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New TikTok Watch History Feature That Helps Find Lost Videos

The TikTok Watch History Feature

Are you a TikTok enthusiast? You probably have come across an exciting video or meme on your TikTok ‘For You’ feed, that you couldn’t retrieve after scrolling by. How annoying can that be? It is even more upsetting when you can’t remember the content creator or the means to track them down. Lucky enough, TikTok is developing a new tool, a new feature – the TikTok Watch History tool. Once approved and launched, the new feature will make it possible to track down your watch history. It will save TikTok users the energy of using tedious tactics to trace exciting content on the app.

How to Uncover My Watch History on TikTok (Previous Methods)

Even as TikTok unveils the new watch history feature, users have discovered some workarounds that help find lost videos. For instance, TikTok user Rachforaday posted a how-to video describing the procedure of uncovering watched videos via TikTok’s discover page.
You could retrieve your watch history by logging into your TikTok account and visiting your Discover page. Once you are on your discover page, click search, enter an asterisk, and then enter search. Tap the on-filter icon found on the search bar on the right-hand side, toggle to find watched videos button and click apply. After applying, you should be able to find a list of all videos you have watched for the last seven days.

Rachforaday’s how to find lost videos on TikTok has gained immense traction online, with more than 32 million views and 5.5 million likes. That is tremendous for a simple how-to guide video, right? With so much attention, the video raises the need for a simple solution surrounding TikTok watch history, perhaps, this is why TikTok wants to make retrieving watch history on the app more straightforward.

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Another method for retrieving TikTok watch history is requesting your entire personal data from TikTok. How does it work? You need to log in to your TikTok account and locate your profile tab. Click on the three-line settings and privacy menu in the right-hand corner, and select privacy. Click the download your data button, then choose your preferred file format. You have two options to choose from JSON or TXT file formats.

Lastly, proceed to request data by clicking the request data button. TikTok will send you a zip file which you will unzip to access your entire TikTok history review.

The New TikTok Watch History Feature – How It Works

The new TikTok watch history feature works more like your browser history feature. It allows you to scroll through your past watch history like you would scroll through your browser history to find all the pages you visited recently.

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TikTok has no natively built means for viewing TikTok watch history, so the new feature seeks to solve this mystery. According to TechCrunch, the feature, which is in its testing phase, was discovered by Hammond oh, a Twitter influencer specialising in uncovering new features every time they are rolled out on social media platforms. With this new feature, users can access their watch history by simply visiting their content and activity section on their TikTok App.

Screenshots shared by Hammond show the new feature will be accessible via the content and activity section on your TikTok app’s settings. It is, however, important to note there are no official statements from TikTok regarding the new feature, and whether the company is seeking to rollout the new feature.

TikTok had this to say, “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.” So, there is no guarantee that this feature will roll out soon, but we hope it gets through to launch as it will improve users’ experience on the platform.

What People Think of the New TikTok Watch History Feature

Not many users have access to this feature because it is available only in a limited version and for a limited number of users. However, based on user comments on Twitter and Facebook, its reception is excellent.

More Features Introduced by TikTok in 2022

In addition to the watch history feature, TikTok is launching multiple features to make interaction and content creation on the app more accessible. Here are exciting features that TikTok has been tasting since this year.

New TikTok Avatars

The feature will enable users to create a digital character avatar with a facial expression that matches the actual user’s look. The feature is based on a face template, so users will be able to choose a template and then edit and customise it on the app. Additionally, the feature is a creative way for users to share their personalities, emotions, and responses on the app. Also, the feature works more or less the same as Apple’s Memoji. It has editing capabilities that allow your avatar to mimic your actions and movements when you are facing the camera.

New TikTok Profile View Feature

Matt Navarra reported that TikTok was developing a new feature that would allow content creators to see people who view their profiles going back to the last 30 days. The feature is not new to TikTok. It was available on earlier versions of the app but got scrapped.

It appears that TikTok wants to bring it back with updated and easy-to-navigate features. The new feature allows users to switch it on and off. Only creators and viewers who have the feature turned on will be listed.

Also, TikTok is rolling out other new features. This includes a keyword filtering feature on the ‘For you’ page, rolling out the group chat feature to more people, and lastly, it is testing an audio-only Livestream, similar to the Clubhouse app.

The TikTok New History Feature – Our Take

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TikTok keeps growing as a social media powerhouse. In this article, we have outlined new features that are currently under testing. The most outstanding feature is the watch history feature set to curb the disappointment resulting from losing recently watched videos. Other features include new avatar features alongside profile view features and many more. As we noted early, you should take these facts at face value. Why?

The testing of new features does not always result in an eventual rollout.

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