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TikTok Revamps Community Guidelines


  • TikTok has updated its guidelines, adding clarity especially around hate speech and health misinformation.
  • The platform introduces stricter eligibility standards to safeguard the quality of content in the ‘For You’ feed.
  • A new warning strike system aims to educate creators on violations without immediate penalties.
  • The new ‘Account Check’ feature allows creators to self-audit, ensuring compliance with platform rules.
  • TikTok’s Creator Code of Conduct sets behavioural expectations for program participants, enhancing accountability.
  • Learn House of Marketer’s insights into these updates to see how these changes impact content strategy and community engagement on TikTok.

Recently, Adam Presser, Head of Operations & Trust and Safety announced significant updates to its Community Guidelines, aimed at enhancing the safety and enriching the experience of its users. These changes reflect TikTok’s commitment to evolving with user needs and the digital landscape.

Let’s take a look at the community guidelines to see what they mean for the creators, users and businesses.

Key Updates to Community Guidelines

TikTok’s updated Community Guidelines serve as the cornerstone of its mission to create a safe, trustworthy environment that nurtures creativity. Developed from international legal frameworks and industry best practices, these guidelines are informed by global safety and public health experts, as well as TikTok’s own regional Advisory Councils. This approach ensures that the guidelines are comprehensive and culturally aware.

TikTok’s latest updates to its Community Guidelines bring a new level of clarity, particularly in areas such as hate speech and health misinformation along with more detail about how TikTok is going to moderate features like Search, LIVE, and the For You feed.

These amendments aim to provide a clearer understanding of what is expected from users and what constitutes a violation.Here’s the detailed breakdown of each update.

Detailed Breakdown of Updates

Enhanced Clarity on Community Guidelines

TikTok has refined its Community Guidelines, providing clearer definitions and more detailed explanations, particularly addressing hate speech and health misinformation. This enhancement is intended to improve user understanding and ensure fair and transparent enforcement of rules.

Previously established, the core pillars of TikTok’s content moderation strategy remain integral to the platform’s approach:

  • Removal of Violative Content: Quick identification and removal of content that breaches platform rules are crucial for maintaining a safe online space.
  • Age-Restriction of Mature Content: Content suitable only for adults is carefully restricted, thereby protecting younger users from inappropriate material.
  • Maintenance of For You Feed Eligibility Standards: The For You feed is curated to ensure that the recommended content is appropriate for a broad audience, enhancing overall user experience without compromising safety.
  • Empowerment with Information and Tools: TikTok continues to invest in resources that better inform its community about the guidelines and provide tools that help users navigate the platform responsibly.

New Policies for ‘For You’ Feed Recommendations

A significant update is the adjustment to the For You feed eligibility standards. To foster a safer experience suitable for a diverse audience, TikTok is introducing a new policy. Under this policy, accounts that repeatedly post content violating these standards will temporarily become ineligible for recommendation in the For You feed. Such accounts will also experience reduced visibility in search results. Affected creators will be notified of this restriction and will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Introduction of Warning Strikes to Help Creators

TikTok will implement a new warning strike system aimed at first-time violators of its Community Guidelines. This system represents a shift towards a more educational approach in handling minor infractions, emphasising learning and correction over punitive measures.

The warning strike system is designed to alert creators when they violate a guideline for the first time. This initial strike is informational and does not count towards an account’s strike tally that could lead to more severe penalties, such as temporary or permanent bans.

The intent is to give creators a clear understanding of what went wrong and why, without immediately impacting their ability to post content.

Each warning comes with detailed explanations about the specific guideline violated. This educational component is crucial, as it provides creators with the knowledge they need to avoid future violations. TikTok aims to foster a better understanding of its policies among creators, thereby encouraging a more thoughtful approach to content creation.

Accompanying the warning strike is an appeal process. If creators believe that a mistake has been made, or if they have further questions about the violation, they can appeal the warning. This process not only ensures fairness but also opens a line of communication between TikTok and its creators, making the enforcement process more transparent.

The introduction of warning strikes is expected to positively impact creator behaviour on the platform. By receiving early feedback on content that violates guidelines, creators can adjust their strategies and content to better align with TikTok’s community standards. This adjustment is likely to lead to fewer violations and a healthier platform environment overall.

Over time, this system could help reduce the number of repeated violations and improve the overall quality of content on TikTok. By understanding the boundaries and expectations set forth in the Community Guidelines, creators can produce content that is not only creative but also respectful and appropriate for TikTok’s diverse audience.

(Source: TikTok Newsroom)

Account Check Feature

The ‘Account Check’ feature is a significant enhancement introduced by TikTok to empower creators with greater control over their content and compliance with platform rules.

This tool allows creators to conduct thorough audits of their recent posts and overall account status, offering real-time insights into how their content aligns with TikTok’s policies.

  • Self-Auditing: Creators can review their last 30 posts to check for any content that might be at risk of violating guidelines.
  • Visibility of Status: It provides a clear, immediate view of the account’s standing on the platform, detailing any restrictions or penalties in place.
  • Preventative Measures: By identifying potential issues early, creators can make necessary adjustments before penalties become more severe, such as content removal or account suspension.

This proactive approach is designed to not only maintain the integrity of the platform but also to help creators manage their interactions more effectively, ensuring they can continue to engage with their audience without disruption.

(Source: TikTok Newsroom)

TikTok Creator Code of Conduct

The introduction of the TikTok Creator Code of Conduct sets forth a detailed framework of expectations for creators, particularly those participating in TikTok’s various programs and promotions. This code complements the Community Guidelines by adding another layer of accountability for creators, emphasising the importance of ethical behaviour both on and off the platform

Key Elements of the Code

  • Behavioural Standards: Specifies acceptable behaviour, encouraging creators to act responsibly and with integrity.
  • Program Participation: Details the expectations for creators involved in special programs, ensuring that all participants adhere to a higher standard of conduct.
  • On and Off-Platform Conduct: Extends the scope of responsibility to activities outside of TikTok, reflecting the platform’s commitment to fostering a positive community influence by its top creators.

This Code of Conduct ensures that creators not only contribute positively to the platform but also uphold TikTok’s reputation and values in all their professional interactions.

Continued Commitment to Community Support

TikTok reaffirms its dedication to supporting and educating its global community. These updates reflect TikTok’s ongoing efforts to create a safer, more inclusive platform where creativity thrives under the safeguard of well-defined and effectively communicated policies.

Implications for Creators and Users

For creators, the updated guidelines and new features like the Account Check and Creator Code of Conduct offer a clearer, more structured framework within which to create and share content.

House of Marketers views these updates as pivotal for fostering a safer, more enjoyable user experience, emphasising respect and kindness. We recommend creators and users leverage these changes to enrich their interaction and content strategy on the platform, thereby cultivating a more supportive and engaging TikTok community. This clarity helps them navigate the platform’s rules more effectively, reducing the risk of violations and enhancing their engagement with followers.

For users, these changes promise a safer, more enjoyable viewing experience. The proactive measures to limit harmful content and the emphasis on kindness and respect contribute to a more welcoming and enjoyable community atmosphere.

At the heart of TikTok’s community guidelines is the principle of kindness. This core value encourages users to “be kind and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.” It serves as a constant reminder to engage positively, promoting a culture of respect and empathy that enhances interactions on the platform.

This focus on kindness not only helps to mitigate conflicts but also fosters a supportive network where users feel valued and safe to express their creativity.


The updates to TikTok’s Community Guidelines mark a significant step in the platform’s journey towards creating a safer, more engaging online community. As TikTok continues to grow, these guidelines will play a pivotal role in shaping the interactions and creativity within the platform.

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