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Best 23 US TikTok Creators for 2023

Best 22 US TikTok creators for 2023

Social media is no longer optional for businesses looking to dominate in their industries. TikTok has gained wide reverence among marketers. The social platform is now widely accepted as a proven way of reaching out to your customers. Indubitably, it is an excellent gateway to gaining valuable insights and a good way to engage with new, current and prospective customers. Also other benefits include its cost-effectiveness, enhanced communication and ability to improve brand loyalty. Therefore, if you are into social media marketing, you need a steady supply of great content to get your audience engaged and hooked. In this article, we cover the best 23 US TikTok creators for 2023. These 23 creators are redefining content creation on TikTok, and millions of people consume their content daily. Get to know their content strategy, follower dynamics and the brands they have worked with in this article.

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Comedy TikTok creators

1) James Henry

@Jameshenry is a Los Angeles based TikTok creator with a following of more than 3.9 million followers on TikTok. The 28-year-old fitness enthusiast kick started his career on the social app Vine and made his first vignette on Vine in Dec 2013. He posted regularly on this app and amassed over 40,000 followers. After that, the app collapsed, but he has since diversified into YouTube and TikTok, which have bolstered his social media popularity immensely.

He is famous for his comedy video skits on TikTok, dancing videos and Lip-synching on TikTok. The prestigious Florida International University graduate is hugely popular among Gen-Zs. Consequently, his popularity has recently been recognised by TikTok, which awarded him the precious ace TikTok badge for the most followed comedian.@Jameshenry has worked posting branded ads for top brands like Doritos and What Do You Meme.

2) Sarah Ashley Callahan

Sarah Ashley, popularly known as @sarati on TikTok, is a Texas native but currently resides in Los Angeles. The actress, influencer and fashion model has more than 10.5 million followers on TikTok and has amassed more than 226.1 million likes for her content. With such massive success, you might ask, what is her content strategy?

@Sarati started posting a variety of content ranging from comedy skits, dubs, challenges and dance moves. Her creative, humorous posts catapulted her to fame on Instagram, which she has successfully transferred on to TikTok. She appeared as the briefcase girl on the show No Deal and had a brief but unsuccessful music career before she fully ventured into TikTok. Nonetheless, pegged on her influence, she has attracted the attention of top brands for product endorsements. Thus she has appeared for Geico, CELSIUS Energy Drink and Dr Greene’s Ideal Mattress.

Financial-based TikTok creators

Young TikToker giving a finance advice to peers

3) Humphrey Yang
Humphrey Yang @humphreytalks describes himself as a seasoned finance adviser. He made his fortune and amassed his wealth working as a wall street financial adviser for top companies like Merrill Lynch and Palo Alto investment bank. After years of working as a financial advisor and doubling it up with player experience assistant roles at Facebook and Machine Zone Inc., he left and started his online venture.

He launched his YouTube channel and subsequently opened his TikTok account in 2019. Along with it, he made content revolving around general market news and free business newsletters and became increasingly popular for his financial advice. Currently, the creator has more than 3.3 million followers with over 48.5 million likes for his content.
Yang trades in short video skits mainly shot at home in his Bay Area apartment. A fin-fluence veteran Humphrey is to use a mix of awesome videos covering everything from NFT, how to shop at Costco, tips and tips on how to avoid predatory loans to move his audience.

4) Erika Kullberg
Erika Kullberg, also going by the username @erikakullberg on TikTok, is an ex-corporate lawyer based in New York City. The award-winning lawyer takes the top spot as a US TikTok creator with more than 9 million followers and more than 62.5 million likes. Recently she revealed she earns an average of £6,066 per sponsored post, and so far, the social media network has already paid her a total of $3,073.

This success comes in just one year of being on TikTok. Interesting right? Erika Kullberg is one of the top TikTok Fin – influencer personalities to watch in 2023. Her content strategy includes short video skits where she gives financial advice, cutting across retail investment, law, investment and employment.

Fashion TikTok creators

5) Brittany Xavier
@brittany.xavier started as a millennial fashion blogger early in the fashion influencer days. When she started, it was only her blog and her Instagram, but she mainly used Instagram to promote her blog posts. She has sincerely stopped posting on her fashion blog to concentrate on TikTok, which has since taken the trends and seems the most lucrative venture.

