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TikTok Launches New Ad Insights Tool – Engaged View-through Attribution (EVTA)

TikTok has rolled out a groundbreaking measurement tool known as Engaged View-through Attribution (EVTA).

According to a Search Engine Land report, the new ad insights tool is set to redefine how advertisers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns on TikTok, moving beyond traditional click-based metrics.

What Is EVTA?

EVTA stands out with its unique technical framework, tracking conversions from user engagement rather than just click data. This approach, which considers views lasting over six seconds as ‘engaged views,’ not only quantifies ad views but also interprets user interest, offering a deeper understanding of purchasing decisions.

This innovative approach allows advertisers to measure the impact of their ads beyond the conventional click-and-convert scenario, providing a more nuanced understanding of how TikTok ads influence user behaviour.

Key Benefits of the EVTA Tool

TikTok’s EVTA tool offers several advantages for advertisers:

  • Comprehensive Ad Impact Analysis: By considering engaged views, TikTok aims to give advertisers a fuller picture of how their ads affect potential customers.
  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: With more robust and quality data signals, the TikTok Ads Manager can better optimise and improve campaign performance over time, targeting users more likely to engage.
  • Harmonised Measurement Standards: By aligning its attribution methods with other platforms, TikTok ensures a fair and accurate comparison of ad performance across different channels, making it easier for advertisers to assess their marketing strategies holistically.

For businesses, integrating EVTA means adapting to a more nuanced advertising landscape. While the tool offers rich data insights, the challenge lies in interpreting these insights into actionable strategies. Businesses must develop an adaptive approach, leveraging EVTA data to refine targeting and messaging, thereby maximising ad effectiveness.

Integrating EVTA with Self-Attributing Network (SAN)

TikTok’s combination of EVTA with its recently launched Self-Attributing Network (SAN) offers advertisers a more complete view of user conversions. This integrated measurement approach includes:

  • Click-through and view-through conversions validated by Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs).
  • Engaged view conversions as measured by EVTA.
  • Additional click-through conversions that are not captured in MMP’s last-click attribution model.

TikTok’s Recommendations for Maximising Ad Impact

Understanding the evolving landscape of mobile advertising, TikTok recommends advertisers to activate VTA, EVTA, and CTA with the maximum attribution window for optimal results. They also suggest ensuring that the attribution windows on TikTok Ads Manager align with the settings in MMP.

“To see the true impact of your TikTok ads, we recommend you turn on VTA, EVTA and CTA with the maximum attribution window and ensure that the attribution windows on TikTok Ads Manager are the same as your MMP setting. Advertisers can customize CTA (1-day or 7-day), VTA (off or 1-day), EVTA (1-day or 7-day) directly on TikTok Ads Manager.” – TikTok’s Spokeperson

Why Does This Matter?

This update is a significant stride in helping advertisers make data-led decisions, potentially leading to less inefficient ad spending and improved returns on investment. TikTok’s focus on providing more detailed and meaningful insights into ad conversions demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the advertising experience on its platform for both creators and businesses.

With the introduction of the EVTA tool, TikTok continues to innovate in the digital advertising space, offering tools that not only track traditional metrics but also delve deeper into user engagement and conversion patterns. This approach is set to redefine how businesses perceive and utilise social media advertising, making TikTok an even more valuable platform for digital marketing strategies.

Industry Impact

EVTA’s introduction could significantly shift digital advertising trends. By offering deeper insights, TikTok is poised to strengthen its market position, challenging competitors who still rely on traditional metrics. This tool could set new standards for ad performance evaluation, influencing how businesses allocate their digital marketing budgets.

These benefits not only enhance individual campaign performance but also position TikTok as a leader in reshaping digital advertising trends, setting new standards for ad performance evaluation.

Privacy and Ethics

The introduction of EVTA naturally raises questions about user privacy and data ethics. TikTok has recognised these concerns and is actively working to ensure that user data is handled with the utmost care. The company is committed to transparent data practices, giving users control over their information. This includes clear options for users to manage their ad preferences and the type of data they share. Additionally, TikTok adheres to stringent data protection regulations, ensuring that all user data is encrypted and securely stored. The platform’s approach to privacy is centred around user consent, giving individuals the choice to opt in or out of personalised advertising experiences. These measures reflect TikTok’s commitment to balancing sophisticated ad targeting with the responsibility of protecting user privacy.

Implications for Users

  • Enhanced Content Relevance: Users will experience ads that are more aligned with their interests and engagement patterns.
  • Improved User Experience: With ads tailored to engagement, users may find TikTok’s content more engaging and less intrusive.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Increased data usage for ad personalization could raise privacy concerns among users, requiring transparency from TikTok.

Implications for Businesses

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Access to detailed conversion insights will enable more informed marketing strategies.
  • Increased ROI: Enhanced targeting and measurement tools could lead to better returns on ad spend.
  • Ad Strategy Optimization: The ability to understand engaged views allows for refining ad content and timing for maximum impact.

House of Marketers’ Insights on EVTA

From the perspective of seasoned marketers at the House of Marketers, EVTA is a catalyst for a deeper understanding of digital engagement.

EVTA goes beyond the surface level of ad interactions, peering into the subtleties of user behaviour. This nuanced approach to measuring ad effectiveness gives marketers a more accurate picture of how users interact with content, what holds their attention, and what prompts them to take action.

EVTA offers a way to capture and analyse the fleeting moments of genuine interest. For brands and marketers, this means an opportunity to refine their strategies based on richer, more meaningful data. It allows for the creation of content that resonates more deeply with audiences, driving engagement in a more organic and impactful way.

By understanding not just if an ad was clicked, but why it was engaged with, marketers can tailor their messaging to align more closely with user interests and behaviours.

In essence, EVTA is seen as a tool that bridges the gap between data and genuine user connection, empowering marketers to build campaigns that are not only data-driven but also human-centric. This aligns with the evolving ethos of digital marketing – moving away from broad-stroke approaches to more personalised, user-focused strategies.


In summary, EVTA represents a significant leap forward in understanding digital ad engagement, providing businesses with the tools needed for more effective and ethical advertising on TikTok. For businesses looking to leverage TikTok’s vast user base, adapting to these new tools will be key to maximising ad effectiveness and engagement.

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Source: Search Engine Land report

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