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Top 21 TikTok Advertising Examples by Brands (Must-see content)

Top 21 TikTok Advertising Examples to inspire your company’s next TikTok campaign

Top 21 advertising examples by brands

TikTok has seen an upsurge in popularity over the last two to three years. Nonetheless, while a lot of this recent unprecedented growth can be attributed to the world pandemic, we see unique TikTok viral marketing trends almost every day. TikTok trends help set the platform apart from the competition in a heavily saturated social media space.

As a leading TikTok marketing agency in the space, we’ve decided to help businesses out by putting together this list of 21 TikTok advertising examples, which turned ambitious brands into today’s news, accumulating millions of views and engagements in the process. Engaging Millennials and Generation Z audiences have never been easier!

The rise of TikTok is an interesting snapshot of the growing consumption of short-form video content. And TikTok has managed to uniquely redefine how we use, consume and share video content in the digital space. Not only that, it’s transformed the way brands approach digital content when advertising on social media. Creativity on TikTok is now integral to engaging Generation Z and Millennials. Before we get into the 21 TikTok advertising brand examples, here’s some more information about the power of TikTok.

TikTok, the most engaged social media app, since 2020

TikTok user serving the App on smartphone (TikTok advertising examples)

TikTok is currently among the most downloaded apps globally, and brands keep scaling their marketing campaigns on the platform. The app boasts of over 1.1 billion users worldwide, with most of these followers falling below age 34.

What makes it widely known, is its relatable content and its prevalent viral challenges. In particular, the platform is most popular among young people; furthermore, it serves as an outlet where they meet to express themselves through unique entertaining content (incl. comedic content, singing, dancing, and lip-syncing).

Meanwhile, even with its popularity, TikTok is relatively unexplored by brands. Here are some of our agency’s predictions that you can’t ignore.

Our future predictions on the growth of TikTok

TikTok will lead the upsurge in short video content sharing and consumption for the next 5-10 years

With a still rapidly-increasing user base, TikTok engagements are likely going to double in the future

More time is likely to be spent on the TikTok platform as the metaverse develops, with most users currently spending up to 52 minutes a day


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3 The Top 21 TikTok Advertising Examples across 7 industries


The Top 21 TikTok Advertising Examples across 7 industries

Anyway, let’s get straight into the top 21 TikTok ad campaigns, run by 21 global brands across 7 of the world’s biggest industries.

Beauty Brand TikTok Advertising Examples

Cosmetic bad and some cosmetics on display

The beauty industry has been one single most beneficiaries of TikTok. And while many brands have made it big on the platform, these three have skyrocketed and they serve as a true reflection of what brands can achieve on TikTok.

1) ‘The Ordinary’ bolsters Brand Awareness using TikTok Trends

The Ordinary is a DECIEM owned beauty brand whose products are nothing other than ‘ordinary’ products. The brand opened its gates in 2016 and was little known until they launched their first post on TikTok.

The brand saw a tremendous rise to fame afterward, translating to a 426% spike in sales for their top products, AHA 30%, and BHA 2% peeling products.

The Ordinary rise to fame includes a combination of TikTok trends and viral marketing tactics that include branded TikTok videos and hashtag challenges. Their approach has seen the brand accelerate to popularity, and its most-viewed video has gained over 1.3 million views and a sales record of 52,000 units in just two weeks.

2) E.I.F Cosmetics set the bar high with TikTok Trends and Viral Marketing

E.I.F. cosmetics sells affordable make-up but of excellent quality. The brand has been in the beauty industry over the last decade and has enjoyed great success on the way, but nobody foresaw their explosive rise to fame and subsequent increase in sales in 2021.

Part of this success can be attributed to their ability to reach out to Gen- Z in ways, only TikTok could offer. E.I.F. cosmetics released their first branded video in 2020, and they have since garnered 290k views and over 7.5 million likes.

Thanks to their strategy that involved releasing branded videos with popular influencers on the platformer. To maintain and amplify their presence on TikTok, the brand launched their @elfyeah channel. They launched their branded hashtag #eyeslipsface that has attracted the attention of top celebrities on the platform who have further the conversation about their products to multitudes.

3) NYX Professional Makeup Explodes on TikTok

With the #ButterGlossPop challenge, NYX posts have garnered over 11 billion views on TikTok. How have they been able to achieve these successes in just a short time? NYX is an established brand, but on TikTok, they only boast roughly 32k followers, a relatively smaller following compared to what they have managed on views.

The secret lies in the six-day hashtag that saw them create an original song for their branded videos and encouraged creators and beauty enthusiasts to create content applying their butter Gloss Lip Gloss.

