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Top 7 Successful Fintech Marketing Campaigns (Real-Life Examples)

Fintech companies operate in an intensely competitive landscape, competing not only with each other but also with established financial institutions.

Afterall, finding new audiences for something innovative, making a space for your product and then retaining those customers isn’t easy. Especially, for a smaller, newer product in the market. So, how can a new Fintech company learn how to market a fintech company? By learning from the best Fintech marketing campaigns!

We at House of Marketers work regularly with Fintech Brands and have found TikTok to be a dynamic platform enabling FinTechs to engage a tech-savvy audience. Considering that 90% of Americans now use fintech apps—surpassing the numbers subscribing to video streaming or social media services—the potential of TikTok for groundbreaking marketing strategies is immense.

This article explores effective approaches on how to market a fintech company using TikTok to captivate and engage a diverse audience from almost any region or market. Let’s take a look at how these successful fintech brands utilised the power of TikTok in driving significant enhancements in user engagement and expanding the user base.

Best Fintech Marketing Campaigns

Each of these featured FinTech companies employs a unique approach that leverages TikTok’s dynamic and interactive capabilities to enhance their brand presence. Let’s take a look at each of these in depth.

Klarna’s “That’s Smoooth” Campaign

@parishilton It’s time for a new catchphrase. 👸🏼✨👸🏼💖 Let’s do this @klarna 🔥#ThatsSmoooth #ad ♬ original sound – ParisHilton

Klarna is a Swedish fintech innovator that simplifies the buying experience with its “pay in four instalments” service. This service allows consumers to shop now and pay later, providing a flexible payment option. The app also incorporates innovative features like buyer protection and package tracking, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Klarna’s Approach to Marketing

Klarna’s marketing strategy is characterised by its innovative and user-centric approach, focusing on simplifying the online shopping experience and making finance fun and accessible. The company skillfully blends bold aesthetics, humorous tones, and celebrity partnerships to resonate with a modern, digitally-savvy audience. Klarna distinguishes itself in the crowded fintech space by emphasising transparency, flexibility, and style, which not only enhances user engagement but also strengthens brand loyalty and awareness.

Klarna introduced the “That’s Smoooth” campaign initially in 2018. This campaign marked a significant push in their marketing strategy, especially in the United States, featuring catchy, memorable ads and clever wordplay on the word “smooth” to emphasize the seamless and hassle-free shopping experience Klarna offers. The campaign gained further traction and visibility through various iterations and partnerships, including celebrity endorsements.

In their recent, “That’s smoooth” campaign with Paris Hilton, Klarna utilised a was a multifaceted digital strategy, combining digital media, broadcast, and out-of-home advertising. Significant portions of the campaign were showcased directly on Paris Hilton’s TikTok account, tapping into her extensive follower base. This approach was designed to capture the attention of tech-savvy consumers who value both style and functionality in their financial solutions.

Impact of the Campaign

As a result of the campaign, Klarna reached a broader audience, effectively communicating the ease and style of Klarna’s financial services. This campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of using celebrity influence alongside smart branding on TikTok.

By collaborating with Paris Hilton, Klarna was able to leverage her vast social media influence to significantly boost its brand visibility. The campaign not only reached a broader audience but also effectively communicated the ease and style of Klarna’s financial services.

David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer of Klarna described Paris Hilton as a “trailblazer across fashion, tech, and business,” resonates deeply with Klarna’s audience, making her an ideal partner for this campaign.

“Her ability to stay ahead of trends, her shopping prowess, and the fact that our customer has grown up with her, made Paris the perfect person to partner with for this campaign,” Sandström noted.

This collaboration highlights the effectiveness of collaborating with influencers and media personalities to amplify brand messages and reach a broader audience. It also demonstrates the strategic use of celebrity influence alongside smart branding on TikTok, integrating traditional and modern marketing channels to strengthen consumer engagement and enhance market presence.

