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Cyberghost VPN TikTok Influencer Case Study


The CyberGhost VPN TikTok Campaign Case Study

The CyberGhost
TikTok Campaign
Case Study

We partnered with CyberGhost VPN and educated young Americans on the power of the VPN!

We reduced the CPI (cost per install) for CyberGhost to $0.52 CPA

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About CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is a software that hides your IP address and reroutes your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel to help you access  previously inaccessible content, and protect you from hackers.

CyberGhost's Campaign Objectives

  • To support the growth of Cyberghost VPN among the young generations, driving engagement and downloads using TikTok.

Target Demographic

  • USA
  • 16 – 35

Our TikTok Solution for CyberGhost

We activated this campaign successfully by partnering with some of the biggest TikTok influencers in the areas of tech and educational content, to showcase the advantages that a VPN provides.

The main content revolved around the fact that CyberGhost VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions to stream your favorite content, particularly on Netflix, which is a concept that resonates very well to the audiences that we were trying to reach.

This campaign drove a lot of curiosity among TikTok users and helped them learn about a concept with which many of them were not very familiar with, therefore driving an impressive amount of downloads for our client.

Incredible Results

Our powerful strategy and content execution helped Cyberghost to drive a very low CPI of $0.52

0 M
Video Views
TikTok influencers
$ 0
Client Review

The House of Marketers team really delivered our campaign message effectively with well-selected influencers. Curiosity in our app surged and they lowered our cost per install to $0.52. Great job by the guys!

Ariel Cohen
Ariel Cohen

Director of Mobile at Kape Technologies

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