The trick worked. The creators helped the brand go viral and raked up their brand awareness by over 42%. Besides the big brands, startups are picking up the trend and reaping the benefits that TikTok offers.

Banks and other Financial Businesses using TikTok creators


Did you see what I did there? 😏 #barclays #ad #scam #psa #foryou #iconicad

♬ Barclays Ad – Best of British TV🇬🇧📺☕️

Here are some authoritative financial institutions that can inspire your next TikTok strategy.

4) AIB Explores TikTok Marketing

The Allied Irish Banks group is one the largest Irish financial services providers with operations in Europe and several other countries worldwide. AIB has capitalized on TikTok’s with branded messages to promote their virtual festival series and online account platforms.

As part of the initiative to support this campaign, AIB launched top view ads and a range of In-feed Ad series to draw interest from their targeted audience.  Also, the ads incorporated CTA links to AIB websites where users could locate more information like account opening details.

The results were excellent; the ads, for instance, garnered over 2.13 million impressions, 40,000 clicks, and a whopping 94,000 engagements. Interestingly, they achieved 87% higher KPIs than their projected target.

5) Barclays bank warms up to the Current Trends

Barclays bank, a high street UK bank, is a destination for customers of all demographics. On its TikTok debut, Barclays has intensified hashtags and branded video to create awareness and offer financial education to their followers.

The hashtag #barclays, for instance, has over 13.8 million views. Their strategy includes collaboration with TikTok financial influencers and opinion shapers to help their brand relay messages and tell their story.

6) Max sets the Trends TikTok Paid Ads

Israel-based Max is an all-in-one money management company that offers users a bank account and credit services. As part of their general viral marketing strategy, Max exploits the link between tech and the banking sector to drive exponential growth.

Max launched a new mobile payment feature and wanted to create awareness around for its launch. To achieve this objective, Max banked on TikTok trends and viral marketing to adapt, stay abreast, expand their reach and gain traction for their new product.

Their approach included a combination of Top-view ads campaigns that used 20 seconds of creative videos showing users new, more straightforward methods to make payments. They also use a variety of TikTok native editing and sound boosting features to boost engagements and CTAs that call for specified action like app downloads and installation.

The strategy was quite successful, with the Ads gaining over 4,000,000 impressions within the first 24 hours of launch. They also garnered 30,000 likes and 1,000,000 clicks which indicates a massive success.

The perception about finance is that it is unattractive to the younger generation, notably Gen-Z. However, contrary to this general misconception, millennials and Gen-Z are gaining spending power and have shown great interest in personal finance. That said, capitalizing on tech, especially social media apps, is not something to overlook.

Social Community App brands using TikTok creators

Our agency, House of Marketers works with several leading social community apps, including Badoo and the Albo app. Here are some TikTok advertising examples inspired by several social community dating apps.

Social Community App TikTok creator promo (TikTok Advertising Examples)

7) Bumble’s Relatable TikTok Content

Bumble is built on the precepts of providing a safe online dating community; it is a place where users meet and build new relationships. Bumble actually recently signed a European partnership with TikTok in September 2021. This partnership will be live on both apps and will encourage users to showcase their honest, authentic personalities while dating.

Bumble has now established a social community where people can make empowered connections in a life aspect. Thanks to their discovery of TikTok’s authenticity in connecting brands with new and unique audiences.

Bumble leverages ad strategies and popular creators on TikTok to drive app installs to diversify their marketing mix and attract new users. They also have an extremely engaged TikTok brand profile, which offers incredibly relatable content for people who are currently dating or considering dating in the future.

Bumble has worked with notable creators like Brittany Broski to expand its reach. By tapping on the power of creators and strategically working on TikTok ads manager, they managed a 5X app install increase while cutting the cost per registration by over 64%.

8) Tinder’s Engaged TikTok Community

Tinder is popular among Gen–Z; the app offers users within this age bracket and even the older generation to make connections.

Tinder mainly relies on their branded hashtag and challengers to run its TikTok campaigns. They ask users to create content and share the videos using their TikTok branded challenges. Tinder is the most popular social community app on TikTok. The app has over 8.6 billion views.

9) Snack, Dating App

Snack is another popular dating app providing a platform where people and communities meet, engage and express themselves.

The app was designed with Gen- Z in mind, so it is not surprising how they want to be closely associated with TikTok. Their strategy revolves around fuelling user-generated content which they can share on their account. They’ve worked in collaboration with leading creators like @really.renee1 and @xtinagutierrez.

They also run hashtags through which creators share content. The #tinderapp hashtag has 672k views, and their leading hashtag #tinder has over 8.5 billion views.