Plum – TikTok’s Conversion Lift Study + TikTok Challenges

@mrtradingrobot #savemoney #invest #investment #investmenttips #stockmarket #stockmarkettips #stockmarketinvesting #stockmarketnews #stockmarketcrash #investor ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Plum, a pioneering UK-based fintech company, utilises an AI assistant designed to help users effortlessly save and invest money directly from their smartphones. As a leader in wealth management applications, Plum has continuously leveraged the power of TikTok since 2020 to connect with a broader audience across the UK.

We will explore both their creative use of TikTok challenges and the strategic application of TikTok’s Conversion Lift Study to enhance campaign performance.

Plum’s Approach to Marketing

Known for its innovative and engaging marketing approach, Plum initially focused on utilising TikTok to launch a 52-week savings challenge, partnering with finance influencers like @mrtradingrobot. This interactive challenge encouraged users to save progressively larger amounts each week, starting with £1 and gradually increasing, leading to significant savings by year’s end. The use of influencer partnerships helped Plum tap into an audience already interested in financial management, significantly enhancing the campaign’s reach and resonance. The launch timing during the COVID-19 pandemic capitalised on increased TikTok usage, making the campaign particularly effective. The participatory nature of this challenge appealed strongly to TikTok’s predominantly Gen Z audience, who value interactive and community-based marketing.

Following the success of the TikTok challenges, Plum aimed to deepen its understanding of campaign performance within the UK and optimise its strategies for higher conversions. Employing TikTok’s Conversion Lift Study was a strategic move. This powerful tool allowed Plum to compare interactions between users who saw their ads (test group) and those who did not (control group). This segmentation enabled Plum to accurately measure the conversion uplift from each group, providing clear insights into the effectiveness of their ads.

Plum applied the Conversion Lift Study across their In-Feed Video campaigns, optimised specifically for an App Install campaign objective. The mix of creator-led videos and memes designed for this campaign resonated deeply with the TikTok audience, resulting in excellent engagement and conversion rates.

Impact of the Campaign

The innovative use of TikTok’s tools and targeted content strategies led to a significant 127% incremental lift, with 55% of the conversions being incremental. These figures underscore the effectiveness of TikTok in driving both engagement and conversions through relatable and culturally tuned content.

Plum’s strategic use of TikTok not only showcased their innovative approach to fintech but also demonstrated how targeted digital marketing strategies can effectively engage and expand consumer bases. By combining analytical tools like the Conversion Lift Study with creative influencer collaborations, Plum has set a benchmark for other fintech firms aiming to leverage social media platforms to enhance their customer engagement and growth.

Santander: “Stop! Scammer Time” Campaign

@antanddec #StopScammerTime. This is lots of fun (had a go yet?!) @santanderuk have proper advice on their website to help you #StopAndThink to avoid being scammed. #SantanderFraudAndScams #TakeFive #ad ♬ Stop! Scammer Time – The Bank of Antandec

Santander is a major global banking group that originates from Spain and operates primarily in Europe, North America, and South America. Renowned for its robust financial services that cater to personal, business, and corporate needs, Santander aims to support people and businesses prosper through simple, personal, and fair banking solutions.

Santander is committed to enhancing user security and providing robust financial services that empower customers to manage their finances with confidence and ease. The app includes features such as account management, secure money transfers, and specially designed tools to alert and protect users against fraud and scams, making it an essential tool for modern financial management.

Santander’s Approach to Marketing

Understanding that many people underestimate their risk of falling victim to scams, Santander launched a campaign aimed at increasing awareness and resilience against fraud. The goal was to educate users in an engaging way, ensuring the message resonated even with those who might not believe they are at risk of fraud.

Santander embraced TikTok’s dynamic and interactive platform to launch the “Stop! Scammer Time” campaign. This campaign utilised a fun and engaging Hashtag Challenge called ‘Scammer pants’, complete with a hilarious Branded Effect and a bespoke music track, making the serious message of scam prevention memorable and shareable.

