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Instagram Revamps Reels Algorithm to Boost ‘Original Content’


  • Instagram’s new update will prioritise original over reposted content in Reels.
  • Algorithms will reduce visibility for unoriginal content sharers leading to automatic replacement and labelling of reposts with originals.
  • Remix feature users will be unaffected by new restrictions.
  • This new update encourages more authentic and engaging content creation.
  • House of Marketers insight into the topic and implications for marketers.

Instagram, the widely-used social media platform, has announced significant updates to its Reels recommendation algorithm. According to the news update In a shift towards promoting authenticity, the new system will now prioritise original content, sidelining reposted videos.

This change marks a departure from previous practices where large and aggregator accounts dominated visibility. Now, the focus will shift to enhancing the visibility of smaller creators within the app.

CEO Adam Mosseri shared the details through an explainer video on his personal account. He outlined how the new algorithm actively identifies reposted content within the “recommended” Reels section. Once detected, these reposts are automatically replaced by the original videos, ensuring that original creators gain proper visibility. Although reposted videos won’t be removed from the accounts that shared them, they will now carry a label linking back to the original content, making the source visible to all viewers. This feature is designed to maintain content integrity and creator recognition on the platform.


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Expressing its commitment to fairness in the recent post, Instagram emphasised its objective to overhaul its ranking system. This revision is designed to empower creators with smaller followings by ensuring they have equal opportunities to reach new audiences.

What Does The New Instagram Update Mean?

Originally, Instagram’s Reels became a battleground where large accounts and meme pages often overshadowed original creators by aggregating videos. These practices diluted the essence of creativity and hampered the proper attribution of content.

Mosseri noted that the feature hasn’t gone into effect immediately but rather will be rolled out in the coming months. According to the announcement, the following changes are expected to roll out within the next few months.

  • Automatic Content Replacement: The algorithm now identifies reposted content in the “recommended” section and replaces it with the original video.
  • Labelling of Reposts: While not removing reposted content from the poster’s account, Instagram will tag it with a label linking back to the original, ensuring visibility and credit to the creator.
  • Stricter Recommendations: Accounts repeatedly posting unoriginal content will see a significant reduction in their visibility in recommendations, especially if they fail to “enhance” the content through significant edits or remixes.

To ensure that original content creators get the visibility they deserve, Instagram has introduced stricter penalties for aggregator accounts. These accounts, known for reposting content from others, will face significant repercussions under the new guidelines.

If an aggregator shares unoriginal content 10 or more times within a 30-day period, Instagram will cease recommending their Reels. This policy aims to diminish the reach of popular aggregator accounts that often use reposted videos to promote affiliate shopping links and other commercial initiatives.

According to CEO Adam Mosseri, accounts will be at risk of removal from recommendations if they have not made meaningful enhancements to the content they share. However, users who actively engage with the “Remix” feature on Reels—a tool akin to TikTok’s “duetting” that allows users to add to or alter the original video—will not be affected by this crackdown.

This policy ensures that creative contributions continue to be encouraged and rewarded on the platform.

Implications for Marketers

For marketers, these changes signal a shift towards valuing creativity and originality. The algorithm overhaul means:

  • Decreased Visibility for Aggregators: Brands using aggregator accounts to gain visibility through reposts might need to rethink their strategies.
  • Boost for Original Content: There is now a tangible incentive to create and promote original content, which could lead to higher engagement rates and follower growth.
  • Need for Adaptation: Marketers must adapt their content strategies to focus more on originality and authenticity to leverage Instagram’s evolving content landscape.

House of Marketers Insights

The update has been met with mixed reactions. While many original content creators welcome the change, some marketers and large account operators express concerns about adjusting their strategies. But we are looking at this change as positive, since such advancements would not only enhance fairness in content visibility but also push creators towards higher standards of innovation.

Instagram’s focus on original content is likely just the beginning. The platform might continue to refine its algorithm to further balance visibility between large and small creators. This policy shift is expected to cultivate an environment that rewards genuine creativity and may drive a shift toward more authentic content production across all platforms. Potential future updates could include more sophisticated detection of ‘originality’ and further penalties for repetitive unoriginal content.

Instagram’s pivot could set a new standard for content across social media platforms, potentially reducing the prevalence of reposted content on other platforms as well.

This move might encourage a more authentic content creation culture online, which could lead to:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: As users encounter more original content, engagement could become more genuine and meaningful.
  • Shift in Content Strategy: Brands and creators might invest more in unique content creation to stand out, shifting the overall quality of content on social media upwards.

As the digital realm continues to evolve, Instagram’s latest update may well be a catalyst for a larger movement towards authenticity and creativity in social media content creation. This shift not only aligns with broader digital trends but also reflects a growing demand from users for more meaningful and engaging content.


Instagram’s algorithm update is a bold step towards rectifying the visibility disparities within its platform. By prioritising original content, Instagram not only enhances the user experience but also fosters a more vibrant and diverse creative community. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of originality is becoming more apparent, shaping the future of content consumption and creation in the social media world.

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