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TikTok is Shaping Digital Futures with its Youth Council


  • TikTok is launching a Youth Council initiative for enhancing digital safety and inclusivity.
  • Insights from recent YouGov and ConnectSafely research on teen digital safety dialogues.
  • TikTok’s proactive response through the Youth Council and Family Pairing feature for safer online experiences.
  • Expert insights from House of Marketers on what this initiative means for the platform, future challenges and directions in digital citizenship and platform governance.

TikTok has always been at the forefront of digital innovation, especially when it comes to engaging with its diverse and vibrant community. In a bold move to further ensure the safety and well-being of its youngest users, TikTok has announced the formation of its first-ever Youth Council. The launch is propelled as the new global research with over 12,000 teens and parents of teens aged 13-17 reveals a desire for more opportunities to work alongside platforms.

This initiative seeks to bring young voices to the table, making them active participants in shaping the platform’s policies and features.

What is TikTok Youth Council?

The TikTok Youth Council is TikTok’s latest initiative aimed at enhancing platform safety and inclusivity by incorporating the insights and perspectives of teens. It marks a significant shift towards engaging younger users in meaningful participation, fostering a safer, more inclusive online environment. This initiative underscores the importance of active involvement from the platform’s user base in its development and safety strategies.

The Youth Council, established in partnership with Praesidio Safeguarding, a specialist online safety agency, comprises 15 teenagers from diverse backgrounds across the globe, including the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and Morocco.

What are the Objectives of the TikTok Youth Council?

The Council’s primary objectives revolve around enhancing teen well-being and promoting inclusivity on the platform. Members will contribute to various initiatives, including the redesign of the Youth Portal and improving transparency around TikTok’s reporting and blocking mechanisms.

Additionally, the recent research conducted by YouGov, in partnership with ConnectSafely, sheds light on the critical need for open and ongoing dialogues between teens and their guardians regarding digital safety. The findings reveal a complex landscape where, despite frequent discussions about online activities, a significant portion of teens still shy away from conversations about the nuances of their digital experiences.

Topics such as cyberbullying, body image, and privacy concerns remain particularly challenging for both teens and their parents to navigate. This gap underscores a pressing need for platforms to not only facilitate but also enrich these crucial conversations.

TikTok’s response to these findings has been both proactive and innovative. By integrating feedback from the Youth Council into its safety policies and features, TikTok is pioneering a collaborative approach to platform governance. This strategy not only enhances the relevance and effectiveness of safety measures but also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among young users. Furthermore, TikTok’s Family Pairing feature exemplifies the platform’s commitment to empowering parents and guardians with tools to support their teens’ digital well-being. This feature, among others, is instrumental in creating a balanced dialogue about online safety, enabling families to explore and set boundaries together in the digital realm.

Moreover, TikTok’s efforts to address online safety concerns extend beyond individual and family settings, reaching into the broader community. The platform’s engagement with external safety experts and organisations reflects a holistic approach to digital well-being, emphasising the importance of collective action in creating a safe and inclusive online space. Through educational content, hashtag challenges, and partnerships with content creators, TikTok is actively spreading awareness about digital safety, cyberbullying prevention, and the responsible use of social media.

In essence, TikTok’s Youth Council and related safety initiatives represent a multifaceted approach to empowering teens in the digital age. By prioritising direct engagement with young users, fostering open family discussions, and leveraging community resources, TikTok is setting a new standard for online safety. These efforts not only aim to protect teens from online harms but also to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital world confidently and responsibly.

Source: Tiktok Newsroom

Implications of TikTok’s Youth Council

The Youth Council has been actively engaged in several key projects, notably providing input on the Youth Portal’s redesign. This involvement ensures that the portal is both informative and user-friendly, catering specifically to the needs and concerns of younger users.

Embracing initiatives like the Youth Council demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to user safety and also strategically positioning the platform at the forefront of industry standards for digital responsibility. This move is anticipated to resonate positively within the business ecosystem, enhancing the platform’s reputation and potentially setting new benchmarks for community engagement and platform safety.

This initiative by TikTok is set to help TikTok’s Broader business and strategic goals in the following manner:

  • The Youth Council initiative helps enhance trust and safety on the platform, reinforcing TikTok’s commitment to a secure online environment.
  • It positions TikTok as a pioneer in digital safety, setting the stage for navigating online regulation and meeting user expectations more effectively.
  • It demonstrates TikTok’s dedication to safeguarding its community, reinforcing the platform’s role as a responsible leader in digital content and interaction.
  • By embracing such initiatives, TikTok not only enhances its reputation but also potentially sets new industry standards for community engagement and platform safety, positively impacting the business ecosystem.

Implications for the User

For users, especially teens, the Council’s work promises a more secure and engaging platform experience. By directly involving the youth in safety and policy discussions, TikTok aims to foster a sense of belonging and ownership among its youngest members, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.

By empowering teens to have a say in the platform’s safety and policy decisions, this initiative is expected to lead to a more engaging and secure experience for users, promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect that aligns with the platform’s community values.

Future Directions and Challenges

As TikTok’s Youth Council evolves, it faces the intricate task of balancing innovation with the imperative of user safety. The ongoing dialogue with young users is crucial for the platform’s adaptability and longevity, offering a model for how digital communities can engage with their members to navigate the complexities of global digital citizenship.

The establishment of TikTok’s Youth Council is a milestone in the platform’s journey towards creating a safer, more inclusive online community. By empowering teens to contribute to policy and safety discussions, TikTok is setting a new standard for user engagement and digital well-being and we are excited to see what comes next for TikTok and the younger generations.

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