“These days, you have to be quick. You have to think about things on the go and how to tell the story of what I was doing on my blog, but bringing it to life in video.” She told Women’s Wear Daily.

Xavier currently boasts more than 4.9 million followers and 319.2 million likes on TikTok, where she trills her fans with light-hearted content. From luxury items unpackaging and fashion tips to getting ready with me video skits, @brittany.xavier shares her life moments, including the time she spends with her family. She has worked with brands YSL, Cartier and Marc Jacobs

6) Remi Bader
@remibader became a sensational social media personality in the wake of the pandemic from late 2020 to early 2021. Thanks to her realistic clothing overhauls. She is brutally realistic in her content while trying on clothes and giving candid reviews about which brands are getting extended sizes right.

Her genuine and candid fashion reviews seem to work for her. Not only brands like Aerie’s have reached out to work with her, but the New York-based TikTok star has also been featured in promoting body positivity, and recently she became a campaign star for Victoria’s Secret PINK. @remibader has 2.2 million followers and 82.3 million likes on TikTok.

Food TikTok creators

family enjoying a meal

7) Owen Han
@owen.han is a Los Angeles-based TikTok creator. Having been born of Chinese and Italian heritage, Han has tremendous and diverse exposure to a variety of culinary skills. He spent most of the time in his childhood at Nonna’s kitchen and travelled across Italy sampling food types from the different parts of the country.

The university of southern California graduate made his advent on TikTok, making TikToks for fun. The Tiktoks, which primarily involved making sandwiches, would then go viral. Then eventually, Han ran with it, learning to make sandwiches and honing the craft in the process. He has a massive following on TikTok with over 3.2 million followers, and 60.3million likes on the platform. Part of his brand partnership and endorsements includes featuring on Monday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

8) Matt Broussard
@acooknamedmatt, a former Seattle restaurant chef, was named The Most Fun Chef to Watch on TikTok by Forbes magazine. Broussard first gained online fame following the launch of his YouTube channel acooknamedmatt, which launched in 2017. He has since diversified into TikTok, where he is inspiring millions to have a taste of his flavours.

The creator is renowned for his down-to-earth comedic video, where he displays his knife-cutting skills, often including the food he cuts in close-ups. He knows how to do his thing- cook, entertain and connect with his audience, which illustrates his industrious career at Douglas’ 15 restaurants. He has 5.1 million followers and has amassed 237.4 million likes on TikTok. Similarly, he has appeared for NFL’s SuperBowl LV TikTok Tailgate and has collaborated with fellow top TikTok chef, the pasta queen

Lifestyle TikTok creators

Cheerful TikTok skaters

9) Addison Rae Easterling
@addisonre is the fourth most followed person on TikTok. The creator was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and attended school at the Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. Finally, she would later move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a social media star; her star has shone ever since.

Her TikTok journey started immediately after completing her education at Calvary Baptist Academy. She would post on TikTok mainly for entertainment, but soon after, she realised how popular her account was getting. After a few invites from top executives, she left Louisiana for LA to pursue her fortune. Today she gained over 88.7 million followers and 5.8 billion likes on TikTok. She posts about her daily life, which includes dancing moves and lip-syncing videos.

10) James Charles
@jamescharles doubles up as a beauty expert and makeup artist. He mainly rose to fame on YouTube after gaining attention for being the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl. Since launching his James Charles YouTube channel in 2015, his fame has skyrocketed. Subsequently, he ventured into TikTok, gaining over 37.5 million followers and more than 1.1 billion likes for his content.
The controversial creator has accumulated great success on TikTok thanks to his dance moves, video clips, beauty and make tutorials alongside his reacting and lip sync clips. He has won the People’s Choice Awards and the famous Shorty Awards.

Beauty TikTok creators

11) Hyram Yarbro
Hyram Yarbro (@hyram), a skincare whizz, grew up in a cattle ranch deep in Arizona. He is currently living in Hawaii, entertaining his TikTok fans with his sensational how-to beauty videos. The creator has a strong presence on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok thanks to his must-try products and list of untouchables, including product reviews and recommendations.

