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How We Scaled Awareness and Installs for a Leading European Beauty Booking App

 Treatwell Case Study Press Release

From makeup tutorials to skincare routines, TikTok has become the go-to platform for beauty enthusiasts seeking inspiration and recommendations. Recognising the immense potential of this vibrant community, Treatwell partnered with House of Marketers to amplify their brand presence and drive app installs among women on TikTok. Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty bookings website in Europe and they needed to increase awareness about their app and platform. 

Our mission was clear – rapidly scale Treatwell’s beauty appointment booking app and create substantial awareness across the females on TikTok leading to conversions.

About Treatwell 

Treatwell is a 24/7 beauty bookings platform that seamlessly connects customers with salon managers. With a vast presence across Europe, Treatwell has revolutionised how beauty appointments are made, providing convenience and control to its users. Imagine having a magic wand that connects you to the best salons and spas across Europe at the flick of your wrist. 

Need a last-minute haircut before that big date? Treatwell’s got you. Craving a relaxing massage after a long week? Treatwell’s there. Planning a complete beauty makeover for that special event? Treatwell has your back. With its extensive network and user-friendly platform, Treatwell makes booking beauty treatments as easy as ordering your favorite pizza. Whether it’s a quick haircut, a relaxing massage, or a complete beauty makeover, Treatwell ensures its users find and book the best services with ease.

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treatwell screenshot

Source: Treatwell 

The Challenge

Despite its robust platform, Treatwell faced the challenge of driving awareness and app installs within a highly competitive market. 

We had our work cut out for us; because how do you stand out when you are competing with thousands of businesses and millions of people on TikTok? The goal was clear: to make Treatwell a household name among women aged 18 and above in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. 

We weren’t just about to make a splash. We wanted to make a tidal wave of brand awareness and app installs. We needed to not only capture attention but also turn that attention into active engagement and downloads. And let’s face it, in a world where cat memes reign supreme, that’s no small feat.

House of Marketers Strategic Approach

At House of Marketers, we have consistently found success by leveraging the power of micro-influencers

Our experience has shown that three elements make a campaign successful. Authenticity of content and message, collaborating with the right influencers, and finally, campaign execution to optimise the campaign to keep the CPI as low as possible. 

Micro-influencers often have a closer, more authentic connection with their audience compared to larger influencers. Their followers trust their recommendations, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Partnering with micro-influencers is generally more cost-effective, allowing us to work with multiple influencers within a given budget, thereby expanding reach. Micro-influencers often cater to specific niches, making it easier to target precise demographics and interests.

With these benefits in mind, our strategy for the campaign included:

  1. Influencer Identification
  2. Creative Content Strategy
  3. Execution Plan

Campaign Execution

The campaign kicked off in the vibrant summer months, aiming to capture the attention of users during a peak time for beauty treatments. Our phased approach ensured continuous engagement:

Influencer Selection Process

We meticulously selected influencers whose content resonated with the brand and who had a strong female following. Additionally, we partnered with influencers who had a track record of successful campaigns and whose audiences matched Treatwell’s target demographic.

We ensured the influencers had genuine engagement with their audience, reinforcing authenticity and we provided creative briefs and content guidelines to ensure brand consistency while allowing their unique style to shine through.

@treatwellofficial Springtime? New hair time. 💇‍♀️ @Santiagoo_figueroa ♬ Trendsetter – Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

Content Creation and Distribution

We developed content concepts that highlighted the convenience of using the booking app to find and book beauty appointments. The goal was to encourage influencers to share real-life booking experiences and tutorials.

Influencers created a mix of content, including day-in-the-life videos, beauty treatment vlogs, and user-generated content featuring their followers’ experiences. This content was strategically distributed to maximise reach and engagement, using TikTok’s algorithm to our advantage.

Engagement and Viral Impact

We rolled out the campaign in phases to maintain momentum and sustain interest. We utilised a mix of day-in-the-life videos, beauty treatment vlogs, and user-generated content. The content quickly gained traction, with followers sharing their excitement and positive experiences.

Interactive Campaigns

We launched interactive challenges and contests that encouraged users to share their own beauty appointment experiences using the app. This approach not only amplified user-generated content but also created a ripple effect of organic engagement and brand visibility.

Paid Advertising Campaign

To complement the organic influencer campaign, we implemented a strategic paid advertising campaign. This included precise targeting options on TikTok and other social media platforms to reach potential users who had engaged with the influencer content but had not yet downloaded the app. This involved a mixture of cold targeting and retargeting users who had seen our ads but not installed, as well as those who had installed but not yet booked an appointment, allowing a seamless funnel that achieved strong results..


Our strategic campaign yielded outstanding results, showcasing our ability to drive engagement and conversions effectively. 

Treatwell screenshot

Video Views: 52M+

Videos Created: 40

Number of Influencers: 15

App Downloads: 21K+

Here’s a closer look at the key metrics:

  • Generated a tremendous buzz with well over 21K installs within 2-3 months.
  • Sent the brand viral with 52M+ views.
  • 15 perfectly-selected TikTok UGC creators and micro-influencers across 3 European markets.

These results demonstrate the strong market traction and user interest generated by the campaign. The significant increase in app installs provided Treatwell with a robust foundation for further growth, while the high engagement rates indicated a deep connection with the audience.

@treatwellofficial Looking for some Barbie nail inspo? We got you! 💞 Save this look done by our talented partner salon @𝕀𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕥𝕦𝕥 𝕄𝕖𝕟𝕒𝕤𝕒 👱🏻‍♀️💅🏻💘 #treatwell #barbienails #hibarbie #nailtok #pinknailinspo ♬ Hi Barbie Hi Ken Barbie Movie Only In Theaters – Barbie Movie

The success of the Treatwell campaign can be attributed to several key factors:

  • By partnering with micro-influencers who genuinely resonated with their followers, we ensured that the promotion felt natural and trustworthy. This authenticity was crucial in driving user engagement and app installs.
  • Creating a variety of content formats allowed us to cater to different preferences and capture the interest of a broader audience. The mix of tutorials, transformations, and challenges kept the content fresh and engaging.
  • Our paid advertising strategy was carefully crafted to complement the organic efforts. By targeting users who had shown interest but had not yet converted, we maximised the efficiency of our ad spend.
  • Our data-driven approach allowed us to make real-time adjustments to the campaign, ensuring that we consistently achieved the best possible outcomes.

Beauty Influencer Marketing Campaign Conclusions

This TikTok campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic influencer marketing. By leveraging the authenticity and reach of micro-influencers, we successfully drove significant awareness and app installs, transforming Treatwell into a viral sensation within the beauty booking space. 

As we look to the future, the insights gained from this campaign will guide our strategies, ensuring continued success for Treatwell and our clients. For those seeking to amplify their brand’s presence in the digital realm, our doors are always open to create the next big viral campaign.

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