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New TikTok Cookies Update for 2023

New TikTok cookie updates 2023
As we go through 2023, it’s time to start thinking about the future of cookies and their role in campaign optimization and expanding business reach. The use of cookies has become increasingly under threat by regulators, but TikTok looks to take advantage of website cookies whilst they are still allowed. Web cookies are still very relevant. From tracking our online activities to delivering customised content, cookies have been and still currently are essential to the functioning of the internet. When it comes to TikTok, the use of cookies is no different. The company has announced new cookie updates for 2023. These updates are designed to expand functionality for commerce partners. Consequently, they will ensure efficient measurement, optimization, and targeting of your campaigns.

TikTok is constantly striving to ensure that their commercial partners have the best experience possible—and the new cookie updates will play an integral role in that. Typically, when big companies like TikTok announce such updates or changes, the updates are a reaction to a problem aimed at improving efficiency. Hence, the new Cookie Updates for 2023 are bound to be more revolutionary and dynamic as far as TikTok marketing and advertising is concerned. In this blog post, we’ll explore the updates. We’ll also let you know what is new and how businesses stand a chance to gain from the latest updates.

What are Cookies? How do they work?

First and foremost, what exactly are cookies? For starters, cookies are small files sent by a website and stored in the visitor’s browser. They collect information about web visitors’ browsing habits and preferences. The data is then used to customise their experience on the website. For example, if you’ve been looking at a certain type of product on a website, the website may use cookies to show you more products in that category.

When it comes to TikTok, cookies are used for a variety of reasons. One, they allow the platform and businesses to recognize users when they come back and remember their preferences. And second, they help deliver personalised ads and content to users based on your interests and activities.

Additionally, businesses can use cookies to store user information. The information helps brands tailor their advertising services to make them more attractive to customers. Likewise, businesses can use the info to track visitor movements and better understand customer behaviour. Similarly, with information such as browsing history, businesses can personalise their website for each visitor for easier navigation. This for example, will include streamlining their services, making them easier to access and more convenient to use.

TikTok Cookie Updates for 2023

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Fast forward, TikTok seems to be in full force, implementing strategies to better ads performance on their platform. In an email to the House of Marketers, TikTok announced that they are releasing new cookie updates. This saw them reactivate first-party and third-party cookies.

The move aims to improve data matching on the platform and ultimately improve advertising prospects on TikTok. This comes after a series of complaints about the efficiency of advertising on the platform. For instance, lately, there have been complaints about low TikTok ads ROI, with advertisers feeling that they were not getting enough bang for their buck.

As a result, the company has made several changes to improve ad performance; this includes introducing an ‘Advanced Matching tool’ available via TikTok Business Tools, among other changes. The reactivation of the third-party and first-party cookies is part of the expected TikTok ads overhaul which will see the company “improve both the quality and dependability of event data” and make advertising on TikTok viable business-friendly. What are the new TikTok cookie updates for 2023?

How to turn on the ‘Advanced Matching’ tool on TikTok:

  1. Go to your TikTok Advertising Manager
  2. Hover ‘Assets’ and click ‘Events’
  3. Go to your website pixel
  4. Click the ‘Settings’ tab
  5. Ensure ‘Automatic Advanced Matching’ toggle is on

Session ID

One of the most significant cookie changes coming in 2023 is the introduction of Session ID matching keys. The Session ID matchkeys will be created by TikTok pixel, which will record a user’s event information from a single visit to an advertiser’s website. This means that the new matchkeys will work with cookies to better target, measure and attribute ads.

​First-party cookies

In addition to the Session ID, TikTok is introducing changes to First-party cookies. This update will be an advertising website based. This means that your websites will create cookies via TikTok’s tracking pixel, and you will have total autonomy over it. For instance, unlike the third-party cookies updates, you will have the power to turn it on and off with the pixel.

Update: The first-party cookies will be available for users on the Standard Mode Pixel and the Developer Mode Pixel via pixel settings. Moreover, the new first-party cookies matchkeys will be available via pixel settings. They will also be available via partner platform settings on the TikTok tracking pixel for advertisers on the partner-integrated package. If you use the Events API, the first-party cookies will be available via code implementation.