Dubbed “The Gen-Z Whisperer ” by the NYT, Yarbro rapidly rose to fame in the wake of the pandemic in 2020. At this time, TikTok was gaining worldwide attention and benefited greatly from the rise. He currently has 6.2 million followers and 288.8 million likes on TikTok. That is double the number of followers the creator has on Instagram and YouTube. The creator has endorsed Krave Beauty and Glossier, among other brands.

12) Eleanor Barnes
Eleanor Barnes, widely known through her social media handle @Snitchery is a self-proclaimed makeup artist. She started at 18 while in college, and like many influencers, she would do content for fun, but later, brands noticed her efforts spinning her to top the industry. Her TikTok styles include a mix of love for beauty and anime. She keeps her fans thrilled all day long, cosplaying anime characters found in indie comics and television shows.

She enjoys a good following on Instagram and YouTube, but it is only on TikTok that she has made a real impact. With a following of 3.8 million and more than 96.9 likes on TikTok, she attracts the necessary attention from brands. For instance, she has worked with Milk Makeup and Too Faced, among other top brands.

Creators in the Fitness Niche

Young TikTok Fitness trainer

13) Demi Bagby
@demibagby doubles up as a bodybuilder and as a CrossFit athlete. Born and raised in San Diego, Demi grew up fascinated with sports and cheerleading. She spent most of her childhood taking part in soccer and cheerleading. However, in 2014 she suffered a freak cheerleading accident breaking her back, which left her paralysed for three months. During her recovery period, she fell in love with calisthenic and CrossFit athletes, which she pursued after recovery.

On TikTok, Demi performs skits on a range of sports: yoga, acrobatics, lifting and surfing, robe climbing etc., in public spaces and sidewalks to deserts. Her videos are irresistible to sports and fitness enthusiasts. Consequently, she has gained more than 14.4 million followers and 305.5 million likes since November 2022. Amongst the top brands she has endorsed or partnered with include GymShark and Redbull.

14) Ulisses World
@Ulissesworld is a former professional bodybuilder with years of experience in bodybuilding. Born and raised in New York City’s heart, Ulisses had a passion for fitness as a child. For example, he participated in soccer and athletics teams while in school. However, given that he was the smallest in his age group, he did not make any impact in the field. This inspired him to start training to attain the physique he desired.

Before joining TikTok, Ulisses had massive success on Instagram, gaining over 8.7 million followers. On TikTok, the creator as of November 19 2022, the creator has gained more than 2.8 million followers. Thanks to his bodybuilding tips and coaching videos. He has endorsed brands such as U Apparel World and Shredz.

Gaming app & entertainment creators

15) Alexis Ryan
Alexis Ryan is an American social media personality. She is popularly known through her social media channels FUNnel Vision, DohMuchFun, FGTeeV, TheSkylanderBoy and AndGirl on YouTube and TikTok. In particular, on TikTok, Alexis is widely known through her @funnelvision handle, which she runs with her family. Together have amassed more than 7.2 million followers and more than 72.4 million likes on the platform.

Alexis and her family are known for their skits, quirky music videos and roleplays. The overall storytelling approach is through animated visuals, gameplays, the characters they have created and reactions to games. They have worked with top brands, including Coca-Cola, American Eagle, and The North Face.

16) Blaze Almon
Blaze Almon is a TikTok star who gained fame for his content on his @blaze TikTok account. With 3M followers and more than 53.4 million likes on TikTok, the creator stands out as one the most followed and most promising US TikTok Creators in the gaming and entertainment niche. He created his account and started posting on TikTok in 2020. He does entertainment skits, including lip-synching skits, his first post featured the song Skinny Legend Anthem by Ava Louise.