The campaign effectively utilised various TikTok ad formats, including Spark Ads and TopView Ads, to maximise reach and engagement. Santander also collaborated with major UK TikTok creators, leveraging their influence to extend the campaign’s reach further into the community.

Impact of the Campaign

The “Stop! Scammer Time” campaign achieved viral success, amassing 3.2 billion views on the campaign hashtag and generating significant user interaction.

The campaign’s TopView Ads alone garnered 24.4 million impressions, with an impressive 80% of these impressions reaching individuals under the age of 35. A subsequent brand lift study revealed a 7.2% increase in ad recall, translating to a 41% relative lift. Attitudes towards fraud prevention saw a 2.7% lift, equivalent to an 8.3% relative lift, demonstrating a notable change in audience perception and awareness.

The Branded Effect panel was viewed by 35 million people in the UK, indicating wide-reaching engagement across the platform and the hashtag was viewed a whopping 3.2 billion times on TikTok.

Santander’s innovative use of TikTok not only broadened the campaign’s impact but also positioned the bank as a proactive leader in consumer safety. By combining humour with critical educational content, Santander effectively communicated the risks of financial scams in a format that resonated with a broad audience, particularly the younger demographic. This campaign underscores the potential of social media platforms like TikTok to transform public awareness campaigns into engaging, informative, and highly shareable content.

Binance’s Influencer collab with Cristinao Ronaldo

@binance #Binance and #CristianoRonaldo ♬ original sound – Binance

Binance is renowned globally as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, offering a robust platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. The app provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools for trading, investing, and securing cryptocurrencies. Users can trade a wide range of digital assets, engage in futures and options trading, and participate in staking and saving cryptocurrencies to earn rewards.

Binance also offers an educational platform, Binance Academy, to help new users understand the crypto market and investment strategies. Its commitment to security, user-friendly interface, and extensive market reach make it a top choice for both beginner and experienced crypto traders.

Binance’s Approach to Marketing

In a strategic move to enhance global awareness and adoption of Web3 technologies, Binance has partnered with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo for a multi-year collaboration focusing on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This partnership aims to introduce football fans and a broader audience to the innovative world of NFTs and decentralised finance through tailored content and exclusive digital collectibles.

Binance unveiled a series of engaging behind-the-scenes content and teaser images featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. This content is part of a broader advertising campaign set to leverage Ronaldo’s immense global popularity to educate and excite the public about the possibilities within the crypto space, particularly NFTs.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to use Ronaldo’s widespread appeal to break down the complexities of crypto investments and NFTs, making them accessible and appealing to a global audience.

Impact of the campaign

Cristiano Ronaldo’s massive following and influence as a global sports icon provide Binance with an unprecedented reach across diverse demographics, enhancing the potential for increased crypto adoption and participation in the NFT market.

Intuit QuickBooks – Celebrating Small Business Resilience on TikTok

@jessicaalba Get up and celebrate #SmallBusinesses with me by striking a #QuickBooksVictoryPose 👊🏽🎉 #AD @quickbooks 💗 #ShopSmall #BackSmallBiz ♬ Victory Pose – Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks is a global technology platform that revolutionises financial management for small and medium-sized businesses. By providing tools to get paid faster, manage capital, pay employees, and handle bookkeeping with ease and confidence, QuickBooks supports businesses through their financial journeys. In response to the hardships faced by small businesses during the pandemic, QuickBooks turned to TikTok to celebrate their resilience and highlight their victories.

Intuit’s Approach to Marketing

Celebrate the resilience of small businesses and boost awareness of QuickBooks’ tools that help these enterprises thrive. The campaign aimed to connect emotionally with small business owners and supporters by acknowledging their challenges and achievements during a tough economic period.

QuickBooks launched the #QuickBooksVictoryPose Branded Hashtag Challenge, which featured a 2D Branded Effect and custom music to engage the TikTok community. This challenge encouraged users to strike a “victory pose” to celebrate their business achievements, fostering a sense of community and shared success.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge was designed to maximise interactivity. By integrating TikTok’s 2D Branded Effect with custom sounds, QuickBooks captured users’ attention and spurred widespread participation. The campaign quickly gained traction, with the official hashtag challenge video amassing over 21 million views and generating 90 million impressions, significantly surpassing performance benchmarks.

