repurposing UGC? Before getting started, it is best to understand the best practices so you don’t lose traction. The tips below will help you maximise your UGC’s maximum impact and repurpose it effectively.

Make Sure that you Meet the Legal Obligations to Repurpose UGC

Do you have the right to repost? Just because someone mentioned you in their post doesn’t give you express permission to use their content. It is good practice to seek their permission before using their content. You can do it through the DMs or comment section. It is faster doing it this way than writing emails.

Likewise, for cross-social media posting, it is good practice to credit the creator by mentioning their accounts and usernames. Additionally, always double-check the terms of service of the platforms you intend to repurpose UGC.

Curate UGC before Repurposing it

Not everything should get its way into your next repurposing campaign. Carefully select only the best content to feature in your UGC repurposing strategy. This will ensure that your content is high quality and engaging for your audience.

Keep the Message Consistent Across the Platforms

I am pretty sure you don’t want to lose the messaging when switching platforms. When repurposing UGC, make sure to keep the message consistent. Keeping the messaging consistent will help you ensure the user’s experience with your brand is consistent and cohesive across the platforms.

Make Sure to Optimise UGC for Different Platforms Before Reposting

Different platforms have different rules and regulations. Likewise, just because a piece of content performed well on TikTok doesn’t give it a reference on Instagram or Facebook. So, when repurposing UGC, be ready to make small edits here and there to meet the ‘ideal’ requirements of the platform you are reposting to.

Creative ways of Repurposing UGC in 2023

A tiktok marketer repurposing her user generated contetnt

As brands look for new methods to interact with their audiences, the need to repurpose UGC has become more significant. As you look to explore this space, we outline some of the creative ways to help you get started.

Remember, how you repurpose your user-generated content highly depends on the content you receive and your campaign goals. So, before setting off, doing your homework and setting your goals and priorities right to get the best results is good.

Utilise Multiple Platforms when Repurposing UGC

The easiest and arguably the most cost-effective method of repurposing UGC is cross-posting it to other social media platforms. It is even easier to cross-post because social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok share similar products. For example, Instagram Reels are the equivalent of TikTok. TikTok’s Stitch and Duet features are equivalent to Intagram’s Collab feature.

This method is ideal for brands seeking to repost their influencer marketing content. However, remember that each social media platform has its best practices. So, small tweaks to your content and a little adapting can make a difference. You don’t want to copy and paste content across platforms; a little twist can give it new life and make it engaging for your target audience.


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Tap into the Power of UGC by Converting it into ads

Repurposing your user-generated content into ads presents an opportunity for you to make your social ads real and relatable. Using user-generated content for ads makes them real instead of regular ads, which are a turn away at first sight.

Are you ready to get started? Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have created inbuilt tools to help you convert UGC into sponsored. If you are still stuck, you can seek the help of a professional social media ads management agency to help you get started.

Incorporate UGC into your Blog Posts and Website

Do you run a blog to boost traffic to your website? Repurposing UGC into your blog pages allows you to showcase your products and services most authentically. This strategy will grab the attention of your blog subscribers and direct more traffic to your social media channel and help create a buzz around your brand.

Incorporate UGC into your Sales and Product Landing Pages

Often, users find relatable content familiar and comfortable to handle. As a result, when you leverage the potential of UGC by incorporating it into your sales and product page, you stand a good chance to entice your visitors to make favourable decisions.

Repurpose UGC in Your Email Campaigns

The goal of any email campaign is usually to increase brand interaction with customers. The ultimate goal is to increase conversions. If your emails are not receiving the necessary attention, it is time to leverage UGC. Not sure where to start? Consider adding to your emails the positive words or mentions from your customers. You can include positive reviews, testimonials, or pictures. Similarly, consider providing links to social media video posts.

Incorporate UGC in your Commercials to Captivate your Audience

There are more ways to captivate your audience and breathe new life into your commercials. And repurposing UGC provides an easy way to achieve this goal. In particular, this method works best with video-based content and testimonials. Additionally, it can work well when using audio for radio or podcast commercials.

Look for creative ways through which you can incorporate UGC into your commercials. They can truly revolutionise your campaigns. UGC can help you create truly memorable commercials that resonate with your audience.

Add a Human Touch to your Traditional Advertising

Repurposing UGC into your traditional advertising channels can help with a touch of sophistication and authenticity that can never be replicated elsewhere. It will help you easily create visually stunning ads highlighting your selling point to your targeted audience. Since customers believe in other customers than marketers, this will be a great way to showcase your services and products in the most ideal and realistic way.

How is Your Brand Utilising User-Generated Content?

TikTok user creating UGC content

Have you tried any of the tricks mentioned above? Take action now! By embracing the creativity and diversity of your audience, you can create compelling and unique experiences for your customer or audience. And no other channel gives you the avenue to achieve this than repurposing your user-generated content.

Repurposing UGC is not just about showcasing what others say about your business or brand. It is about fostering a sense of belonging and building loyalty with your audience. Moreover, it is about creating spaces for communities to express themselves uniquely. Guess what? Who benefits from such engagements? Your business is bound to reap big if you tap into the creativity and authenticity of your audiences. So, repurposing UGC is the way to go!

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