Third-party cookies

The third-party cookies are owned by TikTok and are administered by TikTok courtesy of the TikTok server. Typically, the third-party cookies are created by TikTok, which creates a line of code to track users’ activity while on other websites.

TikTok will communicate back to your website via its tracking Pixel, letting you know what is going on and what type of activity a user completed while on the other websites. So, technically, websites won’t need anything to run these cookies because they will be turned on by default once you install TikTok Pixel.

Update: The third-party matchkeys updates will be on for users on the developer and standard Mode Pixels. Furthermore, the cookies will also be available for Partner integrations. So far, TikTok has approved more than ten partners, including Shopify and SHOPLINE on this program. Note that, unlike first-party cookies, third-party cookies will not be available for Events API.
Maybe of most importance to note is that the new TikTok cookie updates for 2023 are designed to: “Supplement existing event data advertisers already share with TikTok, and will improve both the quality and dependability of event data'” TikTok has said.

Implications for the New TikTok Cookies Update for 2023

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These are just a few of the many changes TikTok is introducing in 2023. As we move forward, it’s essential to stay informed and up-to-date on these changes so that you can ensure you are at the right place at the right time. What can you do to stay in the game as far as your campaigns are concerned?

The best way to go about this is to find out whether you are eligible for the updates. Further make a proactive inquiry into how they work and how your business stands to gain. Finally, it’s essential to keep your browser and operating system up-to-date. This will ensure you have the latest security patches and updates.

What are the benefits of the new Cookie Updates?

Using and integrating TikTok’s latest cookie updates will help businesses supplement the matching events on your website with actions taken on TikTok. For example, with the updates, TikTok can learn about the visitors to your websites and the actions they take. Meanwhile, the platform can channel your ads to the correct people, thus increasing your chances of making converts. Other benefits of the new updates include the following:

Expanding reach:

The new updates link your websites to a larger circle of users on the TikTok app, and in this way, it helps you reach possible prospects.

Boost campaign optimization:

With these updates, TikTok will effectively attribute events to your ads and make accurate reporting on how the campaigns are failing. This will allow you to power campaign bidding models to improve the conversion of events.

Measure full-funnel events:

With improved Web Events API and automated and manual advanced matching tools, brands can capture a complete set of events across devices and sessions. They will enhance brand visibility in a safe and fraud-free environment. Moreover, they will improve performance; that is, brands will easily attribute campaign impact and optimise campaign impact.

Going forward with the New TikTok Cookies Update

TikTok recommends taking the following actions to ensure smooth transitions and proper functioning of the latest updates.

  • Check and ensure that the web measurement solutions you’re using are compatible with the TikTok cookie feature.
  • For efficiency and better result, the company recommends advertising brands use Advanced Matching with cookie usage.
  • Lastly, TikTok recommends that brands seek compliance with the applicable local and international laws concerning obtaining user information.

For legal compliance, TikTok advises that you should:

    • Review the TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms which have not changed and require obtaining user consent, if and where required by applicable law, before setting and reading cookies.
    • Provide users with clear and comprehensive notice about the collection and use of information for advertising purposes, including TikTok’s cookies, as applicable.
    • As needed, update your site’s cookie and pixel controls and consent management interfaces to comply with cookie and data collection requirements.
    • Always check with your legal representative to determine how best to comply with your legal obligations.

Our take on New TikTok Cookies Update for 2023

TikTok creator

Introducing the new advanced matchkeys is a significant step in the right direction. It shows that TikTok is moving back to more traditional marketing models that guarantee success for brands. For instance, the reactivation of third-party and first-party cookies will introduce more robust targeting, measurement and optimization tools for brands. This will ensure that brand ads reach the right people and that they have control over where their ads run.

In addition, users can expect to see more streamlined services and features in the future. This could mean more efficient ways to create and edit content, as well as more options to customise and optimise ad campaigns for maximum performance.

Finally, TikTok Cookie updates could also bring new ways to interact with other users. This could include better ways to communicate with followers, more options for sharing content, and more opportunities for collaboration. Overall, the future of TikTok Cookie updates looks very promising. With more secure and efficient measurement and reporting, brands will be able to have a better, more personalised experience—one that puts them in control of their campaigns and reach.

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