Their strategy designs allow users to share their TikTok video to snack profiles and create user-generated content specially designed for Snack. With a relatively smaller following which falls slightly above 9,000, Snack has over 350,000 like for content posted on TikTok.

Gaming App & Entertainment Brands Leveraging TikTok Trends

an individual play computer game on screen

10) Fortnite’s TikTok User-Generated Content Challenges

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent years. Fortnite was first published by Epic Games in 2017. While Fortnite and its parent company, Epic Games, are a big name in the video game industry, they have equally enjoyed their dominance on social media and TikTok, to be most precise.

One of their hashtags that made its mark on TikTok recently was their #EmoteRoyaleContest challenge. In this TikTok challenge, Fortnite staged a TikTok contest by asking their audience to create their very own TikTok dance challenge.

The audience reacted positively to the challenge and the winner got a hefty price, taking home 25,000 V-bucks, a Fortnite VIP gateway. Also, the winning dance became a Fortnite Emote. (Note: Fortnite Emotes are cosmetic items that are available during in-game play on the ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘Save The World’ game modes. They include everything from in-game character dances to taunts).

11) Netflix’s TikTok Challenges

I’m positive that you or someone you know has used Netflix. Netflix offers stream services that enable users to watch TV programs, download movies and series. Their services are subscription-based and allow users to watch programs and films without ads on an internet connection.

On TikTok, Netflix challenges have amassed enormous success with 73.5B views and counting. Netflix’s strategy mainly consists of working with content creators, getting them to produce branded creatives and share them on their own TikTok accounts.

They support this by partaking in leading hashtags like the #netflixchallenge, #netflixandchill, and #netflixmovies; the Tribes Challenge, for instance, achieving a whopping 1.5 billion views drawing enormous success for the brand.

12) X Games on TikTok

X Games is a yearly extreme sports event produced by ESPN, an American multinational cable sports channel. On their TikTok brand profile, ESPN mainly uses user-generated content, throwbacks, and news-related content to drive its marketing strategy. For instance, they work with the TikTok creator Omar Raja, who produces creative content on their main accounts.

ESPN ran a successful campaign for X Games Aspen 2021 that went live on January 29th and managed 105 million video views across their social media channels.

On TikTok, ESPN used the hashtag #XGamesMode which resulted in 2.1 million live views and an additional 407 million views. They promoted the hashtag on TikTok discovery pages during the three days of the event. Today the figures surpass one billion views!

Food and drink brand TikTok Advertising Examples

13) Mountain Dew makes content waves on TikTok

Mountain dew launched its operations in 1940 and has grown to become one of the most established beverage brands. Their most impactful campaign on TikTok went live in 2021. Mountain Dew,  launched a new melon flavored and wanted to promote it to their target audience.

Their strategy included an epic TV ad featuring John Cena, which they also amplified on TikTok Ads. The Ad raked up 20 million views and over 500,000 engagements on TikTok. The brand also relies on TikTokers who help broadcast their messages. Mountain Dew has worked with @dashmouse105, @coleswank, and many influencers with super-engaged communities following them.

Mountain dew tiktok advertising example

14) Chipotle’s TikTok Strategy and Approach

Chipotle is a digital kitchen that serves its customers online, majorly known in the United States. The kitchen does not have a customer-facing services line or dining. Customers order their dishes online through the brand’s website, and they get deliveries through third-party apps.

Indeed, the kitchen is one of the single most successful examples of leveraging TikTok to boost a company’s operation. The company has over 1.5 million followers and has run many TikTok campaigns that we can draw inspiration from.

Their core strategy involves sharing personable behind-the-scene branded videos with crew members in real Chipotle kitchens. Additionally, they also share the video with brand advocates who share their content for a wider reach.

15) Gushers win with Trending user-generated content

Fruit gushers are betty Crocker branded fruit snacks. The selling company, also known simply as Gushers, is incredible at adapting its content to resonate with the audience. Each post gets an average of approximately 120,000 likes.

With just 20 posts on TikTok, they have been able to elicit 2.5million likes, indicating their mastery of trends as well as their ability to include creative creators who can weave their message in hilarious and often trending and appealing formats.

3 Sports Brands using TikTok Creators to Stay Relevant

16) Manchester United TikTok Content Strategy

Manchester United, the most popular football club in the world recently opened an avenue for connecting with their fan base through TikTok.

At the launch of their TikTok account, the team’s media chief Executive Phil Lynch noted that “this was an opportunity for Manchester United to provide a platform for telling innovative club content in new creative ways.” He was correct.

Their strategy includes sharing behind-the-scenes stories and user-specific tailored content for varied user experiences. @Manutd has already raked in over 10 million followers and 10 billion views from their posts.

