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TikTok Launches New Support Program for Beauty Creators


  • TikTok, launches a support program for emerging beauty creators called “The Catalysts” in collaboration with Estée Lauder’s New Incubation Ventures (NIV). 
  • The program will offer comprehensive mentorship, $250K in funding, marketing support, and TikTok ad credits for winners.
  • Open to global creators over the age of 21, interested in beauty domains such as makeup, skincare, fragrance, and more.
  • Creators must submit a TikTok video showcasing their vision and innovative ideas using the hashtag #JointheCatalysts.
  • The program will also feature masterclasses on TikTok, led by industry experts to guide aspiring beauty brand founders.
  • House of Marketers insights about the “The Catalysts” program. 

Tiktok's New Support Program for Creators

TikTok announced a transformative new initiative in collaboration with Estée Lauder’s New Incubation Ventures (NIV), called “The Catalysts.” According to TikTok, the program is aimed at fostering the next wave of beauty innovators. 

The program leverages TikTok’s global platform and Estée Lauder’s industry expertise to provide unparalleled support to emerging beauty talents. The Catalysts is set to offer comprehensive mentorship, financial backing, and promotional assistance to help creators scale their ideas into successful enterprises. This initiative builds on TikTok’s recent endeavors to enhance creator support, such as the introduction of a new management platform for creators.

“Today, founding a beauty brand takes more than traditional business acumen; it’s about crafting narratives, building communities, and shaping not just trends but also broader conversations and movements. Founders are storytellers, cultural ambassadors, filmmakers, designers, gamers, and artists. Their visions of beauty — expressed via product, retail experiences, films, content — continue to fuel growth in the beauty sector. We set out to create a program to identify and elevate these visionaries as they continue to drive innovation and push the conversation forward.” – Shana Randhava, Senior Vice President of New Incubation Ventures at The Estée Lauder Companies.


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What “The Catalyst” Fund Offers

The Catalysts program is a career-making opportunity for beauty entrepreneurs.

As explained by TikTok, “Launching on Tuesday, June 25th, The Catalysts seeks to unearth the next big names in beauty, shining a spotlight on a new generation of beauty innovators. With TikTok’s help, and a global community of creators invited to apply, the programme will offer mentorship, financial and marketing support, and expert advice on how to build and scale a beauty business.” 

Highlights of the program include:

  • Mentorship from Industry Leaders: Participants will gain insights and guidance from top figures in the beauty industry.
  • Program Benefits: Winners will receive $250K in funding, marketing support, mentorship from industry leaders, and TikTok ad credits to help scale their businesses.
  • Eligibility and Application: Open to creators over 21 worldwide, with a focus on various beauty domains such as makeup, skincare, and more. Applicants are required to submit a TikTok video under the hashtag #JointheCatalysts, detailing their vision and why they should win.
  • Global Participation: The program invites applications globally, emphasizing TikTok’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within the beauty industry.

Creators interested in applying for the program can do so here

Implications of ‘The Catalysts’ for Businesses and Creators

For businesses and creators, “The Catalysts” is more than a funding opportunity. Using TikTok’s global platform and the industry expertise of Estée Lauder’s New Incubation Ventures (NIV), this initiative promises to launch a new era of innovation and diversity in beauty.

In addition to the competition, The Catalysts initiative will feature a series of exclusive masterclasses hosted on TikTok. These sessions will be led by renowned experts from the beauty industry, offering a comprehensive educational experience. 

Implications For Creators

  • Visibility and brand building. Participants gain unprecedented exposure on a global stage, allowing them to showcase their talents to a vast audience. This visibility can be crucial for brand building in an industry where recognition can directly translate to business opportunities.
  • Access to expert guidance and mentorship. The program offers direct access to mentorship from seasoned industry leaders and innovators. This guidance is invaluable, providing practical insights on navigating market challenges, refining products, and enhancing brand appeal.
  • Financial and marketing support. With a substantial financial grant and TikTok ad credits, creators can invest in sophisticated marketing strategies and production technologies to polish and differentiate their offerings. This support reduces the initial financial burden, making it easier to focus on creativity and innovation.
  • Increased networking opportunities. Winners will likely engage with a network of influential industry professionals and fellow innovators, opening doors to collaborations and partnerships that could shape their careers for years to come.

Implications For Businesses

  • Access to innovative ideas. Businesses can tap into a wellspring of creativity and fresh ideas, staying ahead of industry trends. 
  • This program acts as a talent incubator, allowing businesses to identify and connect with emerging creators who have the potential to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.
  • Brand alignment with diversity and innovation. By associating with a program that promotes diversity and supports grassroots innovation, businesses can enhance their brand image and appeal to a broader consumer base that values inclusivity and creativity.
  • Strategic partnerships. The initiative offers potential for businesses to forge strategic partnerships with TikTok and Estée Lauder, leveraging their platforms and resources to boost their own marketing efforts and product development.

House of Marketers Insights

In this new initiative, TikTok and Estée Lauder are not only promoting innovation within the beauty industry but are also setting a benchmark for future brand-creator collaborations. 

Here are some insights and strategic takeaways from the House of Marketers:

  • “The Catalysts” program exemplifies how brands can leverage social platforms not just for advertising but as integral parts of product development and creator engagement. By fostering direct collaboration between creators and corporate expertise, TikTok and Estée Lauder are crafting a new narrative in beauty marketing.
  • The focus on mutual growth—supporting creators while also benefiting from their fresh perspectives—is a model that more brands can emulate. This approach enhances brand relevance while also ensuring a constant influx of innovative ideas and practices.
  • With the introduction of masterclasses, TikTok is reinforcing the educational value of content, which could inspire brands to invest more in informative and transformative content that goes beyond typical marketing content. 


“The Catalysts” represents a transformative opportunity for both creators and businesses within the beauty industry. For creators, it’s a platform to launch and elevate their brand, while for businesses, it’s a strategic resource to discover and nurture the next generation of beauty innovators. This initiative promises individual growth but also aims to foster a more diverse and dynamic beauty community globally.

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