To widen its reach and impact, QuickBooks collaborated with notable TikTok creators and celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay and actress Jessica Alba, who both actively encouraged the community to celebrate small business achievements. Influential small business owners like the award-winning dog grooming shop owner, @gabrielfeitosagroomer, also shared their personal success stories, enhancing the campaign’s authenticity and relatability.

Impact of the Campaign

The #QuickBooksVictoryPose challenge was a resounding success, with the TikTok community creating approximately 1.4 million videos, participated in by 767,000 users. Impressively, 56% of those participating in the challenge were small business owners themselves, demonstrating the campaign’s effective reach and engagement within its target demographic.

For QuickBooks, TikTok is an opportunity to reach, connect with and support small businesses in new and unique ways. We saw amazing results with the #QuickBooksVictoryPose Hashtag Challenge, which allowed us to celebrate small business success while strengthening our global brand presence.

The campaign not only celebrated small business successes but also significantly enhanced QuickBooks’ brand presence globally. It garnered 2.4 billion views worldwide and resulted in a 3.5% increase in brand awareness and a 3.1% lift in brand association, according to a post-campaign Brand Lift Study.

Strategic Insights from Jennifer Buchbinder, Director of Strategic Communications at Intuit QuickBooks

“QuickBooks sees TikTok as a unique platform to connect with and support small businesses in innovative ways,” stated Jennifer Buchbinder.

“The results of the #QuickBooksVictoryPose challenge were phenomenal, enabling us to not only celebrate small business success but also strengthen our global brand presence significantly.”Jennifer Buchbinder, Director of Strategic Communications, Intuit QuickBooks

The Intuit QuickBooks campaign on TikTok exemplified how brands can leverage social media to create meaningful connections and drive significant engagement. By celebrating the spirit of small businesses, QuickBooks effectively positioned itself as a supportive ally to entrepreneurs globally, showcasing the power of community-oriented marketing on digital platforms.

Revolut’s Use of Digital Marketing

@revolutapp The lazy way to organise your finance ✨ 🎥 @grace beverley ♬ Meek Mill style trap beat(1175802) – Invis!ble Cats

Revolut has emerged as a leader in the new-age fintech solutions, offering services that cater to a broad demographic, from children as young as seven to adults aged seventy. The secret to Revolut’s success lies not just in their innovative financial solutions but in their dynamic digital marketing strategies that have allowed them to stand out in a saturated market.

Founded in 2015 initially as a travel card, Revolut has expanded its offerings to include multi-currency accounts, fee-free international ATM withdrawals, commission-free stock trading, and more, all accessible via a user-friendly app. The company boasts over 20 million users globally, with 1.4 million active daily users.

Rovolut’s Approach to Marketing

Revolut is recognized for disrupting traditional banking norms through its digital-first approach. By leveraging digital marketing, Revolut has managed to enhance user experience and expand its services beyond just a travel card. Their marketing campaigns are tailored to resonate across 37 countries, demonstrating a keen understanding of diverse consumer needs.

One of Revolut’s most impactful campaigns is “Your Way In”. The campaign was designed to simplify financial services and make them accessible to everyone. Launched in over 30 countries, this campaign helped dismantle financial stereotypes and empowered users by promoting the simplicity and accessibility of Revolut’s financial solutions.

Revolut’s strategic focus has been on expanding its product features, such as cryptocurrency trading and stock investing, to attract a broader audience. The company employs a meticulous approach to social media engagement, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, to connect with a younger demographic. Their content strategy includes popular TikTok videos and meme marketing, which has proven effective in engaging users and driving customer acquisition.

Revolut integrates gamification into its app to enhance user engagement. Features like the Progress Bar and University Leaderboard not only make financial management fun but also encourage continuous interaction with the app. This strategy not only retains customers but also provides Revolut with valuable insights into user preferences and behaviour.