Education TikTok creators

TikTok educator

17) Hank Green
@hankgreen1 is an American Vlogger known widely for his educational content. Before venturing into TikTok, Hank Green was already famous on YouTube, where he ran the Vlogbrothers channel alongside his brother John Green. Also, Hank Green hosted education shows Crash Course and SciShow, which earned him a big audience long before joining TikTok.
He is on TikTok, where he takes on some challenging scientific questions and gives studying hacks while maintaining the ever-familiar eccentric personality that defines him on YouTube and other social channels. The creator has 7.2 million followers and a whopping 513 million likes on TikTok, which ranks top-rated US TikTok Creators in this niche.

18) Lance Tsosie
Lance Tsosie, otherwise known as indigenous man or @notoriouscree, has taken over TikTok by storm. The creator told 5280 Magazine that he did not expect the fame saying, “I originally downloaded the app to procrastinate while in the middle of my master’s program.” Not until he started posting content advocating for the Native American right at the beginning of the pandemic that he noticed the attention such content drew from his audience. Hence he has gained more than 3.8 million followers and more than 95 million likes on the platform. Thanks to his straightforward educational approach to dismantling hateful stereotypes against Native Americans.

Creators in Travel Niche

19) Alex Ojeda
@alexojeda is top of the list of US TikTok Creators in the travel niche list. Alexis joined TikTok for fun and posted on the platform as a pastime activity. He would post general lip-synching skits, comedic clips and dance moves videos. Later he changed to the travel niche and specifically ventured into reviewing rides since he was very passionate about them. In his first post, he posted a POV sliding down North America’s tallest water slide, Daredevil’s Peak. The video gained significant attention attaining over 3 million views in less than a week.

The creator currently has over 8.2 million followers and 303.4 million likes. The numbers keep growing every other day and which has gained him the attention of top brands. He has promoted endorsed brands like GUCCI, Urban Outfitters and FILA.

20) Simon and JJ
JJ Yosh and cat Simon are adventure duos who go by the username @backpackingkitty on TikTok. JJ Yosh, 38 and his cat have spent more than $116,000 travelling across the United States. They love exploring adventures together, hiking, kayaking, and mountain climbing. You can name it. Their TikTok account will make you jealous. They have managed 6 million followers with over 156.4 million likes.

He has been passionate about adventure, and his move to social media was a way to share their adventure with the world. The creator told the New York Times, “I wanted to share our adventure with the world, so I started to take photos and videos to post online — and people loved them! Subsequently, this catapulted their social presence tremendously, attracting the attention of brands in the process. Today he has worked with REI and Mercedes-Benz, among other top brands.

Sports TikTok creators


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21) Barstool Sports
@barstoolsports sports is a leading sports news TikTok channel in the USA. David Portnoy founded the company running this page in 2003. It has grown to become a leading digital media company. On TikTok, the company has more than 21.4 million followers and more than 2B likes. Their content ranges from sports news to trending news in pop and culture.

Barstool Sports is a case in the example of a media house that has successfully transitioned from traditional media into digital space. Bill Graham, a Rock concert promoter, has told Forbes Magazine, “They’re not the best at what they do; they’re the only ones that do what they do.” It is no wonder they have attracted so much attention on social media.

22) No days off
@nodaysoff is widely known for highlighting sports prodigies. They post everything from soccer drills and training skits to dribbles. You won’t miss liking their content because it is entertaining and moving. As of November 20 2022, @nodaysoff had amassed more than 4.2 million followers and 144.8 million likes on their TikTok handle.


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23) Zero Bounce

@zerobounce is one of the biggest Basketball TikTok creators with over 2.1M followers who love his work. He’s an American Basketball trainer based in New York and New Jersey. His videos feature the incredible Basketball skills of him and others. He publishes a varied amount of content including Top 3s in Basketball history where he comedically comments on everything basketball in green screens.

Summary top US TikTok Creators

TikTok creator

Creativity drives the joy and entertainment on TikTok. In particular, with its powerful algorithm is capable of identifying and celebrating special talent. TikTok has grown exponentially, and no brand can afford to ignore the platform. Of course, as a brand, success on TikTok is not always guaranteed. It requires top-notch creativity and highly engaging content to get the attention you want; that is where creators come in. It is no secret that creators are the heartbeat and soul of TikTok. They embody creativity and the inspiration that drive the platform. Most importantly, they are the voice of the TikTok communities.

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