The Success-Driven TikTok Marketing Agency​

The Success-Driven TikTok Marketing Agency​

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We strategically grow the world's most loved brands through the world's most undervalued platform, TikTok.

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TikTok Influencer Campaigns

We deliver the most viral, captivating & ROI-focused TikTok marketing campaigns globally.

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TikTok Business Profile Content

Our team works to produce blockbuster creator content for your TikTok business profile.

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TikTok Paid Ads Management

Our TikTok Ads experts are early adopters that help brands exceed their KPIs consistently.

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Influencer Strategy Development

We strategically develop creative influencer strategies that drive results from day one.

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TikTok Marketing Agency Co-Founder, Inigo Rivero

TikTok is still so undervalued! As one of the first TikTok employees, I truly discovered how much more powerful TikTok influencers and TikTok ads can be in achieving growth metrics for brands.

Inigo Rivero


(Ex TikTok Strategy & Partnerships Manager)​

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What Our Client’s Say About Us

HelloFresh Logo

House of Marketers has been the only partner that has truly help us develop a performance-driven, strategic and global approach to TikTok. It’s refreshing to see how the team works with transparent communication, competitive fees and amazing content in efficient deadlines.

Nicolas Arias
Nicolas Arias

Global Team Lead of Influencer Marketing


The House of Marketers team has been pivotal in helping EuroLeague shape our TikTok digital presence and scale our TikTok content activity over the past couple of years.

Francesca Salerno
Francesca Salerno

Digital Lead

CyberGhost Logo (TikTok Marketing Agency Client)

The House of Marketers team really delivered our campaign message effectively with well-selected influencers. Curiosity in our app surged and they lowered our cost per install to $0.52. Great job by the guys!

Ariel Cohen
Ariel Cohen

Director of Mobile at Kape Technologies

fastic logo

Fastic is delighted to have found a TikTok Marketing Agency partner like the House of Marketers team. Their incredibly creative content and knowledge of what works on TikTok, helped us generate amazing results using TikTok Spark Ads.

Antonio Matamoros Gomez
Antonio Matamoros Gomez

Performance Marketing Manager

Chispa app

The House of Marketers influencer team was instrumental in successfully expanding our influencer marketing efforts for Chispa. They were able to identify new, relevant creators in multiple verticals, and they managed the entire process from beginning to end. 

Julia Estacolchic
Julia Estacolchic

Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Head of Brand

grover logo

My favourite part about working with House of Marketers was the incredibly smooth execution within tight deadlines. Not only that, we saw a 1200% increase in monthly orders across our 4 target locations!

Sergio Alonso Garcia
Sergio Alonso Garcia

Growth Lead EMEA

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TikTok influencer campaigns better than Instagram or Facebook?

For most brands, TikTok campaigns are generating the best results in 2024. TikTok has the most engaged communities, that actually love branded content, when it’s produced to a high standard. TikTok’s incredible algorithm is also amazingly accurate in pushing content to users.

Working with the right TikTok Marketing Agency can really help you to scale your campaigns to a much higher level in a shorter amount of time. 

Can you get conversions from TikTok?

When working with our TikTok experts at House of Marketers, you get a team of phenomenal TikTok creative strategists that not only understand millennials and generation Z, they understand what they want to see on TikTok.

In addition, our teams help you to collaborate with the best TikTok creators, who regularly inspire hundreds of thousands of millennials and GenZers. Influencers can place a tracking link in their bio for organic conversions, or we can take control of your TikTok Influencer Ads strategy to convert your target demographic.

What do I look for when picking a TikTok marketing agency?

You want a TikTok marketing agency that solely focuses on TikTok, and lives TikTok. TikTok is not just another Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. TikTok is a unique platform that requires staying up with its platform-specific trends. 

Also, you should identify a TikTok influencer company with experience in scaling campaigns globally.

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