Revolut invests in comprehensive SEO strategies to ensure visibility and lead generation. By focusing on keyword analysis and creating high-quality content, Revolut enhances its online presence and remains competitive in the fintech space.

Impact of the Campaign

The fintech giant has also expanded its reach through strategic referral partnerships and affiliate marketing, significantly boosting its customer base. For instance, its collaboration with Impact transformed prospects into brand advocates, contributing to a 700% increase in customer acquisition from April to December 2019.

Revolut’s strategic marketing efforts are not just about capturing attention; they are about creating genuine connections that translate into long-term customer loyalty. By harnessing the power of digital marketing, social media engagement, and innovative campaigns, Revolut continues to lead and reshape the fintech industry.

Invoice Fly’s Partnership with Micro Influncers on TikTok

@invoice.fly Invoices under 20 seconds?!!😱 #invoicefly #fyp #invoiceflyapp #freelancer ♬ original sound – Invoice Fly

Invoice Fly aimed to increase its number of monthly recurring paying subscribers using TikTok, focusing on achieving a low cost per download and customer acquisition cost despite a limited budget. Understanding the high costs and sometimes inefficient results of celebrity endorsements, Invoice Fly and House of Marketers adopted a strategy centred around micro and niche influencers. This approach was specifically designed to tap into the highly engaged yet often overlooked segments of freelancers and small business owners.

Invoice Fly’s Approach to Marketing

Invoice Fly utilised TikTok to scale its subscriber base by partnering with influencers who resonated deeply with the target audience due to their authenticity and relatability. These influencers showcased how Invoice Fly simplified their invoicing and contract management through regular business routines, effectively addressing common operational pain points. The strategy involved creating a series of engaging TikTok videos, organising hashtag challenges, and encouraging user-generated content to foster a community feeling and drive organic engagement without the high costs associated with larger influencer campaigns.

The campaign’s use of authentic testimonials from users influenced by these micro-influencers further enhanced credibility and trust among potential customers. This approach not only aimed at increasing visibility but also at building a genuine connection with the audience that could lead to long-term engagement.

Impact of the Campaign

The targeted influencer strategy led to a noticeable increase in monthly subscribers, proving the effectiveness of engaging with niche markets. The videos featuring micro-influencers achieved high engagement rates, with many viewers commenting on the practical usefulness of Invoice Fly, leading to higher conversion rates.

The campaign not only boosted downloads but also enhanced Invoice Fly’s reputation as a user-friendly tool for small businesses, reflected in an uptick in organic searches and direct app downloads. This approach illustrated the potency of micro-influencer partnerships in reaching core target audiences effectively and affordably.

By focusing on niche influencers, Invoice Fly demonstrated that even companies with limited budgets can execute impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience and deliver robust ROI.

TikTok For FinTech Brand’s Growth

The campaigns discussed are among the best fintech marketing campaigns of recent years, showcasing significant innovation and engagement through TikTok. From Klarna’s celebrity-driven approach to Plum’s strategic use of data and influencer partnerships, the potential for creative and impactful marketing on TikTok is boundless.

Whether it’s leveraging micro-influencers, engaging with cutting-edge features like Conversion Lift Studies, or creating viral hashtag challenges, TikTok enables fintech brands to resonate with users in a deeply personal and dynamic way. The successes of these campaigns underscore the importance of understanding and harnessing the platform’s tools to achieve significant growth and brand recognition.

Ready to tap into TikTok’s dynamic marketing potential for your fintech brand?

TikTok’s global platform allows you to connect with a diverse audience across various demographics and locations, ensuring your services meet potential users wherever they are. With its highly engaging format, TikTok encourages users to interact with content through likes, shares, comments, and views, providing FinTech apps with valuable feedback and increased visibility.

Contact House of Marketers today to know how we can help you make the best of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram! Our expertise in digital strategy and our proven track record showcase our ability to transform your TikTok campaigns into growth engines.

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