Man United TikTok advertising example

17) UEFA Doubles up brand awareness partnering with TikTok

TikTok is now a preferred destination for many sports enthusiasts. It is the meeting point where users, including renowned athletes, come to show everything, including tips and tricks for the cameras.

TikTok hit the headlines when UEFA, the official European football governing body, announced that they would be the official sponsors of UEFA EURO 2020 champions.

While this elevated TikTok immensely, the goal was to home for football fans. And with that, the collaboration came with dedicated hashtags, filters, and live sound streams. Popular hashtags that dominated the season include #keepToTheBeat, #StitchEvra, and #PlayLikeJack.

18) NBA Capitalises on Exclusive TikTok Trending Content

The NBA (National Basketball Association), the number one professional basketball league in North America, is one of the most successful sporting brands ever. NBA adopted TikTok marketing early – before its skyrocketing popularity during the past two years.

While the brand has firm ground on TV broadcasts like ESPN, on TikTok, NBA keeps things a bit more casual, which makes a fundamental difference. For instance, the content they share on TikTok is often amusing, making it more suitable for young people to engage.

The National Basketball Association now enjoys a massive following in TikTok (over 14 million) despite it being one of the most branded accounts on TikTok.

Lifestyle and Fitness Brands using TikTok to Scale (TikTok Advertising Examples)


Even the biggest guy in the gym is scared of something 😳 @Thomartos #Gymshark #Halloween #GymNightmare

♬ original sound – Gymshark

19) Gymshark is a Fitness, Lifestyle and TikTok Trending Powerhouse

Gymshark, the British lifestyle brand specialises in fitness apparel and accessories. Accordingly, the brand has seen significant growth over the last few years, thanks to its strong social media presence.

On TikTok, Gymshark specialises in entertaining its audience with funny memes and hilarious fitness short TikTok videos. This is a different approach as opposed to the standard norm where competing brands share educational and promotional content.

Gymshark has managed to attract over 3.5+ million followers on TikTok. It also has over 50+ million likes on its TikTok page with its relatable content.

Their strategy involves adopting the latest TikTok trends and adapting them with relatable videos. They regularly partake in popular hashtags and challenges, clearly understanding the value of consistent new content, to ensure their audience is always kept engaged.

20) ASOS shows brands that it is not too late to jump up the bandwagon

Being a lifestyle brand means bringing the most unique and distinctive products in unique ways. ASOS, a leading online fashion brand in the UK, is a typical TikTok advertising example of why you need to adapt to a strong TikTok and viral marketing strategy. Similarly, they know to appeal to their targeted audience with the best content that resonates.

ASOS uses TikTok influencers to create and easily share inspirational outfits and utilises TikTok trends to reach a wider audience. ASOS currently has 700,000 followers on TikTok and over 9.7 million likes for the posts on the platform.

21) Red Bull’s Incredible TikTok Strategy

Red Bull’s content revolves around their audience’s interest in a fast-moving lifestyle, extreme sports, and festivals. The brand is a pioneer in creating trending and viral marketing challenges on social media. So it should not come as a surprise that they are one of the most popular brands on TikTok.

The brand did a great job participating in trending challenges and hashtags, but their success is highly pegged on their relatable content. They have the ability to quickly garner the attention of their audience and achieve their goals. Red Bull has an impressive 6.1 million followers on TikTok and over 95 million likes for their posts.

Why you should prioritise TikTok Advertising, today

Undoubtedly, TikTok is now a revolutionary way of boosting brands online.

Summary: The energy and creativity on TikTok is real; TikTok remains a place where brands can experiment with new media communications and push traditional social media marketing to extreme boundaries. By incorporating TikTok influencers into your marketing strategy, you can scale your consumer engagement and elevate your brand’s authority. The platform brings new dynamics into the viral marketing space.

We hope these TikTok advertising examples helped fuel your fire to create TikTok content for your own brand channel, and TikTok ad placements. TikTok is undoubtedly growing, and everyone should care. As a matter of fact, this could be the right time to invest in your next TikTok marketing strategy.

Sure, you could do it yourself, but if you don’t want to invest the time and effort of becoming an expert, let us know. Take action today and consider hiring our TikTok marketing agency to strategise and boost your presence on TikTok.

At House of Marketers, we recognise the central role TikTok plays in the advertising landscape. As an established TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency with a team of highly experienced TikTok Influencer Marketing experts, we are glad to take up the task to help your brand engage with the Gen-Z and millennials.

We are your result-based strategic partner who will help match your brand with the right influencer for your targeted brand awareness and conversions. We have partnered with top brands and empowered startups to achieve massively improve their return on investment. Get in touch with us by enquiring here, if you’d like a free proposal.


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